You don’t need to learn French in classroom settings. You can learn in your own home, with your family or on your own, by using various materials. The most important thing, however, is that the materials you use have an audio component. There are some individuals who attempt to learn solely from books, but this never really results in the person speaking the language fluently. To learn French, you must hear it spoken and learn how to speak it by imitating native speakers of the language.

You can listen and learn French from musical and spoken word materials. One of the more innovative ways to learn the language is by listening to materials that are almost or wholly in French and to try to follow the action of the story. Materials that are specifically made for this are best, of course, as they provide some guidance as you learn the language. For families, these can be fun ways to learn a language together. For children and adults, learning a language by listening to a dramatic presentation is usually much more effective, and certainly more interesting, than trying to learn it from the dry, repetitive materials of the past.

You can also learn French songs as a part of learning the language. Songs make words much easier to remember, as your mind connects them with the melody. This is one of the oldest ways to teach people new languages. Children are taught repetitive songs as a way to teach them facts about the world, and also as a way to teach them to express their own impression of the world around them. Adults can learn in the same fashion and often much more rapidly than they could with older techniques.

Kids can learn French fast from stories. They already have incredible abilities with assimilating language, compared to those of adults, and the imagination to see the world in new ways. By listening to a story, they can begin to learn a second language in the same way that they learned their first and, because of that, they can develop great fluency and comfort with French. Learning with them can be a great way to spend time together. Learning a second language, of course, is a great idea at any age. It will challenge you, to be sure, but, if you use the right materials, it will also be entertaining.

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