Travelling to foreign countries always offers an element of excitement and air of uncertainty. A lot of people like to play it safe when they travel and stick to countries that speak their native tongue, but this isn’t the case for everybody.

Whether it’s for business, to find work, education or vacation, we are all hopping abroad to take in the cultures and lifestyles of other countries. Of all of these reasons to jump on a plane, going to further one’s education is perhaps the least popular of the four. However, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t leaving their backyards to further themselves in life.

Learning English at an English college has become a hugely popular thing to do, particularly with Asian students. Being that most countries in the world speak some form of English makes it all the more important to pick up a second language.

A lot of young people in particular, are travelling from China, Japan and Korea to New Zealand – one of the most multi-cultural sensitive countries in the world. Not only does the country offer a warm welcome to those wishing to learn or work here, but it also offers some of the best English learning institutes in the world.

It’s important that before you sign up and pay your fees to study at an English college that you do your research first. Moving to another country can be a very daunting task to say the very least, but moving to a country whose no. 1 language is foreign to you can be even more daunting. So it pays to find out about the actual area that you are intending to move to. The weather, transport, accessibility, accommodation, quality of learning and feedback are just a handful of things you’ll want to find out about the country before you take the educational plunge.

New Zealand, as a rule, is very friendly and will provide the ultimate environment for your new learning experience. If you are not sure where in New Zealand, you might like to consider Christchurch. The “Garden City” is beautiful and is proving to be massively popular with overseas students. English college’s in Christchurch are well respected throughout the world and known for offering quality educational resources.

If you decide to study in Christchurch, I’d strongly suggest that you find a place to stay that has English speaking people. Doing so will help you pick up the language a lot quicker.

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CCEL (Christchurch College of English Ltd) is a privately-owned English language school located on the University of Canterbury campus in Christchurch. CCEL works in partnership with the University and provides international students with a pathway to further study, find out more here :

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