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Basic Korean and frequently used 20 Korean Phrases to make study easy

Korea is one of the progressive countries around the world. Koreans now can compete with other big countries; they equipped themselves with knowledge of different languages. Especially they can compete in English language.

In visiting Korea, one of the first and major things to learn in order to make your stay smooth and worthwhile is to learn their language. Want to learn the Korean language? Here are some of the basic Korean words and frequently used Korean phrases.

If somebody will ask you for a Yes or No answer here’s how you say it in Korean:
‘Yes’ is ‘Ye’ or ‘Ne’ IN Korea and
No could be, ‘Anyo’ or you may say’ Anyeyo or (Anieyo)’

‘How do you do?’ in a formal conversation is ‘Cheoeum Boep-ge-sseumnida’ and for an informal conversation is ‘cheoeum boep-ge-sseoyo’.

‘How are you?’ is a common query in meeting new or old friends. You say it as ‘An-nyeong-ha-sim-ni-kka?’ in a formal conversation and ‘Annyeonghaseyo?’ in an informal talk, or you may just say ‘Annyeong?’ in a casual conversation.

‘Nice to meet you’ are the words we always hear after meeting a new friend or an acquaintance. If you meet someone in a formal occasion, say a business meeting or a party, you say it as ‘Man-na-seo Ban-gap-seum-ni-da’, or you may just say it as ‘mannaseo bangawayo’ if it was an informal way of meeting someone, or just simply say ‘Bangawayo or Bangawe’o’ in a casual conversation.

‘How are you doing?’ When used in a formal sentence is ‘Eo-tteo-sim-ni-kka?’, and can be informally said as ‘Eo-tteo-se-yo?’

‘How have you been?’ Is ‘Eo-tteo-ke ji-nae-sim-ni-kka?’ in a formal manner of conversing and ‘Eotteoke jinaeseyo?’ would be the words in an informal talk.

‘Thank you’, are the words of a grateful person. This is how we say this when showing our gratitude to a Korean in a formal manner: K(G)amsa-hamnida/G(K)omap-seumnida’ and in an informal conversation it can be ‘K(G)amsa-haeyo/G(K)omaweoyo’ (informal) , Gomaweo in a casual conversation.

‘You’re welcome’, is ‘Cheon-man-e-yo’ in a Korean language.

‘Excuse me’ is sometimes said as ‘Sil-lye-hamnida/Sillye-hagesseumnida’ or may be simpler in a casual conversation it can be ‘Sillye’

‘Sorry’ is ‘Mian-hamnida’ in a formal manner, ‘Mianhaeyo’ in an informal way and simplest of all is a casual use which is ‘Mian’.

The words ‘Good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ or good evening’ is ‘Annyoenghaseyo’ which is the same as saying “How are you?”

To say ‘Good bye’ when u see someone off in a formal manner is ‘Annyeonghi gasipsiyo’, and ‘Annyeonghi gaseyo’ informally. When you leave someone you say ‘Annyeonghi gyesipsiyo'(formal) and ‘Annyeonghi gyeseyo – informal and ‘Annyoeng!’ As we always hear it.

‘Take care’ is simply saying ‘Jal jinaesipsiyo’-formal or ‘Jal jinaeseyo’-informal

‘See you again’, is (daeume) ‘TTo bopsida’-formal, and (daeume)’tto bwayo’- informal
‘I missed you so much!’ it is ‘Nŏ-mu po-go shi-p’ŏ-ssŏ-yo’.
Good night! Is ‘An-yŏng-hi ju-mu-se-yo!’
‘I’m lost’ is ‘Ki-rŭl i-rŏ-bŏ-ryŏ-ssŏ-yo’
‘Can I help you?’ is ‘Mu-ŏ-sŭl do-wa-dŭ-ril-kka-yo?’
‘Can you help me?’ is ‘Chom to-wa-ju-shil ssu i-ssŭ-shi-na-yo?’
‘Come with me!’ is ‘Tta-ra o-se-yo!’
Here are just few of the Korean words, phrases and expressions which are used most often in a day to day conversation. For a better Korean language learning experience check out http://www.ktranslation.com. It contains various lessons to help you learn fast.

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Review Rocket Spanish – Does it Work or Not?

Rocket Spanish is a popular “teach yourself Spanish” program. But does it really work?


The Rocket Spanish program is a audio package for download or a a set of CDs that can be mailed out.

Along with this, you get membership to what they call the “Learning Lounge”. The Learning Lounge has many software games, illustrated lessons, on line testing, a members forum, and various other material that goes with the course.

The basic idea behind the program is to assist you in learning Spanish in the way that children naturally learn it – by visual association. Basically, visual association is when you the hear the sound of a word and see the object it refers to at the same time.


The Rocket Spanish course is a powerful way to learn to speak spanish, if you are sincere and are willing to put in the time required. You should use the program daily for an hour or two for it to be effective.

The lessons are given in a precise order and they are engineered to build upon each other. Therefore, regular use is important. Spending an hour on Tuesday and then waiting until Saturday or Sunday for the next lesson is not going to work. You should aim to spend a bit of time every day to look at the lessons, listening to the audio, playing with the software games etc.

If you can be consistent in this way, you should have no problem learning the basics of the Spanish language in 8 weeks. If you give it more time, you can get to a higher level faster.


Rocket Spanish is a learn-at-home program. Although you can ask questions of the teachers through the forum, it is still not the same as learning Spanish in a class setting. There will be no teacher to push you or force you to go through the course and there are no examinations.

You have to provide the motivation and follow through yourself. The system is simple and fun to go through but some people find it hard to get anything done unless there is someone pushing them or there is a “test” around the corner.

If you think you are one of these people, a Spanish class at a local college is probably a better way to go. Bear in mind, however, that learning a language in a classroom can take much longer than 8 weeks and can be far more expensive.

If you are serious about learning the Spanish language, and are able to put in some time everyday, Rocket Spanish can help you get to your goal quickly and inexpensively.

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If you want to read a more detailed review of the program, visit => RocketSpanish-Review.Info

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Learn To Speak Spanish In Richmond Virginia

The faster you master the basics however the faster you will be conversing in Spanish. If you find someone who is open to making changes in their schedule for your benefit you may have found yourself a good Spanish-speaking partner. If you’re a busy sort maybe you have free time in your car. The regular verbs go according to the rules of conjugation whereas the irregular verbs follow a different rule. you will find the local dialects being spoken and this is also called Highland Spanish. Hiring a tutor is a great investment if you want to learn Spanish quick and easy. Good for you! Being proficient in more than one language is quite an accomplishment.

Christina Quarnstrom manager of a west Phoenix apartment building said better language skills would help her communicate with some of her tenants most of whom are Latino. Want to learn Spanish without leaving the comfort of your home? Use the Internet. See more on Learn To Speak Spanish In Richmond Virginia. If you made up your mind that you want to learn this language then you can definitely do so at home at your own pace. What you’ve learned in school will really sink in if you have plenty of opportunity to use it. This way they can prepare the exact learning methods that match your persona accurately. Even the Spanish Zarzuela that is a drama-musical combining dialogues and music can be acknowledged as having paved the way for Christian music as most of its themes touches on religious beliefs. For now we’ll consider the gender in Spanish.

ALthought not exclusive these are just some of the ways you could learn Spanish: Educational institutions – these are usually schools some public and some private and they offer courses of study so you can learn Spanish. “Ricardo had been contracted to be in Washington months before the decision to put up the Spanish YouTube video” Tyler said. If you don’t know a Spanish speaker try finding an internet pal to chat with. It will also enable them to enjoy and fully appreciate Spanish literature and films. Registration is almost always free for the majority of these sites. This is when God heard my pain. Depending on your requirements the program should also provide a language qualification recognised by national and international colleges and universities. See: Learning Speak Spanish Tapes

I thought if so many of them can learn a new language then it couldn’t be that difficult! Now when I think about Europeans speaking English I realise that they are so good at it because they have been learning it practically since they started to learn their own languages. It makes sense. Widely spoken across North and South America and of course Europe Spanish is a diversely spread cultural language which takes many different guises. There are some free sites and others charge a fee. So just where did this hideous stereotype about adults learning foreign language originate? It came from some very old science. Americans until recently seem to have failed to grasp the true importance of learning additional languages. See: Map Of Spanish Inquisition

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German Learning with Interest

Indeed, German like English is a letter-construction language, and at the same time very similar to English. In fact, when you begin to learn German, you could notice that there are many words very similar to or even the same as English words. But don’t casaully think this is a very good thing for your German learning.

With such a curiosity, you must have enough energy and heart to learn this language. But as I told in the last paragraph, don’t fool yourself by their appearances. What you ought to do is carefully learn every word you need to learn. Don’t try to use your English thinking to pronounce this different language. Most probably this will lead to your final failure for all your pronunciation is incorrect or improper. So this time you should try some useful tools, like dictionary to help you to standardize all the things you should learn. Certainly we shall not ignore the similarities between the two languages, for they have connections after all.

From history we know the Germanic people went to Britain and lived there. No doubt they leaved lots of things on his language to that place. Therefore, English and very near relation with German. But for today we want to learn German, we certainly shall notice this aspect. Once we know it, we can use it to serve us during the learning process. For instance, we may use their similarities to quicken and beautify our learning.

And again on today’s global political and economic situation, we can find Germany is outstanding. To a very large extent, we should learn this language to better communicate with German people. This is pratically important for our modern people.

However, once you come to learning this language, you must be careful and industrious until you achieve your dream.

Reprinted:Rosetta Stone German

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Portugal – Epitome of Old & New World

Portugal in Europe has the best of both worlds, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. Despite its modernity, Portugal has managed to retain its old charm, customs and traditions which is an achievement. Accommodating people from all ethnic groups, Portugal is a nice and warm country, which is also naturally blessed with natural beauty so unique in itself.

The official language of Portugal is Portuguese, which is also spoken in countries of Africa, Asia and South America. It is also the official language in international organizations including the African Union, the European Union, UNASUL, Mercosur, OAS, CPLP and the Latin Union. Ranked 6th according to number of native speakers (between 191 and 230 million), Portuguese is one of the world’s major languages. More and more people are trying to cash in on the growing popularity and learn Portuguese in Portugal.

With over 800 million Portuguese speakers all across the world, Portugal offers language school in Portugal. Every year, Portugal welcomes students from all parts of the world who come here to learn the language and explore the dynamic culture and history. Some of the destinations where foreign students can look forward to learn Portuguese are Faro, Lisbon and Home Language International.

The language school in Faro, Cial, is located at the heart of Faro. It is situated next to San Antonio road – one of the liveliest districts of the Algarve capital. Students can enjoy learning in fully-equipped classrooms, computer room with Internet access and a language laboratory. You will not find a better atmosphere to learn Portuguese where lessons are given in small groups. Helpful teachers and school staff will assist you in learning the language during a holiday in the best conditions.

If you are looking for comprehensive and high-quality teaching, the language school in Lisbon, Cial, is ideal. Students will enjoy learning under the supervision of well trained teachers. Home Language International, Portugal is perfect for anyone who loves privacy. You can learn the Portuguese language in the teacher’s home where one-to-one lessons directly benefit students.

Apart from Portugal, another destination that offers Portuguese language courses is Brazil. Many tourist mixes learning with pleasure. Brazil being a popular tourist destination, you can learn Portuguese in Brazil. Have the privilege to learn not only the language, but also delve into the historic past of this colorful country.

Learn and acquire the foreign language and expose yourself to incomparable opportunities in the world.

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Using A Polish Translator For English To Polish Translation

There is an increasing need for Polish translators in the UK and particularly for English to Polish translation services on many occasions. Whether in the work place, school, airport or hospital, Polish translators are becoming more and more demanded by people needing a professional translation service.

English to Polish translation can obviously help with communication problems but this is not the only type of service offered by Polish translators. Many translators also offer Polish tuition classes whereby office workers can learn basic Polish in order to help with integration in the work place. Alternatively if there are Polish workers who cannot speak much English, a Polish translator can be hired to tutor English and help them to get a better understanding.

Most of the estimated 800,000 registered Polish workers in the UK speak English very well but there is still a minority that would benefit from learning the English language. English to Polish translation is now widely available from a host of different Polish Translators. It is worthwhile researching the translator before you use their services to ensure the amount of experience they have in order to guarantee a good quality service.

Polish tuition classes can either be taught in group sessions or on a one-to-one basis depending on your requirements. This can significantly improve relationships and understanding between colleagues in the workplace for example, which could be highly beneficial for your company. A Polish translator can also help with documentation translation from English to Polish or vice versa, or face-to-face interpreting which can help get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently.

Another great benefit of English to Polish translation services is that some Polish translators offer a 24 hour service. This could be particularly useful in cases of emergency and urgency. Hiring a Polish translator could see your problems resolved quickly and efficiently with a professional English to Polish translation service.

Also using a Polish translator for business purposes could drastically improve business development prospects for your company. This could help you to communicate with international companies which could give you the opportunity to branch out into further industries and realise the full potential of your business.

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Chinese Picture Dictionary – Getting one for your Child

Chinese picture dictionaries help make learning Chinese easier for children. Adult learners using Chinese dictionaries without pictures have to know how to count the strokes of radicals for easier lookup. Kids with their picture dictionaries, on the other hand, can get familiarized with the dictionary’s content through the pictures and then work through the Chinese words later on. Smaller children who are learning to read English can also refer to the dictionary to practice reading English words.

ChildBook.com offers several Chinese picture dictionaries that will interest your child. Some dictionaries already have colored pictures. Some dictionaries double as coloring books. Children are more likely to remember pictures they themselves colored.

If you are thinking of getting your child a Chinese picture dictionary, here are some reminders to maximize its use:

1. Decide whether you want to get your child a Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese picture dictionary.
2. Pick whether your child will like a colored dictionary, or those with pictures that can be colored.
3. See the features offered in the dictionary. These will differ among the dictionaries so keep in mind what will match your child’s needs and your anticipated needs for later if you also intend to use it as reference. Chinese picture dictionaries have more or less the following:

• Pictures. Check the quality of the drawings if they appeal to your child.
• English word
• Chinese character
• Pinyin equivalent
• Use the word in a sentence

4. Once you have the dictionary, smaller children may like to pore over the pictures first so let them.
5. You can sit with your child later and point out pictures in the dictionary and the Chinese words for these.
6. Encourage your child to open the Chinese picture dictionary when ever the child is interested in anything in daily life, ex. birds. You can ask them to get the book and you can both look over the Chinese word for bird. You can also look at the sentence provided if the dictionary has it.

If you want to encourage your child to remember more words, Chinese flash cards can be of great help to repeat and practice Chinese words already learned.

As your child grows, encourage him or her to use a Chinese dictionary often. It is a vital tool when studying for school. As your child progresses and remembers more Chinese words, you will eventually have to get your child a non-picture Chinese dictionary.

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The Secret Life of ESL Students

How extracurricular activities shape the way ESL students learn English.

I live in New York I love to party. It’s the city that never sleeps. It’s the melting pot of culture and people. So it was no surprise that Recently, I stumbled into an art gallery, where a local artist was showing his work, and bumped into a school mate of mine from my country. I was there with two friends of mine, who are American. We talked and I invited my friend to join us as we went to Brooklyn for another friend’s house party. He agreed, and we started out for the nearest subway. One of my American friends suggested we get something to eat first. So we decided to eat Thai food. None of us is Thai, but we all agreed that we liked Thai food. We laughed and talked for about an hour before we got to the restaurant and before our food came. By the time we finished it was pretty late, so we quickly paid for our food and left for the House party in Brooklyn, New York.

On the subway we talked laughed and people watched. My old school mate and I talked and laughed like we were still in school and we hadn’t seen each other for four years. We finally got to the House party it was a large raucous affair with loud music and crazy people. My friends and I had a good time meeting new people and dancing. They had a Dj and a microphone and some of the people began to read poetry and Rap. I even did a Rap that I had done and practiced in my English class at Zoni Language Centers. I was nervous but I was filled with the energy of the party and I just went for it. It was a great success for me, although not as technical as the Americans who did it. They congratulated me for my audacity. My friend from language school was also surprised. I made a mental note to continue writing Raps and poetry in English, even though it is difficult at times, but it was worth it to have gained the respect of my American peers. The party died down and my friends and I decided to head home. We left the party together. My American friends lived in Brooklyn so they left in a taxi, which they shared, to their homes. My friend and I walked to the subway and went back to Manhattan to Times Square, where my friend would take a bus to New Jersey and I would take a train to Queens. Before my friend left he thanked me for taking him to the party and for showing him such a good time. We laughed about some of the things we saw and experienced that night. One funny thing we realized was that the whole night we hadn’t spoken in our native language.

Later, as I sat on the train I thought about that. I had spoken English the entire night and even when I met someone from my country I still spoke only in English. I was very happy with myself. I am happy to have chosen the language school as a right place to learn English in New York. All my hard work and studying was paying off. I thought that I would never get to this point but I was here. There is still a lot to learn and practice I’m sure, but with discipline and my friends I now that I’m getting better. It’s like my Teacher always says “Practice, practice, practice, practice everyday, practice makes perfect, practice everyday.”

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Dutch translation through the eyes of a translator

The world has become one global village. People of different culture and races can meet and discuss a topic of interest with ease. Thanks to technology. Nothing can be as troubling as travelling to a different country, apart from the culture shock you are not able to understand the language of the people you are visiting or even communicate effectively. It is not only embarrassing but it is also lowers one’s self esteem.

The internet has made it possible in the 21st century by providing translation tools for those who do not have the opportunity to afford a translator. Translation itself is an art and not everybody can do it as people always think.
Before beginning to translate a language, it would be imperative and proper to understand the culture and the lifestyle of the people you are translating their language. Translation can be done on a book, a bible, Court documents, letter or some people are just interested in getting to know about the world by understanding the culture. This they prefer doing by being able to read articles written in their languages. Students joining learning institutions in these countries have to learn the Dutch language before being able to being their studies.

Dutch a language mostly spoken in Netherlands, Holland and Belgium is from the Germanic group of languages. For effective Dutch translation the translator need to have had at least 5 years training in understanding the Dutch language. He or she must be able to understand the nuances of the words to be able to translate effectively.

Translating a language is usually detailed and a complex venture. Dutch is currently taught in over 40 countries from schools to universities. Dutch translators have known or realised the importance of the language world over. One of the countries when the Dutch language has taken root is South Africa. It is taught in class.

Any translator intending to do Dutch translation must understand that the Dutch language have 13 vowels and 4 diphthongs. These if are not correctly translated can give a totally different meaning to the original language. Some of the vowels are pronounced differently. Most of their diphthongs are not easy to understand as they are not straight forward. Word order for any translator takes centre stage. They prefer to keep it as it was even in the next translated language. Translators know understand the need to keep the first language exactly the form it was to the second language.

It is also proper to know that the Dutch speak in different dialects. Care should be taken not to offend the group you are translating their language from by giving the sentence a different dialect. The Dutch do not have an alphabet of their own and use the Latin alphabet in their writing. Their wording has both the Greek and Latin in them. Dutch translation for the experts is one of the languages that they say if you have understand the basics, is easy to translate and enjoyable.

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Charles Edert works for Rosetta Translation, a leading Dutch translation agency specialising in pharmaceutical translations.

What You Need To Know Before Learning Hindi

Let me start out by saying that Hindi is a fascinating as well as challenging language to learn. Anybody who tells you differently is trying to sell you a bill of goods. Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world. Mostly found in India and Southeast Asia, it is spoken by over 600 million people. This article is going to cover a few things that you will need to know before attempting to learn this language.

At the start I mentioned that this was a challenging language. The reason for this is because it is written in Devanagari script, which is much different from Arabic script. This script consists of symbols that are quite foreign to people who speak languages like English. While quite different from in actual design, it is more similar to a language like Hebrew which was derived from the Phoenician script. While quite different, one can see the similarities.

There are many, and I do mean MANY resources online available for learning the Hindi language. And thus, it becomes quite a chore to decide which one to take advantage of. The reason this is a problem is because each person responds to different forms of teaching. For example, some people prefer to listen to audio tapes while they’re driving in their car. This way they’re not restricted to one place. Other people prefer to be able to fully concentrate on what they’re doing and would rather have software for their PC or a DVD for their TV. So you need to first sit down and figure out what you feel is the right fit for you.

But if you really want to learn the language, I mean REALLY learn it the RIGHT way, go visit a Hindi speaking country. Bring a Hindi-English dictionary with you and rough it. Yeah, it’s going to be tough at first, but stay there for a few weeks and you’ll be surprised at how well you’ve progressed in that short time JUST from speaking with the people there. Like they say, there is nothing like field experience. And this is the best kind you can get.

In my signature you’ll find a review of a great resource for learning Hindi. These people are masters at teaching many languages. I think you’ll find this review most helpful.

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