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Tips to Speaking Spanish

According to the learner from English, Spanish is the easiest language to learn compared with other foreign languages. It is because Germanic influences English, Arabic involves to the modern Spanish, both languages coming from Latin. If you have learned English then continue to learn Spanish, you will find that there are many words is similar or at least same in the way to spell it.

The most convenient and formal way to learn Spanish is by taking class on Spanish language. However, if you already live in Spain or America Latin, it is the best place to learn as the daily language and take a class is unnecessary. When you receive lessons on Spanish class, you will easily find some help to repair your pronunciation and grammar. As a recommendation, you can choose the courses that are taught not in English but Spanish.

By following a course that will train you in Spanish, it will give you the exposure as the most important thing. Learning foreign language with the exposure will develop your skill in listening, reading, writing, and speaking easily. You can find online for many sites that will give you the exposure as video or music in Spanish, this way will improve your skill to a foreign tongue.

When you are planning to learn Spanish, starting is the hardest step that you will find the strangest words and spells. Therefore, in the effort to learn Spanish, you have to make yourself to be familiar with the language. You can start it by collecting as many resources as possible. It is your equipment to know the language as you can get the resources easily in many ways, like a books, newspaper, magazines and many sites that offer you translation services, but remember that the services is not completely accurate.

When you have learned the basic, you can continue to improve the verbs and its tenses. Try to maintain your understanding everyday by apply it when you communicate and read Spanish paper at least ten minutes a day. You will increase your vocabularies significantly and build your fluency along with the confidence.

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Tips for Learning Spanish More Enjoyable And Fun

Learning Spanish can be accomplished by anyone, no matter what their prior experience with languages. The fact is, anyone can learn to speak a new language, as long as they are willing to give it some serious study. Being able to speak more than one language gives you an instant advantage in many ways. Think of how much easier it would be if you ever travel to a country where they speak the language you’ve learned. It’s also very likely that people right in your own city or nearby speak Spanish, making it useful at home too. For people who are planning to learn another language for the first time, Spanish is a wise choice for several reasons. By following some guidelines, you can shorten your learning curve when it comes to speaking Spanish.

First, be sure to get a CD course. Courses on CD are a great way for someone who is shy to learn how to speak a new language. You can just listen to the words, and then hear how they’re used in full sentences. You’ll find the CD courses are equal in quality as a classroom, yet there’s no stress about making mistakes in front of everyone. Another good reason to invest in a good CD course for learning Spanish is that you can take the courses with you! You can download them to your favorite mp3 player, or simply use a portable CD player and learn while you are on the go! You are not limited to one central location for your learning.

Work on improving your “ear” for the language. Some languages have more of an oral-emphasized than written. In fact, as long as the language is still “alive” you will have to learn how to hear the language. Knowing how to write the alphabet or how to write a correct sentence will only get you so far. You need to be able to understand the language when you hear it. The best results will come from listening to the language whenever possible. If, after hearing just a few spoken words of Spanish you know what language it is, you’re on the sure path to learning success.

And remember that practice makes perfect. Even if you feel silly you should practice speaking your language as often as possible. Another tip is to replace the words in your language with the words you know from the language you’re learning. If you’re learning Spanish, try using “uno” for “one” and “cena” in place of “dinner,” The words will feel like second nature to you, in time. This will help you to know the words when you hear them being used. You’ll be amazed at your ability to understand your new language when you hear it spoken. If you research the subject, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of methods that can help you learn faster. Many people get help when they start learning another language. One reason there are so many methods is that people have different learning styles. Keep trying different learning techniques. It is inevitable that one or more methods will work for you, and then your Spanish will quickly improve.

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Learn Tagalog Words and Tagalog Phrases

We are a group of enthusiastic students planning a trip to the Philippines. We are now busy preparing for our trip. The group is now in Singapore, but we should reach Manila in several hours. After arriving in Manila, we will go on a sight seeing-trip around the city for four days and then take a ferry to visit the various islands.

English is the second language in the Philippines and one can easily find their way around the main cities with Taglish, which is a mixture of Tagalog and English. In the Philippines, you will find many proficient English speakers.

My friends and I meet often and try to converse with each other using the common Filipino phrases. We practice by quizzing each other and learning from each other. We know simple questions such as “Anong oras na,” which means: what time is it, and “Ayos ka lang ba?” which translates as: are you okay? We regularly ask each other for the Tagalog equivalent of an English word. It is good to get a feel for the everyday words before we set off for our holiday, as this will make it so much easier for us to find our way around the islands.

The group has decided to make a stop in one of the tourist destinations we have heard about. We want to see if what we find there will live-up to what our friends have said about it. We have heard that there are beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and an amazing river that you just have to see for yourself. We also want to sharpen our language skills by making friends and talking as much Tagalog with those we meet; since we tend to speak mainly English among ourselves. We want to explore the country, and learn the different ways to ask questions.

The Tagalog language that I and my group speak amongst ourselves was learned mainly from books. On our trip we want to interact with actual speakers of Tagalog and be able to have conversations and ask questions in the Tagalog language.

From what we have learned so far, we know that “kaliwa,” means “left” and “kanan” means right. On the other hand, “diretso” would mean go straight ahead and “katapat” means to go in the opposite direction.

We look forward to our trip and spending time on the beautiful beaches. We’re hoping to return before the rainy season starts, which is around June. We plan to travel light as we are aware it is going to be very hot and humid. One thing that we do not plan to leave behind are our English to Tagalog dictionaries which will be put to good use.

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Factors of Spanish Translation

Spanish translation is a complex and a detailed process where the language expert translates the meaning of a certain content of Spanish into English or any other given language. The language experts take care that while translating from Spanish that the meaning of the content remains the same. Here Spanish is the Source language and English is the Target Language.

Spanish Translation agency specializes in translating any type of content from Spanish to English. The content may be medical, legal, technical, commercial or scientific type. The subject matter doesn’t bother the language expert as long he is strong in Spanish translation. The translator usually is a native speaker of Spanish which enables him to understand the language better. And probably English will be his second language making him understand the language equally. Dealing with foreign language is not so easy and needs a heavy dedication.

There are certain factors that need to be given proper attention while translating content from Spanish to English. The first one is the meaning and connotations that has to be maintained in both the languages. The concept has to be the same and the essence shouldn’t be lost. Grammar is the essential part of the language and gives a beauty to the language. The rules of both the languages Spanish and English have to be maintained. Next factor that the translation agency notes is the spelling of the target languages. The different dialects of English can be different and has to be given proper care while doing English Translation.

The different conventions of a language like the punctuation, capitalization, paraphrasing, grammar etc has to be maintained in Spanish and English translation. The idioms and phrases of Spanish language is complex and cannot be translated as such in English. But the essence has to be maintained when doing the Spanish translation.

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The Secret to TOEFL Preparation For Singaporean Students

Your TOEFL exam is coming up soon.

Like every good Singaporean student, you’ve done everything to prepare. You have completed a course over the holiday break, looked at popular tips online, taken full-length practice exams and studied vocabulary flashcards on the bus home from school.Given all that you’ve done, you should feel pretty confident about your English abilities…

But for some reason, you’re still sweating bullets.

You know English well. You can read the TOEFL passages and follow the main points; you can hear the Listening conversations and lectures ,and extract the main gist. But as the 20 minute speaking section comes onto the computer screen, you lose all nerves. You read the question and make notes, you pull together what you’re going to say: but when you open your mouth, all the words you knew a second ago fly out the window. You stutter and stammer, you feel lost and confused; you start to wonder how well you know English in the first place.

Learning English is hard. Speaking English is even harder: we know that. So to help you, we have developed two main speaking tactics: finding a Tandem Exchange Partner, and watching American programs. Both tactics are highly effective; use them to familiarize yourself with the English-speaking world. Familiarity with spoken english will help you gain confidence when you have to speak on the TOEFL test. It will also expose you to conversational words, phrases, and idioms that you can then repeat.

1.) Find a Tandem Exchange Partner

Relax! This not as complicated as it sounds. A “Tandem Exchange Partner” is a person who is fluent in one language, say English, but would like to practice speaking another. Once you have a Tandem Exchange Partner, you can practice your English on them — and they can practice your native tongue on you. (So: you speak in English together, and then in your native tongue together, i.e. Chinese, Malay, or Tamil ).This way, the conversation is useful for the both of you. You can find a Tandem Exchange Partner by posting an advertisement online (for example on Craigslist), or in your school or neighborhood. There are plenty of people who would like to have this opportunity; and since it can benefit both of you, you can make it free of cost… which is much cheaper than hiring a professional English tutor, and more fun too!

Once you find a partner, you should get together with them once or twice a week for coffee or lunch and have an informal conversation. Talk to your partner about anything and everything: music, sports, politics, health. As your partner speaks to you in English, listen carefully for idioms, common phrases, words, and ideas. If you don’t understand something, ask your partner to explain it to you. Then, try using some of the English words yourself. Practice and repeat these words on your partner; bring a notepad with you so that you can remember the words and practice them back home and for the exam. Then, when your partner practices your native language, try to be as resourceful and helpful.

In general, these meeting will help you feel more comfortable speaking english because the atmosphere will be relaxed. So when you get to the Speaking Section on the TOEFL test, just pretend that the computer is your Tandem Exchange Partner. Imagine that you are just having coffee and sharing ideas. This should take off some of the pressure!

According to TOEFL Singapore specialist, the tip above have helped 85 per cent of their students achieve higher scores than the worldwide average.

2.) Watch TV shows and movies

This is one of the best ways to pick up conversational English. When you listen to native speakers, you will get a feel for what fluent English sounds like. Again, You will come across important words or phrases to use on the TOEFL exam. As you watch TV shows and movies, listen carefully to what the speakers say. Try to identify and isolate major movements. What statements do the speakers make to show anger, happiness or sadness? What are the conflicts and how do they solve them? What words do they use to convey the main ideas ? What are some idioms or phrases that frequently come up?Try to take as many notes as you watch. After you are done, look over notes; make sure you understand everything correctly — ask a teacher, friends, or Tandem partner for help if you need to. Once you grasp the dominant words and phrases, create your own sentences to use on the exam. If you feel uneasy about your comprehension of the material, watch a program with an English-speaking friend. When the program is over, having a discussion about it. What words did you understand? What words did you find challenging?

Since the TOEFL exam is American, you should make an effort to watch mostly American TV shows and movies. Try watching an American news channel: CNN, CBS, NBC, or Fox News. You can access these channels on TV, but they are also available online and on youtube.
These channels will use eloquent and intelligent words that you can employ in the Speaking Section. These channels will also expose you to current events that might come up in related sections on the TOEFL exam. There are other programs you can watch that are also beneficial. Check out the History Channel or the Discovery Channel; you can even watch Friends or CSI. In fact, make it a point to watch a variety of programs, both formal and informal. The TOEFL will cover a variety of subjects –academics, politics, leisure, etc. As long as you’re watching something intelligent, it is bound to be useful to you in some way or the other.The same holds true for movies. Try to watch many genres: comedies, dramas, thrillers, and so on. If you are at home, turn on English subtitles. This will allow you to follow along with the dialogue, and make notes as you need to.

Good luck!

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5 Advantages To Online Spanish Language Courses

Spanish Language courses come in all different forms these days. There are so many people, me included, who took a Spanish language course in high school, or college, or both. I would bet that very few were actually able to speak any Spanish or should I say communicate in Spanish after taking the classes.

The problem is the approach of Spanish language courses and the way that the curriculum is structured. Traditional Spanish language courses focus on memorization of groups of words. One day you are memorizing the words for different types of produce, the next you are learning the words for items found in a home. The problem most students face is being able to put all of the information together. You may know the words but can not structure a sentence. To combat this problem, many schools use supplemental computer programs to help pull it all together. There just isn’t enough time in a semester to get anything done effectively.

This is why I believe that the online Spanish language courses are such a great option to the classroom Spanish language course. Although there are several reasons why I believe this is true, here are 5 advantages to the online Spanish language program.

#1 You work at your own speed. When you are using an online Spanish language course, you can go as quickly or as slowly as you are comfortable with. There are some concepts in Spanish that can be difficult to grasp and having the ability to slow down during these times helps the information to sink in more fully.

#2 You can study when you have time. You are not set to some schedule that a school or university has. You can learn your Spanish any time that it works into your schedule. You also will never miss a lesson because of a conflict in the schedule.

#3 You can work from home, your car, on your daily jog, or even at your office. Online Spanish language courses typically come with several components including downloadable mp3s that you can take with you anywhere. Your learning will not stop just because you have to travel for business.

#4 Online Spanish language course are typically more cost effective. When you consider the cost of tuition, books, parking, transportation and the time commitment, typically the online course is the cheaper way to go. Programs can range from less than $100 to several hundred. Either way they still typically cost less.

#5 This is the most important advantage to the online Spanish language course, You have the freedom of choice. There are several programs out there to choose from and you can pick the one that is most in line with your learning style. If you are a audible learner you may consider a program that has more audio components to it. If you are more of a visual learner you can choose the appropriate online Spanish language course as well. Most reputable companies have a money back guarantee so that you are covered if the course is not what you expected.

Learning a new language is difficult. It takes time, money, and energy. Because of this you want to be sure that your investment is not wasted. Be sure that you do your research and before you choose, compare the different online Spanish language courses and pick the one that’s best for you.

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Spanish Language code – appraisal of Rocket Spanish

Near are many reasons why knowing Spanish can live beneficial. In favor of lone device, learning a foreign language uses a dissimilar part of your common sense than the largest part other activities and challenges your mind. In favor of one more, knowing Spanish can live a substantial boost to your career, especially in the sphere of marketing or else firm, someplace being bilingual is highly valued. It might in addition in the past few minutes live a hobby or else attention of yours: It can live fascinating to realize with reference to the Spanish and Mexican cultures through language, or else to live able to watch Spanish films the way they were intended.

Whatever your work out in favor of learning Spanish, and apart from of your proficiency level, you are all right to benefit from a code called “Rocket Spanish.” It is made by Rocket Languages, Ltd., a respected company in favor of beliefs foreign languages to English speakers. In the sphere of a nutshell, the line is designed to live interactive, so as a replacement for of appraisal grammar old hat of a textbook, you can pay attention to audio teaching, sport learning games on your PC, and participate in the sphere of a vast collection of grammar and culture teaching.

The interactive aspect of Rocket Spanish cannot live gaudy. Lone of the the largest part crucial things with reference to a line of in the least kind is with the aim of it keeps you interested and allows you to recognize the progress you’re making. Lone frustrating aspect of many communal instruct foreign language courses is how minute importance is placed on in point of fact speaking and understanding the language old hat loud. This code is not with reference to dull grammar and vocabulary exercises, but with reference to interactivity with the aim of allows you to practice pronunciation and comprehension of vocal Spanish.

One more benefit of this line is the convenience of the teaching. You can position the 31 audio teaching on your iPod or else PC and pay attention to them wherever you are: On the way to succeed, while you’re on a have lunch break, in your morning jog, and all that. Near is in addition a massive collection of grammar and culture teaching with the aim of you can prefer to print (if you opt in favor of the digital download) or else extract up on the PC. Greatest of all, the code is both reasonably priced and a fantastic usefulness in favor of your money.

Rocket Spanish is an first-rate way to realize Spanish from abrasion or else brush up on your speaking and listening skills in the sphere of grounding in favor of a tour. Rebuff be relevant what did you say? Work out you contain in favor of learning Spanish, you can live all right with the aim of Rocket Spanish preference teach you.


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Rosetta Stone Japanese Review – Knowing How To Understand The Language In A Lot Easier And Even More Successful Way

Are you currently wanting to know just how would you be able to understand the Japanese language correctly? For those who are seeking methods which may best reveal to you the way to understand this particular language, you’ll definitely would wish to benefit from it. Currently, you will not ought to spend some time trying to find someone to coach you this particular language, have you any idea that one could in fact understand the language by yourself? Well, if you use the correct language computer software, this is absolutely possible. That’s why you should pay attention to this Rosetta Stone Japanese Review and have the capacity to speak out the language as if you understand a good deal regarding the Japanese language already.

You probably do not have to master Japanese with difficulty. With the available choices you can avail of currently like for instance software programs as well as other inventive products and solutions you’ll be able to undoubtedly understand the language on your own means without seeking assistance from another language trainer. This kind of computer software uses a process at which one have the opportunity to utilize graphic and also word connection just like when most of us had been learning each of our native language way back when we were just a child. This is the approach which will be utilized to try to make people who would like to understand the language recognize Japanese words and phrases effortlessly.

In comparison to various other strategies employed for teaching a different language, you are going to find the computer software beneficial enough with regards to making it possible for the user digest words possibly at the same instance link them on their own with just what they appear like by means of illustrations or photos and then the prper way of pronouncing the words. Here, you will end up utilizing your visual and auditory sensory faculties to help you to comprehend, add to your vocabulary and also incorporate different terms into phrases, forming a sentence and at last to write and speak the Japanese language easily.

You could be thinking just how all these elements get itself done and also digested instantly. The actual Rosetta Stone Japanese language computer software provides this specific attribute where by you’ll be able for you to trace your current development in learning the Japanese language. And because it is a computer software, just in case you discover youself to be not likely meeting what exactly is expected from you from a specific lesson, you can get back to what you missed and evaluate it with no expense. So through this computer software, an individual do not merely learn the Japanese language itself but one can possibly will also get to master it in a far more convenient way.

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Why Chinese (Mandarin) Is One of the Easiest Languages to Learn – Reason 1

Over 5 years ago I decided to start learning Mandarin for fun. Mainly because my friend was already learning it and I thought “How cool would it be to be able to speak a little Mandarin”. I thought this because I had always heard how “impossible” it is to learn Mandarin Chinese. Another friend of mine even told me “You will NEVER learn how to say even ONE word!”

The challenge was on!!!

Imagine my shock when I found Mandarin to be FAR easier than French (which I had studied for 10 years and still barley fluent). I had been deceived!!! This is one of the easiest languages to learn! Let me explain why.

First of all, when learning to SPEAK a language, we have no need to learn how to read it. Mandarin gets its “impossible” image due to the Characters it uses in its written form. I will concede that when it comes to reading and writing, Mandarin Chinese IS one of, if not THE, hardest language out there. But no one needs to know how to read or write in order to SPEAK, and that’s the point I want to make here.

Allow me to demonstrate how EASY Mandarin Chinese is. Let’s take English as an example. When it comes to verb conjugations English and other languages e.g. French, have many different verb conjugations depending on the pronoun used. For example the verb “to be”

Infinitive = to be



He/She/It IS

Notice that “to be” becomes “am”, “are” and “is” depending on the pronoun used.

Now, how EASY would English be if we spoke this way instead? :

Infinitive = to be



He/She/It TO BE

Notice in my hypothetical example above the infinitive “to be” never actually changes when using “I” “You” or “He/She/It”. If you know any French then you will know the infinitive of the verb “to be” is “etre” but when using pronouns French renders it “Je suis” “Tu as” “Il/Elle est”. Here again French also changes the verb for each pronoun the same as English. French also takes it one step further in complication. In English we say “We ARE” which is the same conjunction as “You” i.e. “You ARE” but French have yet ANOTHER conjugation for “WE” making their language just that much more difficult!

Now let’s get back to Chinese. Chinese does exactly what I have illustrated above. The infinitive of their verbs NEVER EVER change!!! When I learned this I was over the moon! One of my most hated things about French was the endless verb tables we had to learn. There were regular verbs and irregular verbs, so hard to remember all the rules and then the exceptions to the rules!!!

With Mandarin Chinese, none of that is an issue. In Mandarin Chinese the verb “to be” is “shi” (pinyin spelling). So when saying: I am, You are, He/She/It is – in Mandarin Chinese you say “shi” each and every time regardless of the pronoun. Isn’t that really easy?

So when learning English, a foreign speaker must remember: “to be”, “am”, “are”, & “is”, but when learning Mandarin Chinese we only need to remember 1 word “shi”. This rule is repeated for EVERY SINGLE verb in the language without exception! Therefore you have just cut your language learning workload down by 75% if you choose to learn Mandarin.

In my next article I will show you how incredibly easy Mandarin Chinese is to express Past tense verbs. Yet another nightmare for me when I was learning French.

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The Author started learning Mandarin 5+ years ago. He now lives in China to perfect his language ability in hopes of becoming a professional freelance translator/interpreter one day. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with a few websites eg Feiyan Tea, Wulong Tea & 24 Inch Barstools

Free Spanish Phrases

Modern technology can help us all in this process. It is a great motivational tool. When you address people with respect you just switch from second person to the third person. Once you know this you can frame your sentences accordingly. Gradually by seeing you will understand the situation and meaning of the words being spoken. If you want to learn Spanish games research the rules of that particular game that you are interested first so that you will know what to do and what not to. And we are lucky right now; Spanish online tutorials could provide us free learning of Spanish online without us having to leave home and allow us study at our own convenience.

The college has added more classes in recent years and has shifted the scope toward oral communication faster results and more specific applications. You could advance in your career because of your new knowledge. See more on Free Spanish Phrases. Since you are learning Spanish at home there are many ways to practice. Often it seems easier to water the plants or do the laundry than to learn and practice Spanish. The second category included extrinsic reasons for language learning lying on a continuum of self-determination including external pressures internalized pressures and self-expressive reasons. Let’s say you go to Paris or Rome. It is spoken on all continents notably Europe and South America.

Effective yes. He had a little bit of background in French” which Tyler said resulted from Gingrich’s living in France as a young man. As you get caught up in the story you will strengthen your grasp on the spoken language. Children who learn to speak everyday Spanish will have other advantages as well. Sometimes I wonder if I would actually enjoy the country more if I hadn’t learnt Spanish. Once in Antigua I heard the terrible news: Luke failed to get signed up and was only starting. While there are many approaches to learning a second language nothing can beat visiting and studying in the country where that language is spoken. See: Learning Style Assessment In Spanish

It will not happen overnight. Learning a foreign language like Spanish is becoming much more of a necessity in today’s society. It doesn’t have to be a difficult question. More employers are interested in hiring bilingual employees to help communicate with Spanish speaking customers. Children also seem to learn Spanish faster because of the natural method to which they resort. If you’ve succeeded in doing both simultaneously you’ve likely come out with something pretty close to the Spanish rr. See: Learn To Speak Spanish Audio Tapes

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Free Spanish Phrases: As you get caught up in the story you will strengthen your grasp on the spoken language. Children who learn to speak everyday Spanish will have other advantages as well. Sometimes I wonder if I would actually enjoy the country more if I hadn’t learnt Spanish.

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