Do you hope to speak English like a native speaker? Or even do you hope to write like a native author? If you do, you have chosen the best fields in this language. But simultaneously you have chosen the difficult things to do in your life. Are you afraid of my scary words to some extent? I hope you are not. No matter how hard or easy, it needs your efforts to finish the thing you would like to choose. Good things need hard work. No doubt you will surely get good results with the good stuff someday. Now let’s look at spoken English.

Spoken English differs a bit from written English, but it has similarities with the written format. How could you pratice this part? Definitely you need to speak as much as you can using what you have learned before in this language. For instance, if you learned the phrase “Don’t beat about the bush!” You should try to use it in your talks with so many people you would love to speak to. Maybe it is a simple one for you, but you need to make it very familiar in your life so that you will use it in your future without too much trouble. Certainly I also suggest you speak English with Rosetta Stone English, which devises lots of English conversations for you to practice according to your own level. It is cool!

Next I think you had better read English books a lot. Although you don’t think you can learn oral English from books, I reckon that you can prey some useful daily-used things from some certain books that feature oral English. And you will learn a great many things on writing through reading too. You may begin with some very easy English books which are the abbreviated versions from the original ones. It is true that you cannot learn so many words from them, but they may help you digest the English way of thinking as well as of writing. Definitely you can create your own way of writing English, but it is wiser if you can follow the English masters to build up your own English lexicon. When you reach a certain high level, you will be able to compose your own native-flavored works. Or even you don’t have such a big dream, it is very beneficial if you can use different English expressions in your daily communication. Truth be told, you can also try to learn Chinese in this manner along with Rosetta Stone Chinese.

Then you can attempt to listen to different English materials. It is wise for you listen to some easy materials in the beginning. After this period, you can move to some difficult materials in terms of your improvement. This way can train your speaking very fast, for you can learn the first hand information on this language, and can perform it if you wish to. You can apply this way to speak Spanish too. If you hope to be excellent, you may use Rosetta Stone Spanish.

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