Allow me to offer you a hand. For a long time I tried different ways of learning this mystical language, I travelled to Spanish speaking countries and tried to talk with the natives, I tried to learn from friends who had no idea about good accents or pronunciation, then I tried tapes, books, anything I could find about this language, to no avail.
Now I’ve discovered something that really does give it to you straight, it’s so simple even ‘I’ couldnt fail to get to grips with it!

You really can learn Spanish quickly and easily like this. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already conversant and looking for more, I can promise you help in your struggles.
This course will be with you for the duration of your learning so you’ll not be on your own at all.

Does audio suit you as a way of learning Spanish? It’s essential for learning pronunciation which is why there’s over 14 hours of audio classes, along with transcripts and exercises. There is an easy, fun process with software and games to go alongside the audio.
Maybe the way that would suit you would be so called parroting or echoing? These methods are fantastic for picking up good accent from the outset.
It doesn’t matter what stage you are currently at this course will be ‘your’ way forward. From start to finish everything you need is here in one easy step by step course. This masterpiece will assist you no matter if you are becoming a translator, you are trying to understand the gitano campfire songs or you just need to chat with friends and relatives.
You can learn to speak Spanish quickly and easily this way.


I’m going on vacation in two months, can I learn Spanish by then?….. Normally within 8 weeks you will be able to converse happily.

Will it be really hard work?…..With this method learning will be fun & stress free.

Are these lessons really hard?…. You can always pickup where you left off so you never fall behind.

Is it hard to afford?…..If you really do want to learn Spanish then you can’t afford not to see this? You will not need to buy anything to complement this course, it is superb value for money.

Is this like learning at school?….You can learn anywhere, download the MP3 files to your ipod, burn them to CD, or have fun on the PC.

Is there grammar included?…..You will absorb much from the audio lessons, plus lots of extra resources for pain-free grammar & verb learning.

Does it consist of theory only?…….Definitely not, this is practical everyday Spanish.

Do I work alone all the time?……Pop into the forum anytime you feel lonely, and call on the virtual tutor anytime you’re a bit stuck

The clincher is, you dont have to take my word for it, if you really do want to learn the language naturally, in less than 8 weeks, you can start for free!!! It will cost you nothing, that’s right!!! No obligations, just try the ‘gratis’ six part mini course before deciding.
This course is well worth a look if you are considering learning Spanish!

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