Learning French has been made easy by the many learn French software available in the market today. Computers have made it possible for people who do not have the time or inclination to travel to a formal school to learn anything. The wonder of the technological advances of the time is that most everything is now available with the use of the computer.

What is amazing to note is that there are perhaps hundreds of French tutorial available online, either in websites or as downloadable software. Some are free and some may be accessed for a fee. The most well-known learn French software in the market today are perhaps the following: Rocket French, Rosetta Stone French, Transparent French, Transparent Language French, Tell Me More French, Fluenz French, Instant Immersion French, Berlitz French, Pimsleur French, Teach Me French and SmartFrench. Of this Rosetta Stone has developed the reputation of being the most exhaustive. However, it is also the priciest of the bunch.

The thing that many language learning critics may first say about Rosetta Stone is that compared to other learn French software, the student should expect to pay a higher price for it. This is true, but many of the same people will also say that the student really gets what he pays for with a purchase of the Rosetta Stone software. There are also other critics who downplay the effectiveness of the said software and advise students to go for another software that is not as costly.

Why has Rosetta Stone become perhaps the most popular software across the Internet? What are the features that distinguish Rosetta Stone French from other learn French software? Well, for one, there is the fact that the teaching method in Rosetta Stone French imitates the way a person first learned a language, by listening to other people speak it and then repeat what they said. This is an innovation that is perhaps unlike all others. While other learn French software would teach the student the French word and then give him the English equivalent of it, Rosetta French would rather that he deduces the meaning of the word by observing a given situation in a video he will be watching.

Eventually, the student using Rosetta French would move on to longer, more complicated words, and then to phrases, then sentences. This, according to the creators of this software is how a child learns his first language, and not as a vocabulary lesson where he is given the French word and then the English translation of it.

Rosetta Stone French also includes some features that are also present in other language learning software, such as a native speaker of French and a recording capability so that the students can assess their speaking skills while learning the language.

A student deciding to purchase Rosetta Stone French in order to learn the language will do well to assess his learning needs before he does so. If he wants to become fairly fluent, learn more than the basics and immerse himself in the language, can afford to spend a few hundred dollars more than other software and can rest easy with the good reputation of Rosetta Stone, then this learn French software is for him.

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