Korean love movies are very fashionable today. Do you really want to enjoy them by understandin the subtitle in Korean rather than some translation? I suppose everybody wants to do so, but Korean is a brand new language. It needs you to learn.

Generally speaking, if you want to learn any language, you have to learn its alphabet as the base for to move forward. Korean alphabet is calles Hangual alphabet. It seems difficult to comprehend at once, but you can learn it well once you go into the real way of learning. In this way you should attend some language learning school or use some proper language learnin software like Rosetta Stone Korean.

Once you go into the language learning center, you need to be very cautious and even alert, for you will learn the strange language alphabet by your teacher’s instructions. On average your teacher must tell you how to pronounce each and every letter of this language. But apart from teacher’s guidances, you need to arrange your own ways to learn after class. Maybe you have to repeat the letters evryday for five minutes, or you just need to follow your teacher to read them as sincerely as you can. Certainly you can also try to use the software to help you pronounce each letter correctly.

However, if you only use this software to learn Korean alphabet, you, I think, misuse this software. Actually you can use this software to learn Korean words and grammar. The software features this word learning. As for grammar learning, this software just uses the real Korean sentences to tell you the truth. And you can also find some other language learning programms in Rosetta, like Rosetta Stone Hindi and Rosetta Stone Hebrew.

Or you can use your teacher to tell you some other things in this language. But the most important thing is that you need to be well prepared to practice this language youself. Either do you need to find some Korean people to chat with you, or you can take full advantage of this software to practice your listening and conversing. In fact, you can try to practice this language with your classmates who would like to speak this language with you truly. Even sometimes you can practice speaking with your teacher if you can handle your relations with each other well.

Certainly once you have learned this language, you cannot only watch the Korean movies, but also you can do some other things like delivering a speech in public or reading Korean books to learn more exotic knowledge, or even working with it and so on.

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