The Spanish-language derives from Latin just like the English language and this means that its grammatical structures, the alphabet and phonetics have some similarities. It is also said to be one of the easiest languages to learn for someone who is a native English speaker. So what is the easiest way to learn Spanish?

To put it simply, spending time in a Spanish-speaking country can be the most effective way to learn Spanish but it’s important to get a good foundation first, whether that be by taking a class at school or college or learning at home with the use of an online course or through textbooks and audio CDs.

The thing is, people respond differently to learning new things and some people will find visual approach is better to audible approaches, others may even prefer learning how to speak and write in Spanish with the use of an interactive program for the computer. Some of these tend to be very good with games such as flashcards and tests to help you keep an active look at your progress.

Another one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish is to be persistent in your learning, try and keep a set routine where you can spend a few hours every week or even a few times a week if you have the time. Use flashcards for vocabulary, use little post-it notes and stick them all over your office desk and fridge and anything else where you can think of where you will see them regularly.

Find a good Spanish course that will help you distinguish the many different verb-tenses, nouns and sometimes complicated Spanish grammar. Something that helped me learn easier over the past few years is a software course called Rocket Spanish. It has everything you will possibly need to become fluent in Spanish and has active learning forums where you will be able to speak to Spanish easily and people who are looking to learn how to speak English.

Use the Google translator if you ever get stuck while you are learning, they have really improved this over the past few years and most of the time it does an excellent job of rephrasing your sentences in another language perfectly. The latest update allows you to switch a synonym which is an absolutely brilliant way to find out new related vocabulary to whichever word or phrase you have typed in. This is the easiest way to learn Spanish at first while using a course and talking to the natives. The main thing is to have fun while you learn as there is nothing worse than having to learn something you don’t want to.

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My name is Tiffany, I’ve been travelling to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries since I was a young. For more tips and information on how you can effectively learn to speak fluent Spanish, check out my blog site: Easiest Way to Learn Spanish

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