Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, with a population of about five million and a land area of 130,700 squared kilometers. It is situated between Honduras to the north, and Costa Rica to the south. The country has access to the Atlantic Ocean to the East, and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Nicaragua has the greatest concentration of active and extinguished volcanoes, fresh water lakes, untouched forests and crater lagoons, in the whole region. The perfect place to learn Spanish.

The country offers its visitors a wide variety of places to experience such as the green mountains and coffee farms in the north, beautiful beaches and colonial cities on the Pacific, fantastic archipelagos and islands found within the Big Lake Cocibolca and to the south, peaceful rivers and virgin jungles on the Atlantic region as well as exotic islands on the Caribbean Sea. The Islas del Maíz known as Corn Islands are a great paradise of the Nicaraguan Caribbean. Nicaragua is a country with great biodiversity, an incredible multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic population, and a great vocation for poetry, traditional music and literature.

In Nicaragua, you will learn spanish and you will find beautiful beaches, active & extinguished vulcanoes, islands and archipielagos, friendly people. Come and visit Cocibolca: Lovely boat tour in Lake Cocibolca known as the Big Lake of Nicaragua. Las Isletas is a paradisiacal archipelago made of more than three hundred small islands and offers beautiful peaceful views to the visitors.

Learn Spanish, have fun and support local development Learning a foreign language in a small class size has a successful impact in the learning process, one of the main reasons we place four students as maximum in a group class.

Even though we theoretically say our groups are this big, most of the time classes are taught one-one-one due to logistic facts. A great benefit to the students! The classes include a wealth of information on places of interest in the country. The Spanish lessons, handouts and workbooks are very informative and designed in such a way to help the students familiarize themselves with the natural use of the language and with the geography, customs, expressions and culture of the country and the rest of Central America.

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