It All Started When I Went To Mom’s House
Just the other day, I went to my mother’s house and wondered why she had the Spanish station on television. To my knowledge, she didn’t know enough Spanish to understand much more than some numbers and a few greetings and phrases from high school. That’s the level of most of my family.

I Never Knew She Wanted to Learn a Language
Of course, I ended up asking Mom why she was watching Spanish TV. That’s when she told me about how she got two free audio lessons to speak Spanish, and 10 free online classes to learn Spanish from a company she found on the internet. The company is called Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

Apparently, she always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish but became more motivated after her old neighbors moved away and her new neighbor moved in across the street. Mom thought he was good looking, and wanted to get to know him better, but his daughter told her that they just moved here from Panama and that he didn’t speak much English. Hence, her sudden need to become bilingual.

Mom Was Testing Out Her Free Lessons On The TV
She was also trying to understand some of songs that were playing on the radio, too. Mom said she was amazed. Of course, she didn’t understand everything, but she realized she had a better understanding of Spanish that wasn’t there before. Now she’s thinking about getting the entire Spanish course from Learning Spanish like Crazy. She must really want to impress that guy, I thought.

That Got Me Thinking I Should Get The Free Lessons Too
I didn’t want to impress anybody but I work in construction. There’s a few of my workers that speak limited English and I have trouble communicating with them. Most of the time I get my secretary to translate. Things would be a whole lot easier if I could speak Spanish and communicate with them on my own.

I am a little reluctant to give my email address out, but I think it could be worth it to learn to speak Spanish. My mother said she didn’t have a problem. Even if there was a problem, I don’t think she would care. She just called to say she got a date with that guy from Panama.

Go Mom!
I’m so proud of her.

About the Author

There’s not that much about me but writing is a hobby of mine. I may have to use some of that time to learn Spanish now. If you need more learn more about program Mom and I use to Speak Spanish or just want get more info on the 2 Free Lessons, there’s a lot of it online.

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