Vocabulary workshop answers level h includes words that are not commonly used. Hence, it is important to learn these words by finding their meanings and using it in simple sentences. In this way, it helps you get familiarize with these words.

Take note that these are just some of the words in the vocabulary workshop answers level h. Level h involves different units and may be confusing if you take everything at once. It is advisable to learn some of these words first before you take another set.

First word is adjunct, a noun which means something joined or added but not essential. Dra. Lopez is adjunct professor in the field of medicine.

The next word is chimerical, an adjective that means impossible fancy. Her chimerical ideas made everyone laughed.

Another word is effete, an adjective that means weak or worn-out. Due to excessive dance rehearsals, Susy became so effete and can hardly stand up.

Next is the word hidebound which means rigid and narrow-minded. Couples quarrel if they are both hidebound.

For the word hierarchy, it means a group of things or persons arranged in the order of rank, wealth, grade, etc. The hierarchy of votes is posted on the bulletin board.

Liturgy is the next word in line. It means the approved form of service by the church. On Black Saturday, a solemn Liturgy will be held at our Parish Church.

The last word is oblivious, an adjective that means forgetful or unaware. Despite numerous public clamors, the erring official remained oblivious to all the negative issues surrounding him.

Given the above vocabulary workshop answers level h, with defined meanings and sample statements, you will already find it easy to use these words in your daily conversations. Using it as frequent as possible will help you gain mastery of these words.

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