“When you’re learning English in London, you’re bound to remember more of the grammar and vocabulary when ordering a pizza, a pint, or asking for directions to the nearest toilet than simply learning the expressions in the classroom. The best lessons are learnt in real life, so why not with language as well? Answer English (AE) is a service that finds the best English language course for you, in the United Kingdom, Malta, USA, Canada or Australia. If you want to learn English, why not learn it where the language was born – in the UK?

Answer English allows you to travel and learn a new language at the same time. Discover a new city, make new friends from around the world – it’s an unbeatable combination. Depending on your language proficiency and requirements, the AE team will find a matching course to suit your needs. What’s more, they’ll even arrange accommodation.

Moving to a new city, no matter for how long or short a period, can be an overwhelming experience. Keeping this in mind, Answer English has created a comprehensive ‘welcome pack’ for new students – a guide on the best ways to enjoy London, a list of social events which students can easily attend, and plenty more invaluable information on the city of London.

Depending on the level of your English speaking and writing skills, the teams from Answer English will find the right course for you. Schools approach teaching in a variety of new methods, using teaching aids like text books, newspapers, audio recordings, TV programmes, and other materials. The business English course will help you be more confident in your dealings with clients and colleagues. The school offers two types of courses: one that focuses on general language skills and integrating vocabulary and grammar; the other emphasises fluent communication and comprehension. You can opt for one-on-one courses, prepare for IELTS and Cambridge First and Advanced certificate examinations, or do a traditional English summer course.

While you’re studying English, you will also get a taste of British culture and customs, further enhancing your learning experience. The school also organises a number of social events that will open up the city for you: theatres, clubs, pubs, museums, parks and historic buildings – the city is yours to explore.

For an insight into a new culture and a new way of living, a great option is to learn a new language. If it also involves travelling, then this might be just the trip you’ve been waiting for.

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There are courses all over the UK and if you would prefer one outside London, try typing English course Ireland or English courses Dublin into Google, and you will find plenty of other courses offered by Answer English.

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