In my efforts to discover how to speak french prior to heading off to France I tried several numerous products – all of them were of different standards, a number of seemed to merely drone on and others in fact made me laugh! (in a good way!)
But as I explained in a past article – I believe that the best way to discover how to speak french, is to learn french using all of your senses.
So listen to the pronunciation, Read the vocabulary , visualise the pictures of the thing, speak and repeat the vocabulary, eat the book – no I’m kidding ..But you can hold a ballpoint as you say the word “stylo”, anyway you get the gist ..By having a programme that encourages you to make use of your sense helps you learn more rapidly.

Rocket French has many of these covered and for me is the best online/download program for learning and speaking French. So what is included ?

33 audio lessons
45 different audio/visual learning modules
Interactive games
Flash cards

You can follow along with all lesson and repeat the sentences so that you can master the pronunciation.
Marie-Claire Riviere who wrote and narrates in Rocket French is French so no need to fret about the pronunciation being correct, learn french from a French person, to me the pronunciation merely can’t get any better than if you learn from the real thing here!

See, Hear, Speak French
There are 45 audio/visual modules.
These allow the student read the words, see the pictures and also speak along and interact.
It is simple to follow and the program lets you progress at your own tempo – allowing you to pop back and forth as you require.
Having assorted levels from fundamental, intermediate to practical lessons.

I found that the hands-on lessons are so valuable – unless you can string all the parts together to make a sentence then learning individual french words won’t be much use! So having these practice modules are fun and you will realise your strengthens and weaknesses, which I think is amazing since you can then go back and show again the parts which you still need to work on!

There are various games integrated, MegaVocab, MegaAudio, MegaVerbs and 500 flash cards
There are some cool scenarios included in the MegaAudio game – these are useful scenarios that are likely to transpire to you – rather than learning ridiculous phase like “Where are the donkeys?” these are real life situations that you are likely to need, and you can listen to them using you iPod or mp3 player.
The flashcards that are integrated help with revision and are skillful for when you have only got a quick 10 minutes spare …Hey every little helps!

As you have probably guessed ….
I believe this was a Amazing program, uncomplicated to use, fun, entertaining and it worked – there isn’t an overnight wonder pill that you can take to miraculously learn french but at least this isn’t boring or irrelevant learning.

The other good thing is the cost ..A real bargain for the quality and what is built-in!

Rocket French is a splendid alternative to a tutor. You can study at any time and at your own tempo, and the greatest part is that it is just about the cost of one day with a tutor and you own it for always
So ..You possibly will have gathered I am a fan…I think that this is a excellent course that gives you a 100% money back pledge.

Like everything, if you put the effort in to learning to speak french you will reap the rewards
I anticipate that you like it as much as me

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