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Teaching English As A Foreign Language: You Can Do It

Teaching English is a huge worldwide industry. It doesn’t require factories or much in the way of equipment, but there are millions upon millions of people currently studying English. They live and study in every country on the planet. If you are interested in an adventuresome life of travel, where you can earn your way, then consider a career or at least a stint in Teaching English as a Foreign
Language, typically abbreviated to TEFL.

Why is there such a large global demand for teachers of English? There are several reasons. English is the main global language, the main way that people from various countries can communicate with each other. Science, technology, the internet, global business — all use English to a very large degree. So it’s no wonder that people everywhere want to learn it.

You have no experience teaching English? You may find that it draws naturally on things you have already done. Assuming that you are a native speaker of English or completely at home in the language, you can probably teach it. We all do it on an ongoing basis with children, without even thinking about it. Kids ask us what words mean and we tell them. If you have friends who don’t speak much English, you may have helped them learn some phrases at one time or another.

So even if your formal experience as an English teacher is nonexistent, do explore the possibilities further. Even if you haven’t really taught children or foreigners English, you have probably taught something to someone at some point in your life! Most likely, you may have seen them use what you taught them. You might have shown someone else how to do something with their hands, whether crocheting or pulling a battery out from under the hood of a car.

There are a wide variety of quite inexpensive training courses that you can take, at many places in the world, to prepare you to teach English. Doing such a course will greatly increase your choice of positions. Some of the schools even guarantee you a job in their country after you pass their course.

In general, people who teach English around the world are not scholarly sorts. They like people, they like to travel, and they want to do a good job in their teaching sessions. They are of a practical bent. They try what works and what doesn’t with their particular students, and modify it as needed. There are many resources online to help you learn how to create and present lessons.

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Rosana Hart reviews different programs for learning Mandarin Chinese at her website. She explains why she prefers Fluenz Mandarin to Rosetta Stone Chinese.

English Grammar: Adjectives and Adverbs

In the English grammar, there are two sets of describing words, adjectives and adverbs. So how do you differentiate one from the other? If both groups of words are used to define other terms, then why must they be segregated into two classes? If you want to know the answers to these questions, then this is the article for you. Refresh your memory by reading on and you will surely understand the difference between adjectives and adverbs, and why it is important to tell them apart.

As it was previously mentioned, adjectives and adverbs are both describing words in the English grammar. What each set describes, however, is what tells these two groups apart. Adjectives refer to words that describe people, places, events, etc., whether they may be nouns or pronouns. On the other hand, adverbs describe every other part of speech that isn’t a noun or a pronoun. This means, adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives, and even other adverbs as well. To find out if a word is an adjective or an adverb, ask the question how, when, or where. If the answer to any of these is the word in question, then the latter is an adverb.

Typically, words ending with the suffix “-ly” are adverbs. “He answered quickly.” and “She ate quietly.” are illustrations of this. However, when it comes to some adverbs that modify verbs that indicate the sense of feeling, the sense of sight, the sense of smell, and the sense of taste; asking how does not resolve whether or not the adverb should have “-ly” at its end. Instead, ask whether or not the verb being modified is in its active voice, only then should one put “-ly” at the end of the adverb. “The flowers look pretty.” demonstrates a verb in its passive voice, thus the adverb pretty does not need to have the suffix “-ly”. Conversely, “He feels horribly about the accident.” shows an active action word, thus “-ly” is attached to the end of the adverb modifying it. On another note, when using adverbs to show contrast, on no account should the suffix “-ly” be removed. Examples would be “She danced more gracefully than her competition.” and “Please talk more slowly than you did earlier.”

Another English grammar rule to keep in mind is that the word “well” is and adverb, but the word “good” is an adjective. “That’s a good start.” states that the start was good, while “That started well.” illustrates how the start went. However, never use good when referring to health. “She feels well enough to go back to work.” is correct, while “He feels good enough to go back to school.” is wrong.

Additionally, there are also some pronouns that can stand as adjectives, these are the words “this”, “that”, “these”, and “those”. The four mentioned acts as pronouns when they replace nouns, but when they introduce proper names, they are adjectives. “This bag was given by my mother.” shows the word “this” as an adjective because it describes the bag being talked about.

It is easy to differentiate adjectives from adverbs. Just look at what part of speech is being described by the word in question and you’re good to go. Remember this simple English grammar rule and you’ll never go wrong.

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The Secret of Running a Successful Conference

The key to any conference is organisation. This means that the invitations have to be sent out on time, the responses and management coordinated, the location arranged and equipped, the travel plans communicated and the agenda agreed. These and other aspects require a team of staff working consistently.

However, one aspect that is often overlooked is the summarising and reporting that takes place once the conference has finished. Companies frequently assume that this is an easy job, secondary to the conference itself. They therefore make few arrangements, delegating one or several staff to handle every part of the reporting process.

What happens after the conference, though, is almost as important as the conference itself. Any conference requires a record of its proceedings, so that those present can refer back to the suggestions and decisions made at the meeting.

Most companies – and even large, multinational or pan-European organisations – use an ad-hoc system, with up to five participants at the meeting taking notes and, afterwards, working from their scribbled notes to try to reconstruct the events. It seems amazing that organisations can hold meetings where multi-million-pound decisions are made yet organise the note-taking in such an amateur fashion.

Increasingly, companies and organisations are reaching the same conclusion. Many are finding that their note-taking provisions are simply inadequate when it comes to producing professional, comprehensive minutes.

They are consequently turning to companies who provide minute-taking services. Sometimes they will ask for a complete transcript, made from an audio recording of the meeting; at other times they will engage a writer to produce a comprehensive summary of the meetings.

This is the secret to running a successful conference – make sure that you engage a professional to handle the minute-taking or summary writing. Otherwise, you could have the most challenging, engaging and varied conversations at the meeting itself, yet find that very little or none of this content is captured by the amateur note-takers, who were distracted by the proceedings themselves.

Professional writers are not distracted. They can focus exclusively on note-taking, and, once the conference has finished, they can devote all of their time to producing a transcript exactly tailored to the requirements of the company.

After all, a successful conference is one at which decisions and new, important proposals are made. These decisions and proposals need to be implemented; for this to happen, they need to be recorded. The great mathematician Pierre de Fermat once wrote, at the end of a mathematical theorem: ‘I have discovered a truly wonderful proof for this but the margin is too small to contain it’. This theorem came to be known as ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’, and for over 350 years the proof was seen as the greatest prize in maths. Fermat may have been blustering – but it just goes to show what can happen if you fail to keep a record of what has been said or thought!

Once you have decided to engage a professional writer or minute taker, the arrangements are simple. Many companies, especially if they are operating in more than one language, use interpreters, and interpreting requires microphones, which means that an audio recording is generally available. If no audio recording is being made, no problem – just make sure that the writer has a seat at the table, and space for a laptop. After that, you can sit back and focus on your conference.

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Gordon Rich is a self published author and translation expert. He regularly contributes articles on interview transcription and audio transcription. To know more visit http://www.global-lingo.com/

Nice Ideas on English Learning

Do you hope to speak English like a native speaker? Or even do you hope to write like a native author? If you do, you have chosen the best fields in this language. But simultaneously you have chosen the difficult things to do in your life. Are you afraid of my scary words to some extent? I hope you are not. No matter how hard or easy, it needs your efforts to finish the thing you would like to choose. Good things need hard work. No doubt you will surely get good results with the good stuff someday. Now let’s look at spoken English.

Spoken English differs a bit from written English, but it has similarities with the written format. How could you pratice this part? Definitely you need to speak as much as you can using what you have learned before in this language. For instance, if you learned the phrase “Don’t beat about the bush!” You should try to use it in your talks with so many people you would love to speak to. Maybe it is a simple one for you, but you need to make it very familiar in your life so that you will use it in your future without too much trouble. Certainly I also suggest you speak English with Rosetta Stone English, which devises lots of English conversations for you to practice according to your own level. It is cool!

Next I think you had better read English books a lot. Although you don’t think you can learn oral English from books, I reckon that you can prey some useful daily-used things from some certain books that feature oral English. And you will learn a great many things on writing through reading too. You may begin with some very easy English books which are the abbreviated versions from the original ones. It is true that you cannot learn so many words from them, but they may help you digest the English way of thinking as well as of writing. Definitely you can create your own way of writing English, but it is wiser if you can follow the English masters to build up your own English lexicon. When you reach a certain high level, you will be able to compose your own native-flavored works. Or even you don’t have such a big dream, it is very beneficial if you can use different English expressions in your daily communication. Truth be told, you can also try to learn Chinese in this manner along with Rosetta Stone Chinese.

Then you can attempt to listen to different English materials. It is wise for you listen to some easy materials in the beginning. After this period, you can move to some difficult materials in terms of your improvement. This way can train your speaking very fast, for you can learn the first hand information on this language, and can perform it if you wish to. You can apply this way to speak Spanish too. If you hope to be excellent, you may use Rosetta Stone Spanish.

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Learning Mandarin In a Large Chinese University

Learning mandarin is difficult to say the least. Or so popular opinion has it. There are however many techniques available to make it easier. The worst way to approach the task is to try to study it in your home country. You need to element of natural communication in order to succeed. The second worst way is to go to China but attend a public university. This may seem counter intuitive. It would make more sense that a Chinese public university is a great place to learn Standard Mandarin. There is however certain barriers that students need to overcome to begin communication that is very difficult to handle in the classroom environment of a large university.

When I write about a Chinese classroom environment I am describing a situation in which there are around thirty students for every teacher. This leaves the teacher with very few options other than to stick to the pre prescribed curriculum no matter what. Individual questions are simply not possible to address in the time frame that the teacher has to teach such a large group.

This issue is problematic in two ways. The first is the shear difficulty in the initial introduction to Chinese language studies. Chinese Mandarin differs in mainly two ways, which can be categorized as pronunciation and characters. Standard Mandarin pronunciation, like all other dialects and other Chinese languages, is tonal. That means that the pitch matters in a way that no Germanic or Latin language speaker is familiar with. The same syllables have multiple meanings, which are without a doubt one of the hardest matters of confusion to address by the teacher. For a student to be able to wrap their tongue around this new concept individual attention is necessary. A large classroom environment is unable to provide students with this crucial component.

The second facet that constitutes a problem for people that are just beginning to learn mandarin is the concept of characters. These are very difficult to learn in an efficient way until you have a few hundred firmly logged in your mind. Most classes need to include new characters in the normal day-to-day curriculum; this makes the first few months the hardest for mandarin learners being taught in a thirty students per teacher classroom. Total focus is necessary to understand the new grammar and the confusing nature of tones. To simultaneously focus on the procedure for writing characters is too much for most people.

Individual attention is therefore, clearly, of immense benefit in Chinese studies, like it is for most educational procedures. However, for a Mandarin curriculum I would go further and say that it is actually a necessity. You can argue that of course it possible to teach in this way as there are many universities that teach mandarin in just such a way.

To that I can only answer that the results of such studies are moderately successful. The gap in basic knowledge of tones, characters and grammar, that the over charged brains are unable to assimilate is such that it creates a very poor foundation for future studies.

It can be that the student is able to learn many new words but unable to pronounce them in natural communication in an intelligible way because the tones have not registered. It can be that student is has learned lots of words, has been able to learn how to pronounce them, but in this case there would be very little focus left on actually understanding Chinese Mandarin syntax, which is also difficult. There will also in that scenario most likely is the case that the student is unable to read and write Chinese Mandarin at the same level as she or he can speak the language.

Without giving students the time to ask individual questions, no teacher, however good, can hope to impart a holistic and consistent level of proficiency. Mandarin language studies are too difficult initially to be taught in a thirty student to one teacher environment.

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Rui Ming works for a Chinese Language School that is a great option for those that want to learn Mandarin in China.

Why Should You Engage a Certified Translation Provider?

With the development of pluralistic societies in the twentieth century, English is not the only language that is used for communication. The world of science and commerce thrives because the academics and researchers read the journals, research papers and books that are available on the subject matter irrespective of the language they were written in. They made use of professional translation service providers who are basically firms that have experts in all the major languages of the world working on the translations for them. These translation service firms give great emphasis on the accuracy of the translations that they generate.

Spain is a country that is in the forefront of scientific research and is host to a number of industries and business units that bring out products and services that are popular the world over. The research and business community in Spain are very interested in getting the latest knowledge in the scientific or commercial fields for the development of their economy and the nation. A subsequent development of this trend saw a rise in the demand for english spanish translations.

Instant machine enabled translations are available but they are not as accurate as professional translations by experts as the machine language syntax engines are not able to effectively convey the finer points of the source language in the translated material. Another sector where the es-translations are most in demand is in the field of medical education. The students in Spanish universities get to know of the latest treatment protocols from many English speaking countries by making use of the english spanish translations that are provided to them by firms engaged in the business of translating documents and research material.

The most difficult task while translating a message or a book or research material from one language to another is to preserve the integrity of the source language in the translations. Professional translators are able to achieve a high degree of accuracy in capturing the nuances of the language that is to be translated as they are trained well in the grammar and syntax of the language. If you are aiming to look for a translation service provider, remember to go with a firm that has experts in different fields to make translations whether it is legal, medical or technical. These professionals would be able to deliver high quality translations so that your understanding of the subject matter is not diminished in any way. What should matter are the clear explanations and helpful instructions that are provided in the translated material.

The Spanish people use the Internet for their research and marketing purposes. This has lead to a high demand for es-translations of entire websites. The firms providing english spanish translations have developed special translation service packages to cater to this growing demand. If you hand over a website with material in English language, the translators will do the translations of the individual web pages and e-mail the file across to you in a format similar to that of the source website.

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To Learn Russian Effectively

Russia is one of the most wealthy nations in the world. In fact, it’s a member of BRICS for the significant super powerful companies. BRICS stands for Brazil, Paris, India and others. Russia’s progress is due to its vast gas reserves. That’s what causes it to be an indispensable force inside world’s economy. If you possibly could remember, Russia can also be proud of its space or room programs. But first, use Rosetta Stone Russian to learn this language.

Russia, once being known for Siberia as well as the extreme cold, contour alcoholic, vodka-addicted men, is likewise popular for getting one of the best difficult languages on the globe to learn. It is also known as the most beautiful women about.

However, there may be some other reasons why one should check out Russia. If you are any person who is into science, you would like to study on this cold country. Russians in addition to some people in the Euro continent are professional scientists since birth by means of their education the way to excel in the science department. However, if you ask them what language they would like to learn, they may not have very clear ideas. So it is high time they did need to learn one language like Swedish from Rosetta stone Swedish.

Gefinitely there are some other things in this country you need to learn. Yes, it is science! And that is perhaps one of the many reasons why some of the best builders and other Internet experts are from Spain and its nearby places. In this modern community where online business efforts are inevitable for virtually every online entrepreneur. You should learn the trust of this prospective business significantly by learning this language.

Russians as consumers are also world renowned in a number aspects. The country provides produced great fictional geniuses as Leo Tolstoy as their philosophy continues to captivate many readers on this planet. There is also Anton Chekov who’s an exceptional combination of a physician and also a prolific writer connected with short stories and also poetry the world likes. In this way you may try to learn Polish accompanied by Rosetta Stone Polish.

There is another great way to make things simpler for you to learn. What’s good concerning is that you can learn them anytime you want and also whatever you do. You merely have to listen to a new Pimsleur Russian language sound program on your ipod device while you are driving your car or truck, walking your dog, or being trapped in a traffic jam.

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We can learn all kinds of things, from economy to daily life, from the scientific learning to language aquisition. I wrote about something about software before, like Rosetta Stone Russian and Rosetta Stone French, and of course some other things, like biology, chemistry, or even literature.

How would internet help your verbal language learning

Many people learning foreign languages make a simple mistake by only focusing on studying words or sentences. While written format is essential, language is a communication tool hence the ability to use it verbally remains more important.
To master a foreign language verbally requires the learner to practice constantly; this can not only correct your accent over the time but also help you “think” in this new language. And the key is: to find a good teacher who can speak that language fluently.
However, the reality is, it’s always extremely difficult to find a native speaker near you. If there are any, they are usually extremely expense for any private tutoring.
Internet though provides a good alternative way.
People are already used to use emails to communicate throughout the world. For talking, there are also a handful of internet tools that provide great features allowing users to talk to each other over the net. The service is relatively inexpensive; actually many are even free (such as Skype, Google talk, Yahoo messenger etc); the setup process is simple and requires just some inexpensive equipments like a webcam; any most important, the voice and picture quality becomes much better recently as online technology keeps improving. Without worries of expensive international calling fees, these internet tools allow people to talk freely and for language students and teachers in different countries, it is possible to have a virtual class online.
Another practical problem however is how and where to find a good teacher or student while these people may be in a country thousands of mile away from your home. Again, internet provides a solution. Sites such as Bailing English offer a collection of classifieds just focusing on language tutoring. Users who are interested in teaching a language could post their desire and experience in this site; and those who are interested learning could also post their preference of the teacher. Bailing English then uses the criteria such as age, gender, price and expertise to find a match for each user. For example, Mei Lan in China who wants to practice her verbal English can easily find a post by John Smith in USA who is very interested in teaching American English and making some international friends.
Internet is a great tool for language learning. It allows you to find and talk with good teachers, no matter where they are.

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Do You Need Help Learning Spanish?

If you don’t speak a second language, thinking about learning Spanish may seem a little intimidating. It’s possible your friends told you to learn Spanish because it’s not as hard as others. The truth is that most languages are easy to learn, you just have to figure out what kind of learning tricks you want to use to make the process simpler. There are lots of tips that you can use to help make learning Spanish easier. Here are a few tricks that you can try:

It will help a lot to be patient. You won’t be speaking Spanish fluently in several days. You could have all the rules of vocabulary and conjugations memorized yet still have some difficulty with the sentences. You will only slow your progress if you put a lot of pressure on your self to get fluent fast. Just let your self take it slowly. You’ll feel more comfortable with the language. Another good reason to go slowly is that people are far more patient when they know the person speaking to them is still learning the language. If you try to learn too fast and become over-confident, you run the risk of accidentally offending a person in a conversation if you make a mistake.

You can use the web! You’ll soon discover the internet is just full of helpful hints to learn Spanish. One great translaton tool is Babelfish. It’s a website. All you do is input your Spanish sentence, and you’ll get the translation. You’ll find this very useful because you can take any sentence, translate it, and then you can learn it in Spanish. Remember, how a sentence is structured in English is not necessarily how the sentence will be structured in Spanish! Using a translation tool will show you how the words get moved around to make sense in Spanish. If you want, you can search online and find other language tools to help you with Spanish.

Watching TV shows and movies in Spanish will help you. There are a lot of shows broadcast in Spanish now and every movie rental house will have a section of movies in other languages. You’ll hear how Spanish words are suppose to be spoken. If you can’t find someone to speak Spanish with, this will help you a great deal. To begin, you can watch with subtitles. When you think you can understand, then switch them off and check your self. Your learning will go much faster by using this method. Learning how to speak Spanish, or any language, doesn’t need to be an experience in frustration.

There are lots of hints and tips that you can put into play to help you learn. You can help yourself learn any language, including Spanish, by having an open mind to it. You’ll soak-up the information a lot easier if your mind is open to it. And this… the more you try to make Spanish sound like English, the harder it will be for you.

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Close to Spanish Learning Methods

More and more people are trying to learn foreign languages today. Some people choose to learn some commonly-used languages, like English, Chinese, Spanish, while others are attempting to learn small languages which also play a very important role in our daily communication. But no matter what you choose to learn, you need to learn seriously. As for Spanish learning, it is very hot among all language learners. Thus you learners need to learn some basic things about this language.

First, you should learn Spanish alphabet as others do in English always. Don’t belittle this aspect! Everything has an origin, and the origin is always very easy to touch. So when you touch Spanish alphabet, you need to be very serious to it. Learn it everyday and try to be very familiar wiith it. Of course, you need Rosetta Stone Spanish to correct your pronunciation if it is necessary.

Second, you need to think about Spanish no matter what you are doing. For example, you can ask yourself how to call a horse in Spanish if you have never learned this word, but you meet it as you are learning riding with your friends. Or if you are working at the computer, you can do some checks about some English words that you have learned. This habit will give you much energy to learn Spanish. But if you are using Rosetta Stone to learn English as a foreigner, this way of learning is also helpful.

Third, if you don’t mind, you can surf the Internet as often as you can. But bear in mind, try to use the computer to learn this language rather than do something terrible and rubbish. Probably you can find lots of information on Spanish speaking, listening, or even writing. You will get so many passes that lead to your Spanish learning success. And also you can download some information online to guide you to learning this language’s grammar rules. Yes, grammar is always difficult, but you will learn a lot if you have enough perseverance.

Or maybe sometimes you will grow some ideas to learn other hot languages. For instance, you like to learn Chinese. In this way you can learn Chinese by using all the proper ways I have mentioned today. And at the same time you can use Rosetta Stone software to learn this language once you think it is possible for you to follow. But no matter which language you may choose, you need to be industrious absolutely.

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We can learn all kinds of things, from economy to daily life, from the scientific learning to language aquisition. I wrote about something about software before, like Rosetta Stone Spanish and Rosetta Stone Japanese, and of course some other things, like biology, chemistry, or even literature.

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