Good stories can help you to learn French fast. Part of the reason behind that is the fact that you’ll be doing more mentally than trying to translate words. You’ll be following dramatic action, identifying with characters and, in the case of musical productions, you’ll be learning songs, as well. All of this helps engage your brain. You can help the process along, however, by quizzing the people you listen with and by challenging yourself to understand what’s going on in the story’s narrative.

One of the reasons its easer to learn at home than it is to learn in French classroom situations is that you’re not pressured. Stories have this same effect. As you’re listening to the story, alone or with others, try to create a mental image of what’s going on instead of just listening to the words the characters are saying. You would normally imagine an appropriate scenario for an audio play in your own language. As you begin to imagine what’s happening, note how the image changes as you learn more and more words and understand more of the story. Envisioning these scenarios can be important.

If you quiz others or if you’re learning in a classroom situation, you can see how well those around you listen and learn French compared to you. Some of them may have picked out different parts of the story than you did and, by comparing notes, you may be able to construct a more complete picture of the action. As you listen to the story over and over, you’ll begin to understand even more of the spoken French. The great part about learning in this way is that it doesn’t really feel like work as you begin to understand French.

Learning songs in the French classroom can also be a great learning aid. If you find a story with music included in it, make an effort to learn to sing the songs. As you learn to sing the songs, you’re actually learning to pronounce the words correctly. Doing it in the context of a song makes it much more enjoyable than it is to master punctuation through repetition exercises. Instead of just learning a language, you learn to love a language when you learn to sing it, just as you do when you learn it to understand a story that is engaging and fun.

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