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There are many things a person can learn in his entire lifespan and among many things is learning foreign languages. Other than a person’s native language, learning a new one wouldn’t be too difficult although people may encounter problems and difficulties in the process of memorization and pronunciation. This isn’t a rare problem though. Most people experience this common draw back but memorization in its simplest sense has a remedy to any aspect of learning, which includes learning another language.

French is one language that sounds and looks completely different from the English language although there are several words that have been coined and recognized commonly now by more people everywhere. French can become very confusing but the struggle in memorizing the language will only last on the first few lessons. When you master the basic lessons, there’s no stopping you from learning more about the language.

But how do you really learn quickly? What you could do is learn word by word. Carrying a language dictionary will help you understand more about each word although it’s not recommended to rely on a dictionary alone. Also, repetition of words should be highly avoided during memorization. Instead, learn to associate the word to its equivalent English meaning and then picture the two words in one scene for easier recognition.

The first time you come across a French word for example, try to remember its spelling and pronunciation. It’s also important not only to know what a word means but how to pronounce it the proper way. If it’s still not working, then use the method mentioned on the previous paragraph.

The method is popularly known as the Link-Word technique. It works as simple as A,B,C but you have to keep in mind that there’s no easy task to a person who doesn’t want to learn. Now, we pick a word from the French language for this example. Let’s use the word ham from the English language which means jambon in French.

What you need to do is to associate both words in one scenario which you can easily remember. For example, let’s think of a fat happy ham chasing a bunch of jumbo bread buns across the hallway. As you try to picture the situation, your mind incorporates the English and French words together. Even if we didn’t use the literal French word jambon, but since the word jumbo sounds a lot like the French word for ham, the two words are now linked. This is how a linkword technique works and it’s even said to work better if the illustration that is associated to the words is funny and frivolous.

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Quick and Easy Way to Learn Spanish

Are you going on a trip to a Spanish speaking country and looking for a quick and easy way to learn Spanish? When it comes to looking for a quick and easy way to learn Spanish, you best bet is to find a way that is easy and will benefit in your learning the language. There are numberous of methods that a person can use to help them find a quick and easy way to learn Spanish. I am going to give you some advice on finding a quick and easy way to learn Spanish.

1. The Old and Fashion Method(Well, To Me, It Is). Get yourself a good English to Spanish book. Some of these books come with thousand of words, phases, and sentences. For this method, people would use this book while watching a Spanish channel on T.V. or going to a place that is congest with Spanish speakers. While listening, you can use the book to look up what people are saying. If you are going to watch a Spanish channel on T.V., I suggest watching a kids program to help you get start. To some, this would be a quick and easy way to learn Spanish.

2. Hire a Spanish Tutor. Depending on the Tutor, this may be a quick and easy way to learn Spanish. For instance, Some tutors will tutor someone for 2 – 3 days per week and 2-3 hrs per day. However, some tutors may have some obligations of their own which can conflict with their schedule. They can also be expensive. Some tutors are paid per hour.

3. Learning From Family or Friends. This may not be a quick and easy way to learn Spanish. For the most part, you will not learn the basic mechanics and a lot of other important aspects.

4. Using Spanish Learning Software. Now, these can really help you learn the language. They are less expensive than a tutor and a course, you can learn at your own pace, learn from the comfort in your home, and, depending on the components in the software, it can be fun. You can learn the language in as little as 6 – 8 months. This can be a quick and easy way to learn Spanish.

With one of these tips, I hope that I have shown you a quick and easy way to learn Spanish.

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My name is Chris and I am promoting a Spanish learning software called Rocket Spanish. Interested in learning Spanish? Click

Have an Italian Experience in Viareggio

Are you interested to learn the Italian language in a place where there are beautiful beaches, good food, interesting culture and hospitable people? Learn Italian in Viareggio, Italy and have a wonderful time in a Tuscan town!

Viareggio is a city located in the northern part of Tuscany on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The name of the town names Way of the Kings and it is the second largest city within the Lucca Province. Viareggio is the major center of Versilia or the northern Tuscan Riviera region and it is inhabited by more than sixty-three thousand people. This charming town can trace back its history to the early half of the sixteenth century and nowadays it is still admired by its local folk and foreign visitors.

Viareggio is one of the first coast resorts in Europe since it has many interesting places, activities, and events such as the Carnevale di Viareggio. It is also known for its amazing food, delectable food, and lively nightlife. Viareggio is also a popular yachting spots by yachting enthusiasts from different parts of the world for its captivating waters and pleasant climate.

The antique history, culture, and architecture of Viareggio combined with its new and modern structures and lifestyle have contributed to its charm. It is one of the top Italian language learning destinations in the country and it is the location of one of our partner Italian language schools, Centro Giacomo Puccini.

The Centro Giacomo Puccini is located in the heart of Viareggio and it within walking distance from the beach. It was founded in 1988, has had many years of experience, and specializes in teaching Italian. The school is situated in a two-story building and has comfortable classrooms, full internet service, and is accessible for people on wheelchairs. The Centro Giacomo Puccini has qualified and dedicated staff, and they offer all levels of Italian courses all year round.

Choose to learn Italian in Viareggioand have an Italian language learning experience that you will never forget!

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Passionate writter on Language Learning working in The Language Business, S.L.

Learn Hebrew Language

Hebrew is a language that is often used in the Middle Eastern countries, like Isreal, Palestine, Iraq and Iran and so on. Although people there can speak English, but they use this language more often than not. And also you know Middle East is a very controversial military and religious area in the world. Using English is not enough to communicate with people there, so learn something about it.

This language appears different from English. It has no any English letters, but some ones are like crabs. But don’t think I criticize it, instead I think it is a very intriguing language. Once you listen to people speak this language, you will probably get very confused and worried about your learning in the future. Interestingly this language makes you feel that people are just speaking Latin. So you may suspect it has something to do with this language. But actually not.

But don’t be afraid! You can try to learn this language by going to the classroom. And also you can choose to go there to learn if you are not afraid of the unsettling conditions in there. Talking to people there must be very exciting and practical.

Furthermore, if you really hope to learn Hebrew very seriously, you may try to get a Hebrew language learning software. Rosetta Stone Hebrew is one typical example. By using such a software, you will learn Hebrew more easily. Certainly you need to learn it from the root of the language-letter as well. Then once you think you are satisfied with your result in this part, you can move to pronunciation and word learning.

Surfing the Internet is another very good way to learn Hebrew. No matter where you may come from, once you get online, you will see large amounts of information available to you. In this time, just choose what you like best and those that are very practical in your learning process. The good advice is that you need to try to learn the culture in this region as well, for language has so much to do with culture. Of course when you learn, you will meet a lot of things elusive. Don’t be frightened by them, just go on.

Or if you have interest to learn Japanese and Arabic, Rosetta Stone Japanese and Rosetta Stone Arabic can help you as well.

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We can learn all kinds of things, from economy to daily life, from the scientific learning to language aquisition. I wrote about something about software before, like Rosetta Stone Spanish and Rosetta Stone French, and of course some other things, like biology, chemistry, or even literature.


Fix your french!Easy to plan on how to improve your French for good!

So, your French is not doing as good as you would like? Enough of the rigid grammar rules and vocabulary? Fed up with the endless pronunciation lessons?

If you feel disheartened and about to give up, here is a quick and easy plan to help you fix your French!

1. Immerse yourself in the French language without trying to “understand” how exactly the language works at this stage. Use the “baby” method, listen, repeat and let your brain do the rest of the job for you, just like a baby does. Let your subconscious mind receive all of the information without putting any pressure on yourself because it would be counter-productive.

2. Dedicate some proper time to the language itself. Whether it is one or three hours a day, make sure this allotted time slot is reserved to your French learning. Try and switch your brain into French mode by trying to think as much as you can in the French language. Yet, don’t over do it! This way your brain will begin to receive the language and absorb it without you noticing it. A great method to familiarise yourself with the french language.

3. Reconcile yourself with the language in order to fix your french effectively! If you feel that learning French “may not be” for you because you have not succeeded so far, try and remove this block. Think of all the advantages the language can offer, whether it is for business, travels or simply to gain a wonderful and useful new skill.

4. Get tuned and join the internet bandwagon in order to help you fix your french. Get hold of all things french from the web such as quality french newspapers for instance, online french tv programmes or web radios. Immerse yourself in the language and taste the french way of life through this wonderful medium. Join an French online teaching programme and fix your french for good. Some offer efficient lessons that you can download onto your Ipod for instance which makes it an easy, fun and flexible way to learn or fix your french at your own pace and without any pressure!

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I am passionate about languages and having mastered a few foreigh languages with this simple method I propose to give you tips on how to get to the highest level in French without becoming disheartened. If you want a similar success find more tips on how to improve your French online

Speed Up Your French Tongue With Rocket French

First of all, if you happen to be one of those many millions of people who have always longed to speak various foreign languages but could just not do so for certain limitations in life, do not despair. Your desire to do so can finally be possible what with the Rocket French programs that you may access online anytime you wish.

There are countless of them available online so finding it will not be an additional burden to you. You will find there are boatloads of reviews that can also help you decide on which French programs to buy. But then again, although you will find yourself snowed under so many reviews and resources about what benefits you may get from availing the Rocket French as well as the several other analogous programs in the market, nit would still be best to filter them by focusing on the most trusted and reliable reviews you can get.

After which, you may gather all the pertinent points about the program being reviewed, compare and contrast, and in the end, you will see it was the right choice for doing so. You will be given access to an innovative way of learning how to speak French eloquently in no time. You will definitely be even surprised to hear yourself talk in French as if you were a native!

But then do not expect that all foreign language programs can fulfill their promise of teaching students how to effectively speak the tongue in so short a time. There are actually a lot of them thriving in the Internet but then it depends on you if you will allow yourself to be fooled by their untrue claims and false promises. That is why it is truly essential to check out the so many reviews in the Website so that you will know the basic things you need to find out.

From there, you can deduce if the said program can give you what you are looking for – that of being able to speak the language eloquently, as in being able to talk like a French local. Just like what the name of the program insinuates, learning the lingo shoots up so fast like a rocket. But you cannot discount the fact that despite the students being taught in a speedy mode, the program is successful in hurling results with the way they speak French in so short a time.

Try to choose the Rocket French program by availing it online and you will discover a new you. There will surely emerge a happier you for finally having fulfilled that dream of learning one of your favorite foreign languages. What is more, you will surely not just speak the language, but speak it as though you were a native. And more, in such a very short span of time!

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Need help in speaking French eloquently? Rocket French will tell you how.

Teach yourself Spanish

Spanish is a widely use language today. It is such a beautiful language and full of history. More and more people are acknowledging the need to study this language for professional reason and personal too. Here is some method to learn Spanish language at home. Instead of spending much to enroll your self to classes or travel abroad for study, you can get access of this program material online and study it at home.

Audio Lessons

Audio lessons have been available even before. These audio lessons are in cassettes. This method has worked for a long time and today it has evolve into much advance technology that is in CD’s or MP3 format. Many individuals do benefit in this new form since anybody can bring this with them and they can listen in their lessons while in their car driving or while you are doing other activities at home.

Spanish Software Programs

Another method of learning Spanish language is the Software Programs which is more popular than the Audio Lessons. It’s a great alternative for private tutors. This method offers interactive and video lessons. The advantage of it over an audio is you get to hear it and see it demonstrated to you. Lessons will be much more effective that way. These programs follow courses that will guide you step by step to learn the Spanish language.

So which method would best fit for you? Well only you knows what best fits you. Take time to consider what it offers and whichever you feel comfortable working with then I guess that is the one method that will work for you. But whatever it is you preferred make sure that you have the discipline to spend a few minutes everyday for your lessons. To be able to take your lessons everyday will ensure continuous learning and faster comprehension.

But then again there is no best method if you yourself are not that interested to learn the language. You have to check your reasons why you want to learn Spanish language. To be able to finish the course till its end, you will have to have the right motivation to drive you to finish your lessons to the end. If you are serious enough to really learn the language then no matter what method your use or what to tool you use in the end you will achieve your goal.

One of the best things is to set your goal and prepares to achieve that goal at all cost. Remember studying foreign language on your own can be boring but if you try to supplement this with outside activities then things would be less boring and turnout to be interesting. One way to break the ice is a regular visit to your favorite Spanish restaurant or other establishment or you can join a community group of Spanish native speakers whom you can interact regularly. To be able to talk with Spanish native speakers will raise your confidence and will encourage you more to go on with your study.

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Are you ready to learn Spanish ? Visit http://www.SpeakLanguagesFast.com today and sign up for a “Free 6 Day Course”!

Why I Want To Speak Spanish

It All Started When I Went To Mom’s House
Just the other day, I went to my mother’s house and wondered why she had the Spanish station on television. To my knowledge, she didn’t know enough Spanish to understand much more than some numbers and a few greetings and phrases from high school. That’s the level of most of my family.

I Never Knew She Wanted to Learn a Language
Of course, I ended up asking Mom why she was watching Spanish TV. That’s when she told me about how she got two free audio lessons to speak Spanish, and 10 free online classes to learn Spanish from a company she found on the internet. The company is called Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

Apparently, she always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish but became more motivated after her old neighbors moved away and her new neighbor moved in across the street. Mom thought he was good looking, and wanted to get to know him better, but his daughter told her that they just moved here from Panama and that he didn’t speak much English. Hence, her sudden need to become bilingual.

Mom Was Testing Out Her Free Lessons On The TV
She was also trying to understand some of songs that were playing on the radio, too. Mom said she was amazed. Of course, she didn’t understand everything, but she realized she had a better understanding of Spanish that wasn’t there before. Now she’s thinking about getting the entire Spanish course from Learning Spanish like Crazy. She must really want to impress that guy, I thought.

That Got Me Thinking I Should Get The Free Lessons Too
I didn’t want to impress anybody but I work in construction. There’s a few of my workers that speak limited English and I have trouble communicating with them. Most of the time I get my secretary to translate. Things would be a whole lot easier if I could speak Spanish and communicate with them on my own.

I am a little reluctant to give my email address out, but I think it could be worth it to learn to speak Spanish. My mother said she didn’t have a problem. Even if there was a problem, I don’t think she would care. She just called to say she got a date with that guy from Panama.

Go Mom!
I’m so proud of her.

About the Author

There’s not that much about me but writing is a hobby of mine. I may have to use some of that time to learn Spanish now. If you need more learn more about program Mom and I use to Speak Spanish or just want get more info on the 2 Free Lessons, there’s a lot of it online.

English Russian translation of Technical documentation – Main provisions

Language of technical documents is characterized by large number of terms, by
the prevalence of various abridgment, by the prevalence of certain syntactic
phrases over others and especially by the transfer of a number of grammatical
constructions, etc.

Main stylistic features of technical documents are brevity of statement and
clarity of language.

Main difference between the language of technical documents from the language of
literature is a great richness of the text by specific technical terms,
translation of which is often not given, not only in conventional dictionaries,
but in the specialized terminology dictionaries and glossaries.

In connection with the expansion of boundaries of human knowledge the need for
new definitions of concepts is increasing both in the master fields of science
and in new fields of science and technology and, therefore, expands vocabulary,
and vocabulary expansion is mainly connected with the emergence of new terms.

When translating technical documents an absolutely clear knowledge of new
terminology and the ability to transmit it to the Russian language is required.
Herein lies one of the main difficulties.

Basic requirements, to which good technical translation has to be met, are as

1. Accurate transfer of the original text.

2. Strict clarity of statement of thought in most compressed and laconic manner,
characteristic to the style of Russian technical documents. When translating of
such documents one should not transfer to the Russian text specific features of
English. It is of prime importance because it is necessary to formulate a
thought in Russian, in order to correspond with the modern practice.

3. Technical translation must fully meet the universally accepted norms of the
Russian literary language.

This must be considered when translating missing in the Russian language and
characteristic to the English language syntactic constructions. In addition, you
should always remember that the semantic richness of the English language is
weakened by the end of the sentence, whereas in Russian, on the contrary,
meaning growth comes from the beginning of the sentence to its end.

Thus, to what the attention is focused in the English sentence is at first
place, and in Russian it is at last place.

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English Russian Multidisciplinary Engineering Translator

Rocket French Review

In my efforts to discover how to speak french prior to heading off to France I tried several numerous products – all of them were of different standards, a number of seemed to merely drone on and others in fact made me laugh! (in a good way!)
But as I explained in a past article – I believe that the best way to discover how to speak french, is to learn french using all of your senses.
So listen to the pronunciation, Read the vocabulary , visualise the pictures of the thing, speak and repeat the vocabulary, eat the book – no I’m kidding ..But you can hold a ballpoint as you say the word “stylo”, anyway you get the gist ..By having a programme that encourages you to make use of your sense helps you learn more rapidly.

Rocket French has many of these covered and for me is the best online/download program for learning and speaking French. So what is included ?

33 audio lessons
45 different audio/visual learning modules
Interactive games
Flash cards

You can follow along with all lesson and repeat the sentences so that you can master the pronunciation.
Marie-Claire Riviere who wrote and narrates in Rocket French is French so no need to fret about the pronunciation being correct, learn french from a French person, to me the pronunciation merely can’t get any better than if you learn from the real thing here!

See, Hear, Speak French
There are 45 audio/visual modules.
These allow the student read the words, see the pictures and also speak along and interact.
It is simple to follow and the program lets you progress at your own tempo – allowing you to pop back and forth as you require.
Having assorted levels from fundamental, intermediate to practical lessons.

I found that the hands-on lessons are so valuable – unless you can string all the parts together to make a sentence then learning individual french words won’t be much use! So having these practice modules are fun and you will realise your strengthens and weaknesses, which I think is amazing since you can then go back and show again the parts which you still need to work on!

There are various games integrated, MegaVocab, MegaAudio, MegaVerbs and 500 flash cards
There are some cool scenarios included in the MegaAudio game – these are useful scenarios that are likely to transpire to you – rather than learning ridiculous phase like “Where are the donkeys?” these are real life situations that you are likely to need, and you can listen to them using you iPod or mp3 player.
The flashcards that are integrated help with revision and are skillful for when you have only got a quick 10 minutes spare …Hey every little helps!

As you have probably guessed ….
I believe this was a Amazing program, uncomplicated to use, fun, entertaining and it worked – there isn’t an overnight wonder pill that you can take to miraculously learn french but at least this isn’t boring or irrelevant learning.

The other good thing is the cost ..A real bargain for the quality and what is built-in!

Rocket French is a splendid alternative to a tutor. You can study at any time and at your own tempo, and the greatest part is that it is just about the cost of one day with a tutor and you own it for always
So ..You possibly will have gathered I am a fan…I think that this is a excellent course that gives you a 100% money back pledge.

Like everything, if you put the effort in to learning to speak french you will reap the rewards
I anticipate that you like it as much as me


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I love France and I am sure you do too..if yes ..then you will love my site, a mixture of my life in France,my observations plus a few great tips and ideas about how to learn the language and make the most of France and all it has to offer (even if you don’t live there!)


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