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The Value of Songs in the French Classroom

If you imagine a world where speaking and reading are chores, you’ve got a good idea of what most language classes prepare you for. Learning a new language should be fun and it should never be lost on the students that they’re learning something that most people never bother to take on. One way to make it a lot more fun to listen and learn French is to introduce music. Art and music are hugely important in the French culture and language classes should teach appreciation for the culture as well as the language.

Helping students to learn French fast sometimes means you have to give them a significant challenge to keep their brains engaged. French songs are a great way to do this. Songs, being poetry set to music, encourage students to grasp the imaginative and expressive capacities of the language they’re learning, which helps them to appreciate its value more than they would otherwise. When students learn French in classroom settings, they too often engage in what amounts to word games rather than actually learning to embrace, appreciate and use a new way of speaking and understanding the world.

Songs in the French classroom do not have to be entirely made up of old folk songs or silly songs that aren’t catchy. Musical storytelling is common to the vast majority of cultures and is something that people understand instinctively. There are materials that are written in this format and that are designed to provide students with an excellent foundation in French. These materials oftentimes include challenging activities that are interwoven with fun diversions. This allows students to get a break from the hard work of mental translation and to enjoy a musical aside that still teaches them valuable skills.

If you want to teach children to learn French songs, put away the sheet music. Listening is the most important skill where learning a new language is concerned. After all, everyone speaks far more than they read and being able to understand what’s being said to you is the first part of acquiring fluency. For students who tackle this hurdle early on in their learning experience, the rest of the language skills they’ll need come much more quickly. This makes it more fun and productive to learn a language and, in the end, results in more fluent speakers being sent out into the world.

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Dr.Dennis Dunham has over 25 years in international education experience and is a co-creator of LanguageandLyrics.com, a website designed to help you learn French the right way. If you’ve tried every language product out there and haven’t made progress, visit LanguageandLyrics.com to see how learning French can be easy and fun.

You Should Concede That A Software Is A Great Tool To Learn French

If you assess objectively, you will agree that by learning another language, you enhance your chances in the job market. French is a language that can be learned easily and since it is spoken in many countries, your job market also considerably expands.

There are many ways to learn French. You can attend French courses conducted by institutions, you can use many text books that are available in the market and you can also use audio tapes and CDs. But the good news is that you have a better and high-tech method by which you can learn French now. It is by using a French language software. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, many such software have come up that make French learning very easy. But this is in no way intended to undermine the importance of books because book-reading is a great habit and you develop your French language skills by reading more and more books. Your vocabulary will vastly improve by reading books. But for preparing you to the level of reading books, you can use a French language software. It is also true that the French language software have robbed the market of CDs and tapes to a considerable extent. More and more People opt to use a software to learn French instead of these out-dated techniques of CDs and tapes. Another great advantage in using a French language software is that you can learn the language at the comfort of your home.

The high point is that French language software developers have included all the latest technology in teaching in such software. You know that a lot of innovation in teaching techniques are still taking place and these are all updated in such software. All the features of the CDs and tapes have been incorporated in these software. These software contain audio lessons that can be downloaded easily, you have interactive sessions in which you can get your doubts clarified, and many more. Some software include some fun-filled and entertaining methods to teach the language. The only point is that you should have a computer and an Internet connection to use these software and learning the language becomes an easy task.

Immersing yourself is the best technique for learning French. This can happen when you are in the midst of a large French-language speaking community but it may not be possible for everybody. But if you use the french language software for more number of hours daily, you can definitely immerse yourself in the language for more time. Hence while buying your french language software, you should check if it contains a good amount of audio contents.

Languages are not stagnant and they keep on adding new words every day. New techniques in teaching are also taking place. Hence you should also check if the software can be upgraded periodically so that you keep yourself abreast of such improvements. In the modern techniques of teaching, experts make language-learning an enjoyable proposition by adding fun games, word-building, etc. Your French language software must contain these modern techniques. If the software is available online, it is all the more better.

While buying, you should search on the Net and evaluate many such software that are available and choose the best-suited one. Of course, cost is a criterion but at the same time, you should not compromise on the quality. If you are able to get the best one at a reasonable cost, you can reap immense benefits. You can consult those who have already used such french language software for learning the language. They will be able to offer their invaluable suggestions and advice to you.

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Teaching ESL In South Korea

Teaching ESL in South Korea is becoming a very popular route for many new graduates together with those ESL teachers who have a little more in the way of experience. The reasons are plentiful… the main one’s being;

* Very Low Cost Of Living
* Return Airfare Paid
* Free Accommodation
* High Savings Potential
* Low barriers to entry (in other words, you don’t need any qualifications to get a job!)

If you are looking to starting teaching ESL in South Korea, those are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to. The average ESL teacher in Korea gets a salary of around $2000 a month with free accommodation and flights. Whilst $2000 may not sound like much in your own country, it is A LOT of money in Korea and if you can’t comfortably save at least HALF of that then you are spending needlessly. It’s very easy to come to South Korea and leave after a year with $15,000 in savings… or student loans paid off… or whatever else it is you need the money for.

Of course, money isn’t the be all and end all for everyone. South Korea provides ESL teachers a great base for which to travel to Japan, China and South East Asia and to many ESL teachers it’s not about saving but about the chance to explore these fascinating corners of the globe and get paid for doing so!

However, whilst it all looks rosey from the outside, there is one major pitfall to teaching ESL in South Korea. That is the fact there are many “shady employers” who won’t bat an eyelid if you teach 40+ classes a week, live in sub standard accommodation and don’t get paid on time.

In fact, it’s quite common. For the ESL teacher that means you must do your own DUE DILLIGENCE before accepting a position to teach in the country. You must research online and find out if there are any horror stories about your potential school. Ask to talk to the current teachers via email or phone and get a feel for the place before signing the contract. If anything seems fishy, walk away and look for something else.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to work in the Public School system in a program such as EPIK or GEPIK then you can be pretty confident your chances of being screwed over are pretty slim. In fact, you can look forward to 22 classes a week and a lot of time to prepare for your classes.

The drawback of Public School ESL teaching in South Korea is the small fact that you are the only foreigner teaching at your school so you will be in a tough spot in terms of communicating with your co workers which can be a massive burden to carry.

Whichever option you choose, teaching ESL in South Korea can be a very rewarding experience. Financially and personally.

Just be careful which job you accept and be sure to do your own due dilligence before flying out!

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Why Is English Such an Important International Language? Understanding the Power of English

Some people wonder why English is such an important international language. The answer is essentially two-fold. English is the main language used in commerce and is spoken across the world by millions of people. Certainly Europe is an example of an area where several languages are spoken but even there, English is prominent and often the language of choice. Because English is so widely spoken and is a main language of business, it’s important for people to learn it so they can function within business and social situations accordingly. When you can perform in business to your highest potential, you can often profit accordingly. Good English skills can help you perform your work.

Knowing English and being able to speak, write and read it well can help you succeed in business and make a wider base of experiences available to you. English is spoken by the majority of recognized democracies in the world, so knowing English can play into the role of political freedom in some countries. When people can learn and get information in English and from English-speaking countries, they see how people live and function in other parts of the world than is sometimes conveyed in a native language or culture other than ones based in English.

When you can demonstrate that you can speak, write and read English well, you may be more easily recognized for promotions or be asked to represent your company to new and returning clients. Your employers like to know that you can properly inform a client of services and products with confidence in English. If you work in the field of education, you may want to pay particular attention to your English skills. You may be a brilliant chemist, but if you can’t teach chemistry in English to the University class you’ve been assigned to that expects instruction in English, your students will have difficulty learning and you can become frustrated as instructor.

With the knowledge and skills that English offers, you will be able to understand more about the world around you as events occur. You will be able to see English television shows and hear radio shows with more insight to the stories and culture of those involved. Knowing English will also help you a great deal with basic living situations as you travel in English-speaking areas. You will be able to ask someone where the toilet is or get directions to where you can buy a sandwich for lunch.

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Grace Rimando graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. She is currently working at TalktoCanada as the Assistant to the Programs Manager

Take Different Views to Look at Language Learning

Probably most people want to learn at least a new language, not only for the practical use, but for show and pleasure. You know so many people have learned a brand new language before, but he or she cannot understand this language any more at present, for the person lacks practice. But when the one looks at those who can speak very well in this language with others, his or her eyes will turn green.

Actually learning a foreign language is very practical in our daily life and work.

In our daily life we must often meet people from all over the world. Actually they speak different languages that are alien to you. But sometimes they want to get help from you and have some little things to deal with. But they don’t speak your language, for they can’t. So it is very good you can lend your hand to them if it is necessary. If you cannot speak this language, this matter will be a little bit hard. But if you can, it will be easier to help others. Or sometimes you can communicate with them just for fun. In this respect your life standard has been improved. Why not learn a different language?

German is a new one for English speakers, which is now used as one international language too after English, Chinese and Spanish. A lot of people maybe are using Rosetta Stone German to learn this language, but you can have other choices.

Apart from your daily life, you need to use your foreign language to work as well. If you are in an international travel agency, you must speak some foreign languages so that you can speak with your international customers very well. For instant, you need to learn Hindi that you can just speak a little. So this time you can learn it by some effective ways. Rosetta Stone Hindi learning is just one way. You can also go abroad since you have so many chances in the international travel agency.

Another situation for workers is that they need to establish foreign language websites that the foreigners can see online. In this case the operaters need to know much more about some foreign languages. They need to know how to speak in a native way, and need to have proper writing skills. It is hard, but they can reach it by hard work. Certainly they can also try to use Rosetta Stone Polish if someday they need to learn it.

To sum up, it is very beneficial to learn a foreign language, try!

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We can learn all kinds of things, from economy to daily life, from the scientific learning to language aquisition. I wrote about something about software before, like Rosetta Stone German and Rosetta Stone French, and of course some other things, like biology, chemistry, or even literature.

Learn German in a Quick and Fast Manner

If enthusiastic about understanding the German terminology it critical to pin straight down a appropriate terminology tutor, study course, or application offer to support in educating what you want to find out. On the other hand, not every one of the educating strategies are developed equally. If hunting to locate the perfect solution to study

German in the fast and quick method you will will need to obtain the suitable instruction.

Right here are many of the essential factors to appear for in the German terminology application study course –

Inside the very first instance its necessary to track down a study course which is in a position to train modern day or up to date vocabulary and grammar. Because the types of speaking alter on the fixed foundation, its required to locate a study course which is up to date frequently using the newest tactic. And in addition be specific to find out

beneficial conversational grammar.

It might be hard to find out to communicate German if currently being knowledgeable with loads of facts that is not probably to become place to make use of. It is vital that a

terminology sounds all-natural when spoken, in order that suggests that a study course ought to concentrate on beneficial and present grammar.

One particular in the most critical factors to a German terminology study course is really a assortment of audio lessons. Hearing phrases or sentences spoken is one particular step to currently being in a position to communicate German fluently. Its not attainable to totally study a brand new terminology it the precise phrases are not heard spoken.

Many of the educating courses generally characteristic a choice of video games, quizzes and workout routines to trace the advancement and check the understanding. If which is the situation its necessary that the study course consists of every one of the applicable appropriate solutions too because the workout routines or queries. It is not heading to become attainable to enhance when you are not conscious of what errors are currently being produced. It is also encouraging to determine the advancement along with the quantity of queries that return using the appropriate currently being.

Which is just many of the essential features to anticipate inside the far better performing terminology courses. Take the time the study the possibilities open to you and uncover the perfect solution to study German in the relaxed environment and in the incredibly brief time period.

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If you would like to learn German fast,we could recommend you visit our site at learning german for beginners or read our post about best way to learn german

Teaching English Abroad

The romance of traveling abroad is exciting. It stimulates the senses. Those lucky few who teach English abroad are able to both work and travel to exotic destinations across the globe. Many schools believe that the only qualified person to teach English is a native speaker. They actively recruit teachers from the United States, Canada, England and other English speaking nations to teach in their schools. The demand for English teachers to work and teach overseas has grown exponentially over the years. There are literally thousands of new job opportunities posted every month in almost every country in the world.

There are many reasons to teach English abroad. For the adventurous ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, working abroad offers the perfect opportunity to be immersed in new and exciting cultures. Having the willingness to teach overseas provides the first-hand experience upon which international careers are made.

ESL teachers may prefer to settle in one country and develop a deep understanding of the culture. Some teachers even become windows into the foreign culture and through their research articles, share with the larger TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) community the teaching practices and techniques being used abroad.

The first step is to decide where you want to go. South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand are just a few of the possibilities for those who wish to teach in Asia. Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Mexico are possibilities for those who wish to teach English to Spanish speakers. These are only a few of the possibilities available. By checking out the ESL and Higher Education websites, you will be able to begin your job search by researching serious teaching offers in virtually every corner of the globe.

Most countries require visas and have other contractual requirements with which the ESL teacher must comply. Teachers who wish to teach in the European Union (EU) must have EU passports for most ESL jobs. (Those candidates seeking experience in the United States should know that ESL jobs are highly regulated by state and local governments. This is typically not the case overseas.)

A careful ESL job candidate will ask questions both about the country and the institution itself. In researching the prospective job offer, the first thing you will want to know is in which country and city is the institution is located. Next, is it a public school, a private school or a university that is making the offer? Visit the website of the institution and peruse it thoroughly. What is the exchange rate and are the wages enough to live comfortably by local standards? Will the institution provide housing, transportation, medical insurance and a guaranteed round-trip plane ticket? Will you need to share housing with other teachers?

Other questions to ask include: Is the government stable or is it a country where political unrest is common? How are foreigners received: are they welcomed or frowned upon? What types of food and drink are available? Is the public water safe to drink? Are there sanitation facilities? Write down any other questions you have and ask them before you accept the job offer. Much of this information can be found by going online and studying information on the country, its economics and its history. Also, most importantly, ask your future co-workers for any information they may have about the school and country in general. Their candor is more valuable than written information which tries to remain neutral. If something is amiss, they will let you know.

Teaching English abroad is truly an enlightening experience. For those who love travel and a have a keen sense of adventure, I highly encourage you to expand your horizons and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. You won’t regret it.

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Story by ESL Herald. Visit ESLHerald.com for more information on teaching English abroad.

Learning Essential Spanish Sentences For Your Vacation

Every year millions of people travel to Spanish speaking countries and every year hundreds, if not thousands, have some kind of an emergency whilst visiting those countries. In the vast majority of those cases there has been someone available that could speak both languages.

However, there are always going to be cases where the language barrier will cause delays to treatment or to gaining essential help. It is in these types of situations that it would be wise to be properly prepared with a knowledge of some emergency Spanish sentences.

Here are some Spanish sentences that are extremely useful in an emergency:

Medical Assistance

Llame a un médico – Call a doctor
Llame una ambulancia – Call an ambulance
Necesito un médico – I need a doctor
Soy/es diabético – I am/he is/she is diabetic
Tengo calentura – I have a fever
Sufro del corazón – I have a heart condition
Creo que me ha roto – I think I have broken my…
No respiro bien – I have difficulty in breathing
Dónde está el hospital – Where is the hospital


Quiero ir al dentista – I must see a dentist
Lo antes posible – As soon as possible
Me duelen las muelas – I have toothache

Other Problems and Accidents

¿Dónde está la comisaria? – Where is the police station?
Llame a la policía – Call the police
Me han robado el bolso – My bag has been stolen
He perdido mi equipaje/ mi pasaporte/mis cheques de viajero – I have lost my luggage/passport/traveller’s cheques
He perdido el tren – I have missed my train
Ha habido un accidente – there has been an accident
Hemos tenido un accidente – We have had an accident
Está gravemente herido – He/She is badly hurt
¿Puede ayudarme? – Can you help me?

These are just a few of the many essential Spanish sentences that are worthwhile memorizing, hopefully you will never need to use any of these sentences but, it is always better to be prepared for the worse that hopefully will never happen than the other way around.

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The importance of knowing some Spanish when travelling to a Spanish speaking country cannot be understated and the best way of learning Spanish quickly is with a learn Spanish software program. Check out these reviews of the most popular and successful Learn Spanish Software Programs currently available online.

Reasons Why Improving Your English Grammar Is Important

* Improving your English grammar is very essential in enhancing your communication skills. Communication serves as the ultimate heart and soul of every human experience. An effective form of communicating with people is a combination of developing your speaking, writing and listening skills. Improving your grammar in speaking and writing is not only limited to the English language but also to your native tongue or dialect as well. Improving your English grammar is actually a natural phenomenon that gradually helps people develop a better sense of valuing communication.

* Improving your English grammar will help you acquire a wide knowledge about the English language. English serves as the fourth most widely spoken language worldwide with over a billion speakers daily. The language is primarily used for international affairs and social gatherings. Many countries are said to be fully developed because of its use of the English language in interacting with tourists and local residents as well.
* Improving the English grammar is the basic requirement of many prestigious colleges and universities around the world today. First-world countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand are said to have schools which attract more international students because of the standardized use of the English language they provide.

* Having an improved English grammar will help you gain personal relationships with your loved ones. If you have a wide knowledge of improving your grammar, it will not be hard for your part when you’re going to communicate with your family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances. It’s very important that you should keep on improving your grammar everyday especially if you’re always talking to people.

* Improving your grammar will help you clearly understand the ideas, core values and even traditions of people you encounter from a different race, culture or religion. It’s very essential among every individual to keep on improving their grammatical skills since this will help them deal effectively with ideas on how to communicate a particular person with a different way of living.

* Improving your English grammar will help you master the English language. Working on your grammar is not only limited to simply honing your speaking and writing skills. It is also all about “Mastering” the basics of the English language from the simple to the complex type.

* Grammar is defined as the study of words and how they work together. Each and everyone needs to have an improved grammar in speaking and writing skills because this will create a reflection of how people are motivated enough in combining words together. The way you improve your grammatical skills will reflect on how you put together ideas correctly.

* Improving your grammatical skills in speaking and writing the English language is an advantage when you’re going to apply for a job in other countries. You must keep into consideration that a lot of international employees easily get hired from multinational or corporate companies worldwide because of their highly improved grammar in speaking and writing English.

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Essential Information About The Arabic Language

Arabic dialects tend to be among the primarily spoken in the world. Studies show Arabic language now ranks in the five predominantly utilized dialects on the planet, with lots of users around the planet. Actually, current statistics suggest this dialect tends to be utilized among almost 200 million folks on earth.

The languages of Arabic use the Qur’an terms, that tends to be the Islamic world’s holy text. You will find it tends to be because of this the various dialects will be typically utilized in the world of the Muslims.

You will find there are lots of languages in Arabic. Nevertheless, Classical Arabic has an unique significance in regards to the Muslim world due to its usage in the Qur’an.

Whatever you typically listen to and observe nowadays tends to be a kind termed Modern Arabic. This particular language happens to be used for radio, for TV as well as for other sectors of the media. In the event you visit a world convention, you then typically will hear this Modern Arabic version used among delegates of educated Arab people.

Outside of these scenarios, regional dialects tend to vary extensively. It tends to be for that reason an Iranian speaker can find it quite tough to comprehend the terms spoken by say a person from Pakistan.

Becoming proficient can take some time. Lots of people think Arabic is a challenging language to pick up. Nonetheless, that particular belief will be correct just as it refers to all foreign dialects a person attempts to become proficient in. As an example, if you have got some understanding regarding German, then you will probably find Arabic language is less difficult to master than German was, although German will be typically regarded as one of the simpler languages for mastering.

A secret tends to be investing a period of time in mastering the dialect. The portion many people believe is complicated happens to be Arabic languages, unlike most dialects in Europe, do not contain comparable letters plus letter sounds. To get over this first hurdle, an individual must know base texts.

A tricky concept for people to master or else comprehend will be the root expressions. Though, the root text happens to be an essential part of vocabulary, hence has to be understood before progress can be made. Arabic texts contain three letter roots, that communicate an easy thought to the listener or reader. Next, these first 3 letter strands will be added in order to create more complicated but associated words.

In regards to gain experience in the various languages takes more than just time. It will require some practice also. It is necessary to travel to plus spend time in several places becoming familiar with the different dialects you come across. These variations are generally substantial, hence should you not dedicate some time among the speakers you will in no way comprehend the basics regarding a language, never mind the finer points.

Becoming proficient in an Arabic language is an exciting and gratifying situation. Real enthusiasm is often necessary leading to a mastered language plus a keen sense of pride as well.

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