Without a doubt learning Chinese does take time and effort. Having fun while learning this exciting and beautiful language is possible. With all of the study tools available you can make the process more interesting. In this article, we’ll be exploring some proven tactics that can allow you to make faster progress in your study of Chinese.

When you begin to learn Chinese, the best way to get more exposure to the language is to watch movies. There are many quality Chinese films to choose from, as well as the silly but fun kung fu movies many people love. Just make sure that the movie you choose uses the dialect that you want to learn: for example, if you are learning Mandarin, skip the older kung fu movies because most of them are in Cantonese.

No matter what kind of movies you like, they can get you used to hearing Chinese while they entertain you. You can watch a favorite many times and rely less on the subtitles every time you watch it. This is one of the more fun methods for learning Chinese.

A fantastic way to learn Chinese is to take a trip to China or somewhere else that China is the primary language. Obviously not everyone who wants to learn Chinese will be able to do this, but it is a good end goal!

If you are able to take one of these trips, however, try to find a good language school or a tour group that focuses on using the local language; most people in China speak some level of English and you’ll get stuck helping them better their skills instead of being able to better your own! Even though Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination it isn’t good for practicing Chinese because most people here speak English well (it was ruled by the British for a long time) and the Chinese they use is Cantonese. If you have chosen to study Mandarin, the best place to visit is mainland China.

Hanyu Pinyin is a helpful tool that converts Chinese characters into western letters. Don’t bother overwhelming yourself with characters at first. Using Hanyu Pinyin for pronunciation technique however is not a great idea, so you will still need to learn proper Chinese pronunciation. Many language tools will use this tool to make it easier to transit from your native language to Chinese.

Learning Chinese will not happen overnight but it will happen. Use as many methods as you can get your hands on so you have learning materials everywhere you are. Learning any new language with the guidelines above can be not only enriching but also fascinating.

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