Many people learning foreign languages make a simple mistake by only focusing on studying words or sentences. While written format is essential, language is a communication tool hence the ability to use it verbally remains more important.
To master a foreign language verbally requires the learner to practice constantly; this can not only correct your accent over the time but also help you “think” in this new language. And the key is: to find a good teacher who can speak that language fluently.
However, the reality is, it’s always extremely difficult to find a native speaker near you. If there are any, they are usually extremely expense for any private tutoring.
Internet though provides a good alternative way.
People are already used to use emails to communicate throughout the world. For talking, there are also a handful of internet tools that provide great features allowing users to talk to each other over the net. The service is relatively inexpensive; actually many are even free (such as Skype, Google talk, Yahoo messenger etc); the setup process is simple and requires just some inexpensive equipments like a webcam; any most important, the voice and picture quality becomes much better recently as online technology keeps improving. Without worries of expensive international calling fees, these internet tools allow people to talk freely and for language students and teachers in different countries, it is possible to have a virtual class online.
Another practical problem however is how and where to find a good teacher or student while these people may be in a country thousands of mile away from your home. Again, internet provides a solution. Sites such as Bailing English offer a collection of classifieds just focusing on language tutoring. Users who are interested in teaching a language could post their desire and experience in this site; and those who are interested learning could also post their preference of the teacher. Bailing English then uses the criteria such as age, gender, price and expertise to find a match for each user. For example, Mei Lan in China who wants to practice her verbal English can easily find a post by John Smith in USA who is very interested in teaching American English and making some international friends.
Internet is a great tool for language learning. It allows you to find and talk with good teachers, no matter where they are.

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