Do you have a hard time speaking English clearly and often feel embarrassed when people have difficulty understanding you? A native accent reflects what is unique and interesting about your cultural heritage. However, speakers of English as a second language who may have a strong mastery of written English often find that spoken English presents difficult challenges.

Many people speak English with a foreign accent and desire to be more clearly understood by native speakers of English. In order to improve your English accent, you can join accent reduction classes which can help you learn accurate speech and pronunciation. Many people also want to improve their pronunciation of English due to their career needs. An accent reduction coach can easily guide and tell you about the sounds and patterns you currently use that contribute to your accent. By identifying speech patterns in need of improvement, you can focus on specific areas necessary to improve your accent.

Accent reduction has benefits for a number of specific professions such as:

• Health Professionals
• Educators
• Business People
• Attorneys
• Actors

There are numerous accent reduction techniques that can help you in correcting your accent. A speech pathologist can analyze your speech and create a customized individual learning program for you. The result of this analysis demonstrates how your pronunciation varies from Standard American English. A number of factors determine your accent such as tongue position, mouth position, voice, and volume among other things.

At the end of a typical course, a final re-evaluation is done to measure your success.

A self-study program for continuing improvement will also be designed for you.

No two individuals are the same. The rate and degree of improvement depends on several factors, such as the extent of the foreign accent or regional dialect, additional needs such as voice and grammatical correction, and commitment to the program.

Derra Huxley is a California licensed Speech-Language Pathologist having earned both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Northridge. She specializes in Accent Modification, having been trained and certified to utilize the nationally acclaimed Compton P-ESL Program through the Institute of Language and Phonology. Derra has also achieved the status of Preferred Trainer with LDS & Associates – Accent Modification Program, and is a member of CORSPAN (Corporate Speech Pathology Network). She has worked with adults with varying degrees of accents from around the globe to improve their pronunciation of English.

Additionally, Derra has worked extensively with people of all ages to improve their communication skills in schools, hospitals, and private practice settings. She is a patient, caring, and enthusiastic professional.

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Derra Huxley is a California licensed Speech Pathologist, who specializes in Accent reduction training. Check out the complete details about her accent reduction techniques, by browsing through

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