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There are many things a person can learn in his entire lifespan and among many things is learning foreign languages. Other than a person’s native language, learning a new one wouldn’t be too difficult although people may encounter problems and difficulties in the process of memorization and pronunciation. This isn’t a rare problem though. Most people experience this common draw back but memorization in its simplest sense has a remedy to any aspect of learning, which includes learning another language.

French is one language that sounds and looks completely different from the English language although there are several words that have been coined and recognized commonly now by more people everywhere. French can become very confusing but the struggle in memorizing the language will only last on the first few lessons. When you master the basic lessons, there’s no stopping you from learning more about the language.

But how do you really learn quickly? What you could do is learn word by word. Carrying a language dictionary will help you understand more about each word although it’s not recommended to rely on a dictionary alone. Also, repetition of words should be highly avoided during memorization. Instead, learn to associate the word to its equivalent English meaning and then picture the two words in one scene for easier recognition.

The first time you come across a French word for example, try to remember its spelling and pronunciation. It’s also important not only to know what a word means but how to pronounce it the proper way. If it’s still not working, then use the method mentioned on the previous paragraph.

The method is popularly known as the Link-Word technique. It works as simple as A,B,C but you have to keep in mind that there’s no easy task to a person who doesn’t want to learn. Now, we pick a word from the French language for this example. Let’s use the word ham from the English language which means jambon in French.

What you need to do is to associate both words in one scenario which you can easily remember. For example, let’s think of a fat happy ham chasing a bunch of jumbo bread buns across the hallway. As you try to picture the situation, your mind incorporates the English and French words together. Even if we didn’t use the literal French word jambon, but since the word jumbo sounds a lot like the French word for ham, the two words are now linked. This is how a linkword technique works and it’s even said to work better if the illustration that is associated to the words is funny and frivolous.

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