Are you interested to learn the Italian language in a place where there are beautiful beaches, good food, interesting culture and hospitable people? Learn Italian in Viareggio, Italy and have a wonderful time in a Tuscan town!

Viareggio is a city located in the northern part of Tuscany on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The name of the town names Way of the Kings and it is the second largest city within the Lucca Province. Viareggio is the major center of Versilia or the northern Tuscan Riviera region and it is inhabited by more than sixty-three thousand people. This charming town can trace back its history to the early half of the sixteenth century and nowadays it is still admired by its local folk and foreign visitors.

Viareggio is one of the first coast resorts in Europe since it has many interesting places, activities, and events such as the Carnevale di Viareggio. It is also known for its amazing food, delectable food, and lively nightlife. Viareggio is also a popular yachting spots by yachting enthusiasts from different parts of the world for its captivating waters and pleasant climate.

The antique history, culture, and architecture of Viareggio combined with its new and modern structures and lifestyle have contributed to its charm. It is one of the top Italian language learning destinations in the country and it is the location of one of our partner Italian language schools, Centro Giacomo Puccini.

The Centro Giacomo Puccini is located in the heart of Viareggio and it within walking distance from the beach. It was founded in 1988, has had many years of experience, and specializes in teaching Italian. The school is situated in a two-story building and has comfortable classrooms, full internet service, and is accessible for people on wheelchairs. The Centro Giacomo Puccini has qualified and dedicated staff, and they offer all levels of Italian courses all year round.

Choose to learn Italian in Viareggioand have an Italian language learning experience that you will never forget!

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