I am far from generalizing but it’s quite a common fact that many native English speakers don’t learn other languages because they think that English is the universal language and everyone else should rather speak English. However, it’s not English, which is the most-spoken language in the world. Chinese Mandarin is first and Spanish is the second – with around 350 million people speaking Spanish.

Because Spanish is spoken on five continents – Europe, Africa, North America, Central America and South America – and is the official language of twenty-one countries, it makes sense to learn at least conversational Spanish.

These 5 reasons might convince you to learn conversational Spanish:

1. Spanish is a beautiful language. It isn’t one of the romance languages for nothing! This language will make you sound romantic even when ordering a coffee as it is more specific than English. For example, there are several words for “love”, depending on who is the recipient.

2. Experience better adventures when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. If you want to explore the culture, food, local habits and chat with local people, you need to speak at least conversational Spanish. English is spoken there but mostly in big cities.

3. Fully enjoy the rich culture of Latino art, literature, film and music. You can watch Spanish movies in their original version, read Spanish books and listen with understanding to romantic Spanish songs.

4. Maintain good health. Yes, it’s true! Research indicates that learning another language keeps your brain cells active and decreases your risk of getting Alzheimer’s or dementia. It can also improve your memory, critical thinking skills and creativity.

5. When you speak other foreign languages it makes your more marketable and opens up your career options. Globalization makes the world, especially the business world, a smaller place, so speaking more than one language will give you an advantage.

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If you really want to fully enjoy the Spanish culture, lifestyle and understand local people, you really need to Learn Conversational Spanish before going to any Spanish speaking country. Find out about great ways how to learn Spanish at http://www.learnconversationalspanish.org/

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