Learning Spanish can take time, and most people opt for a college course which they may decide to take in the evenings or several days a week. This can work out very expensive and could take time to get a real grasp of pronunciation and a feel for the language.

The best way to study Spanish is by staying in a Spanish speaking country such as South America or Spain. You could decide to stay with a family and attend a Spanish language course at one of the many universities and colleges.

It doesn’t have to work out very expensive if you stay with a Spanish family while you study and this is often called “Homestay”.

You can find plenty of these “Homestay” courses by searching online, however make sure you check them out first. Read testimonials from other students, and if possible actually speak to people who have done the same or similar course. Spend time doing your research and find a “Homestay” course that’s suitable for you.

Choosing to study Spanish abroad is not only the best way to learn the language, but you will be immersed in their culture as well and make many new friends.

Living with a Spanish family will mean that you will have to speak Spanish all the time. You will quickly understand every day words and these will be stored in your memory much easier than if you tried to learn them from a text book in a college class at home.

Spanish people are very friendly and will make you feel at home. They may well include you in their family’s social activities, and treat you like one of the family.

Making the decision to learn Spanish abroad could change your life. It could even open up new job opportunities for you, and you may find yourself living and working in South America or Spain.

You will start speaking Spanish very quickly since you will be immersed in the language continuously during your stay. If you love travelling and exploring new cultures then studying Spanish abroad is definitely for you.

On the other hand if you prefer to stay at home then learning Spanish using one of the many online courses available may be a good idea. You will still be able to communicate with Spanish speaking people in the forums and practice your pronunciation. You will also be able to plan the lessons around your work schedule.

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