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Chinese Software Educate People In Chinese

Every year, a lot of individuals make a trip to the Nation of China for business and pleasure. If you are setting up a journey, then you ought to consider learning the Chinese language to help make your visit further pleasurable. Whenever you wish to learn a language quickly you should ponder Chinese language software as an alternative to a traditional course of study. You will discover a lot of reasons a program will end up being a wonderful choice for folks that desire to be trained quickly.

A primary thing which will make a software program unlike a textbook is it specifically tends to be designed to be able to train you in the dialect of Chinese fast. Books are ordinarily designed to be able to be studied over the course of a school year. A software package, on the other hand, is set up specifically for individuals that need to study the language now, such as travelers and professional people. This tactic for training might not be as thorough, nonetheless you will find it does provide you the basics.

The second item you should bear in mind tends to be a software system generally consists of various teaching elements. Not like a book, that typically supplies primarily printing and reading exercises, Chinese language software will are forums, online games in addition to additional locations where you will be able to practice your skill. Also this software package typically has a monitoring mechanism that lets you identify how you will be coming along.

Another detail to consider tends to be the cost. At first it could appear more high-priced than the book. Nonetheless, bear in mind that books are typically set up for use with a teacher, implying you must shell out for a personal tutor or a class. Plus utilizing a software package you have got the ability to be able to train whenever and wherever you would like. These alternatives will help to save cash and time.

How would you pick a software program which is right for you personally?

Among the first factors you may want to take a look at tends to be the cost. On behalf of a number of situations, you get just what you pay for when it comes to quality. Though you will in no way need to purchase the most costly software package you can find, you may want to be careful when taking a look at a system that will be extremely low-priced. Obtaining useful software packages has been found to be well worth the greater cost over a time period.

Make sure you take into account the format in regards to the software application. Certain software will be for young individuals, while different products tend to be designed for professional individuals. Look at the assorted training things that will be furnished. The greater assortment of options supplied, the more interesting your learning experience is. Furthermore, it is always easier to train in the dialect of Chinese when you enjoy everything you will be doing.

Additionally, know about the business that developed the Chinese language software while you are making your decision. A lot of companies will be well known in regards to creating quality products whereas others may be only trying to be able to bring in quick money. Take a look at a couple of the reviews or ask people what exactly they preferred. Being informed the software worked well for somebody else gives you a higher probability it could work well for you as well.

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Learn Study English In Australia – Study In Melbourne

Einstein college

There are strategies on how to improve your english language skills. You can listen to the english news channel and try to understand the news. Off course in the initial stages you may find it difficult to understand the whole news, repeating your activities will help you to understand the accent and also to understand the news. Another best exercise is to try to write your thoughts as this exercise will help you to develop a thought process in english language. There are many cheap english schools which carry on english classes at daily or at weekend. study English in Australia where english is spoken the most and which is the native language of the Australia.

You tend to improve your english language naturally with this type of exercises. You try to speak in english no matter how many mistakes you may tend to make but this is the best way to learn not only english but also any language. Another best way to improve your english language is to read newspapers, journals etc and try to use english dictionary if you want to know the meaning of difficult words, this may appear tiresome and lengthy process for you but still it is one of the proven and bestway to learn and master english language. There are many cheap English course which are designed for the purpose of equipping you with sound english language skills.

There are many countries in the world which offer world class academic programmes like United Kingdom, United states, Australia, New Zealand. Australia is one of the best countries in the world for study. learn english australia to explore exciting job opportunities in your career. If you are planning to study abroad programme then Australia is the one that is best for you. Australia is one of the developed countries in the world, which has many universities, educational and training institutes. The quality of academic programmes and industry oriented syllabus is what makes a Australia a special place for study. You can get a unique experience if you opt for studying in Australia. There are wide range of courses available in Australia like Management, Accounting , Science, Law, Tourism etc. Furthermore, english training in australia helps you to build confidence in you which will helps you to face daily situations in English speaking countries or in any part of the world.

There are many cheap english schools which carry on english classes at daily or at weekend. study English in Australia where english is spoken the most and which is the native language of the Australia.

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Arabic Activity e-Books For Kids.

Give your children the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge of Arabic by doing fun activities in writing, reading, coloring and Math.

These Arabic activity e-books will help parents and teachers to teach Arabic to children by providing them with lots of fun activities.

Your children will be able to improve their knowledge of Arabic by doing these activities at any time of the year. They will keep learning with lots of fun, either they are attending school or are on vacation.

The Arabic activity e-books are the perfect tools for parents and teachers to support their Arabic teaching. They’re easy to use and immediate! An E-book is an electronic version of a book you can download to your computer. You do not need to wait for days to receive your books by mail. You will immediately start downloading your e-books on your computer as soon as you get them. The other advantage is that you do not have to print all your e-book on paper at once. Your e-Book will be saved in your file on your computer and you can print as many pages as you want at the time depending on how fast your child goes. You will be able to reprint the same page many times in the event your child needs to practice again the same activity.

Our e-books have nice drawings and lots of activities to learn the Arabic alphabet and the Arabic names of colors. The connecting the dots activities will allow your children to learn to read and write Arabic words. You will find as well activities to teach Math in Arabic. Some of the e-Books are in English and French as well.

We will continue our work to refine and upgrade our site to offer you more and more Arabic activity e-Books to practice writing, reading, coloring and Math. We welcome your comments and value your opinion.

Please visit our website to learn more about our e-Books:

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Online English Lessons – The Convenient Way to Develop Your Skills

When it comes to succeeding in today’s business world, you have to be able to compete on a global level. This isn’t the same marketplace that it used to be. In the old days, before everyone was connected by the internet, you could concentrate solely on local business. Now things have changed. We can speak to people all over the world. This means that the top businesses, companies, and firms are able to communicate on a worldwide level. People from different cultures, countries, and with different primary languages can communicate by sharing a common langue, English. If you know just a little English, enough to read this article, but you know you need to improve your speaking skills, then you should look into online English lessons. By taking lessons online, you can help yourself to succeed, or even set up instruction sessions for your coworkers and employees.

The first benefit to online English lessons is that they are convenient. You won’t have to travel to a classroom every day. You can also work at your own pace. The truth is that everyone learns at different speeds and using different techniques. If you are in a class with thirty strangers, you might find it really difficult to find the pace that’s right for you. By studying English online, you can advance in the language at your own pace. There’s no problem if you need a little extra help.

Another great benefit of online English lessons is that they are affordable. Think about how nice it would be to put down on affordable down payment and be able to study the language from your own home. You wouldn’t have to worry about transportation costs or hidden costs. When it’s done online, you pay up front. All you need is access to WebEx and a headset so that you can communicate. You can learn English from a native speaker at less than half the cost learning English at a university or other educational institution.

When it comes to moving ahead in the world of global business, you will want to make sure that you get the online English lessons that are best for you. Make sure the service you use is passionate about what they do. This is the only way to be sure that you will get the assistance you need. You should also make sure that you learn the kind of English you need to know. This is the kind of English special to business talk. Once you’re speaking the language fluently, you’ll be buying, selling, and trading with confidence and ease.

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Comparison and Similarities – English Sentence Structures — Learn English

Different Patterns of ‘Comparison and Similarities’ Which Are Used In Daily Use English. Learn Them By Heart And Use In Practical Life.

Comparison of Actions-I
Studying is as easy as playing.
Swimming is not as easy as running.
Singing is not as easy as talking.
It is as easy to study as play.
It is not as easy to swim as run.
It is not as easy to sing as talk.

Comparison of Actions-II
I prefer studying to playing.
He would prefer studying to playing.
I prefer to study rather than play.
He would prefer to study rather than play.
He had better study than play.
He had rather study than play.
He had sooner study than play.
He would rather study than play.
He would sooner study than play.
He would as soon study as play.

Comparison of Qualities
You are more daring than good.
She is more sensible than good.
He is more good than stylish.
This laptop is more good than cheap.

Comparison of Number/Quantity
She has fewer pencils than pens.
I have fewer trousers than shirts.
He has less salt than sugar.
She has less gold than silver.

Specific Similarity – Quality Nouns
Height Length Width Depth Weight
Size Mass Volume Method Age
My shirt is the same color as you wore the last Sunday.
This table is the same size as I saw in your office.

Specific Similarity – Quality Adjectives
Small Big Large
Short Tall Long
Deep Shallow
Sweet Sour
Old Young
Cheap Expensive
Clear Ambiguous
Simple Tough
Sharp Blunt
Cold Hot
Easy Hard
Coward Brave
Serious Cheerful

This river is as deep as that.
He is not as good as he was when he was at the top of the ranking.
He is not as bad as he’s made out to be.
He gave goods on credit for as long as six months.
They are targeting children as young as seven.
They are teaching children as young as four about right laws.
Afghan Border is as harsh as the terrain they inhabited.
The damage is not as serious as we had expected it to be.
Reflection is as sharp as if it was only yesterday.
Why is a creature as big as you afraid of man?
She was as brilliant as ever.
He will grow as powerful as she.
Earlier project left the river as dirty as before.
Two can live as cheaply as one.
As beautifully supple as they appear, they are as hard as steel.
Her neighbor had described her as emotional as her father.

Also Note –
As many as As much as
As early as As late as
As well as As far as
As often as

He has as many as 34 criminal cases pending against him.
The importance of this discovery is as much as the threat of that invention.
Tree is as much as five meters in diameter.
It could take as much as the year-end to get cleared.
NTPC is looking to invest in Australia as early as next year.
As early as 7:30 am on Friday, he was surprised to see the policemen.
We want our response time to be as early as 3 minutes.
Urdu records till as late as 1950 are found here.
India must support democracy in Nepal as well as encourage the monarchy.
Those picked up include drivers as well as all passengers.
She had no parallel as far as beauty was concerned.
That was known to our country as far back as 1000 B.C.
Thunder is audible from the distance as far away as ten miles.
The tremors were felt as far away as Malaysia and Singapore.
She smiled as often as possible and at most people.
He is honest enough to criticize Muslim bigots as harshly and as often as the bigots of his own faith.

Comparative Estimates – Multiple Numbers
Half Twice Three times Four times….
multiple as much/many etc. as
I would have been three times as good as player.
Decomposition rate in the air is twice as fast as when the body is under water and four times as fast as when underground.
Tantrum lasts 20 times as long as the quiet time.
Each of them would be twice as long as the distance between the sun and Pluto.
We are looking at yields twice as high as last year.
This month would be almost twice as busy as an average September.
Road death estimates were as high as nine times the number reported. (Note- Reverse Structure)

As + much/many etc. + noun etc. + as
Bribing is as much a crime as accepting it.
½ is as much a point in number line as, say 1 or 7.
He wanted to eat as much of food as possible at party.
The solution of this disease has as much to do with the mind as it do with the body.
Mr. Obama is as much an ally to India as his predecessor was.
It is as much our problem as theirs.
This was as much true during his time as is now.
It throws up as many questions as it throws up answers.
They talked to as many of the scientists as they could.
Today there are as many children in school as when I started.
We want to be as normal a couple as possible.
Lead as normal a life as possible.
I feel just as sorry for them as anybody else in the world.
There one can get into airlines at as young an age as in India.
It is not as important a discovery as findings a supernova would have been.
The rear of the bus was not quite as badly submerged as the rest.
It is as easy to talk as play.
This is as strong an economical partner of China as it is a military partner of the US.
Parts of the same satellite may fall in areas as far apart as the USA and Africa.

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The ESL Telephone Alphabet is the Pilot, Radio, Spelling Alphabet For English As a Second Language

The Pilot’s Alphabet is a set of 26 words that represent each of the letters in the ABCs. Also called the Radio Alphabet or Spelling Alphabet, it is used to spell important information in situations when people cannot see each other. Alpha Bravo Charlie…is what airplane pilots use for two-way radio communication where clarity and quickness are essential. The familiar ABC alphabet used for writing English does not work over the radio or telephone because the names of many letters sound alike.

A, J, K
B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V, Z (USA)
M, N
S, X
I, Y
U, W

When native English speakers need to give specific information, such as the correct spelling of their name or address, they spell the words out in a kind of cipher. In Canada, relaying a postal code is the perfect example. The structure of postal codes is standard, six units in the order letter, number, letter (LNL) followed by a number, letter, number (NLN). Anticipating letters or numbers helps a little – but not much. Everyone in Canada has a postal code and no one can understand them over the phone.

Real-Life Example

My postal code is L7J 1G5. The L and the 7 are clear enough, but the J might sound like an A or a K, so I usually say “John” instead of that letter. The G is a homonym train wreck. For G, I just say “George.” When I dictate my postal code, I say, “L7John 1George5,” which is understood as L7J 1G5. There are many circumstances where spelling in code is useful. In a noisy environment, on the telephone, or in a situation compounded by pronunciation issues, using whole words to indicate individual letters is an effective strategy for spelling short pieces of information.

ESL’s Longstanding Dread of the Phone

If English speakers have difficulty making themselves understood, imagine how frustrating communication must be for non-native speakers. To complicate the issue, telephones, and especially cell phones, transmit sound with varying degrees of integrity. ESL learners have enough difficulty with pronunciation without similar-sounding letters and poor sound quality compounding the situation. Many non-native English speakers simply will not use a phone.

Jackie Chan was a guest on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show in January 2010. Jackie is one of the best loved, most accomplished action stars of all time. But whatever Jackie Chan has had to overcome to achieve his superstar status, his worst nightmare might be the telephone. In good fun, Ellen handed him a receiver and asked him to get the number for “Pink Berry” while the world watched. Jackie was a good sport about the request and made a noble attempt – but he was unsuccessful. He could neither understand the voice recording on the end of the line nor make himself understood to the machine. The gag was intended as entertainment, but for the hundreds of thousands of non-native English speakers who will not pick up a telephone for any reason, the prank hit close to home.

The pilot’s alphabet is not a solution for ESL. Although it works well for pilots, “Delta,” “Sierra” and “Whiskey” are too unfamiliar and difficult for English learners. Students need a foolproof alphabet of their own to properly spell out names, addresses and other important information when necessary. Here is an alphabet designed by Thompson Language Center that is suitable for English learners when circumstances require it.

ESL Telephone Alphabet

a – apple
b – boy
c – car
d – dog
e – east
f – five
g – good
h – house
i – ice cream
j – job
k – king
l – lemon
m – money
n – never
o – open
p – people
q – queen
r – red
s – summer
t – time
u – union
v – visa
w – work
x – x-ray
y – yellow
z – zero

Pink becomes people, ice cream, never, king
Berry becomes boy, east, red, red, yellow


Talking in code is a coping mechanism native speakers take for granted, but the skill can be a lifeline to someone struggling to survive in a new culture. Users do not have to be recent arrivals to find the Telephone Alphabet a useful survival tool.

Jackie, never mind stupid answering machines. Just press 0 for an operator and spell it out with the ESL Telephone Alphabet.

English is Stupid is the definitive resource guide for spoken English in both the academic and corporate speaking world. Whether you are learning it, teaching it, or English is your first language, English is Stupid provides a fascinating expose on the mechanics of how Spoken English works. Six rules of spoken English are simple and absolute. English is Stupid is fascinating to those who are native speakers of English and critical to those who aren’t.


We welcome any comments or feedback you may have.

About the Author

I have a B.A. in English from the University of Guelph. I was a LINC teacher and taught for the Peel Board of Education for 10 years. I taught in South Korea and developed English programs for teachers there. I am a CLB Assessor and teach Essential Communications and ESL at Sheridan College. The ESL community has embraced “English is Stupid” and the groundbreaking methods outlined therein. I present lectures, seminars and workshops for TESL Ontario, LINC, OTC and language teachers.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Polish Translator

There are many benefits in hiring a Polish translator either for your business, school, leisure or social group and the results could be fascinating. The Polish community in the United Kingdom is forever growing so the need for Polish translators is ever increasing.

With many UK businesses employing hard working Polish people, some small business are flourishing while others are sinking in a time of economic crisis. Hiring a Polish translator can prove essential for integrating Polish people into your business, society or community. With an estimated 800,000 registered Polish workers in Britain alone, a Polish translator can assist those who speak little English to communicate with those who speak little, if any Polish.

Tackling the language barrier that faces non-English speaking Polish people and non-Polish speaking English people can be difficult. But this is where a Polish translator can help. A professional Polish translator can provide assistance where it is needed for example in the workplace, school or an airport. Having clear communication plays an essential part in minimising problems and aiding integration and understanding.

Not only can using a Polish translator improve business prospects with the Polish economy, but it can also help with building relationships and create an understanding within a multi-cultural working environment. A Polish translator is available for one-off translation purposes but can also provide Polish tuition classes if you so wish.

Polish tuition classes can be taught on a one-to-one basis or in group sessions. This can improve relationships and understanding between colleagues which could be highly beneficial for your company. A Polish translator can also help with documentation translation or face-to-face interpreting which can help get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently.

Some Polish translator services offer 24 hour interpreting assistance and are available around the clock. More and more businesses these days are hiring Polish employees and the Polish language is one of the most widely spoken languages in Central Europe with around 50 million Polish speakers worldwide.

Using a Polish translator could help you realise the full international potential of your company by helping you to communicate with different business industries. To get the best out of a Polish translator, ensure that you hire a reputable individual or use a Polish translator from a reputable company.

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Polish Translation and interpreting services for the public and private sector offering face to face interpreting, telephone interpreting, written translation, personal language tuition and teaching services in the Lancashire, Manchester & Yorkshire area

Comparable Issues When People Learn Spanish

In China many people speak only one language. Like the English they have difficulty in learning other languages because their own language is adequate for their needs. Everyone around them speaks the same language and they have a rich and old literature to refer to. Like the English, the Chinese just speak their own language more loudly when they are not understood. English and Chinese speakers alike may reflect though, that if they learn Spanish words they will have access to the three most widely used languages on the planet.

Spanish is one of a family known as the Romance languages. Other Romance tongues are French, Portuguese and Italian. They are all descended from Latin which is a highly inflected language, and are inflected themselves. English is also inflected and influenced by Latin but it is a Germanic language. By using a language course it could be quite easy to learn a new language that is relatively close to your own.

This means that words change their meaning and grammatical functions by the addition of morphemes. These are bits of a word that change meaning without having meaning themselves. For example, the addition of the letter s means that a noun becomes plural.

Whereas the English learner would bring some understanding of inflection to the task, the Chinese learner would be in less familiar territory. Chinese is a tonal language and the meaning of words is determined by up, down, neutral, flat or tones. The absence of these tones might seem strange to a Chinese learner as would be the presence of the Latinate inflections.

Both English and Spanish include many words that are derived from Latin. The English speaking learner will enjoy recognizing these words and the similarities between some English and Spanish words. The Chinese learner will not enjoy the Latin influence. Though Marco Polo did get to China and stayed there, he did not seem to have any permanent influence on the language that he found.

Since infancy the Chinese learner’s vocal apparatus will have been making sounds at the front of the mouth that are quite different to any sounds made in Spanish. This will make it difficult for him to make the sounds that are familiar to Spanish speaking people.

Verbs are complicated problems when learning any new language. In English the verb, ‘to be’ is difficult for foreign learners and in Spanish it may be a problem for some English learners. They may have to get used to the idea that there are two forms of the verb in Spanish, ‘estar’ and ‘ser’. This might confuse the English learner temporarily, but the Chinese learner will have even more difficulty because he has been used to using static verb forms.

Writing in Chinese is a daunting prospect for foreigners. A whole new system of characters has to be learned. For the Chinese person writing will involve learning the alphabet from scratch. However, the English learner will escape this whole imposition and be able to call upon his early learning education.

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The point of such comparisons is to suggest how much easier it should be for an English speaker to learn spanish online. The native language of the English learner and the target language have so much in common that learning should be just fun with use of language course. However, given the intellectual gymnastics that all Chinese people go though to learn how to read and write their own language they may confidently be expected to do well.

How To Learn Hindi: What Are Your Options?

If you are interested in how to learn Hindi, you have several options. You might take a university course, find a class in a commercial language school, hire a private tutor or engage in a self-study program, such as an online Hindi course. Or you might simply travel to India to immerse yourself in the language. There are advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Here are some things to consider when you are pondering how to learn Hindi.

One of the best ways to study any language is in a university language course. The instruction at the university level is always given by an instructor who is very fluent and sometimes even a native speaker. You usually have a support structure, such as a language lab and a regularly scheduled conversation hour. But of course you may not have access to a university course if you are not an enrolled student. Moreover, only a few American universities offer a Hindi program. And it goes without saying that higher education is very expensive. So, although a university Hindi course may be the best option, it may not be a realistic choice for you.

If you are not a university student, or don’t have a university in your area that offers a Hindi program, you might consider a commercial language school. The best language schools set a high standard for the competency of their instructors. Since class sizes are usually relatively small, students get a lot of individual attention. But ordinarily, commercial schools don’t offer a language lab. In fact, when audio materials are available on CD or tape, they are usually an additional cost to the tuition, and quite expensive. Commercial language schools aren’t available in every location. Even if they are available, Hindi may not be a language that they offer. If you do find a language school in your area that offers a Hindi course, chances are the tuition is quite high, possibly out of reach.

A private tutor may be available in your area. You should use caution choosing a tutor, though. Merely because someone speaks a language, even as a native language, does not mean that the person can teach the language. You’ll also want to evaluate the course materials, so that you have a structured approach and written and audio resources available to you between tutoring sessions. Of course, tutors can be costly. Furthermore, you’ll need to purchase the course materials, too.

Some people would want to just jump right in and catch a flight to India. An immersion course in India could be exciting. Or it could be harrowing. It seems only reasonable that the best way to approach an immersion Hindi course in India is to prepare before you go by studying spoken and written Hindi. The better course of action is to use an immersion course to strengthen your skills, not to introduce you to the language.

In many respects, an online Hindi course is your best choice. You don’t need to be enrolled in a university. An online course is substantially less costly than a commercial language school or a private tutor. You can use the online course to supplement your learning with a tutor or a private class if you like. And certainly, working through an online Hindi course is appropriate preparation if you are going to study Hindi in India. An online Hindi course affords you the luxury of studying at your pace and on your schedule. The better online courses offer instruction in both written and spoken Hindi. The best also provide interactive games, quizzes and other creative approaches to learning to break up the routine of language study and to offer you a broad array of learning opportunities. A Hindi course that is simply superior to the rest will have a members-only learning forum for students to ask questions, converse and build community with other Hindi students and teachers.

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If you are interested in an online Hindi course, come see me at http://HowToLearnHindiBlog.com for a recommendation. While you are there, sign up for my free report, “Before You Start Your Hindi Course.” It’s packed with helpful information to get you started as you discover how to learn Hindi… and it’s free!

Learning Chinese with Music

Don’t you find it odd, how, if you learn something using songs, you still remember the words many years after?
The same principle can be used with learning Mandarin-Chinese. There are many ways to learn Chinese, but using songs and music is one of the more effective ways to learn it. It has been used by countless generations and true enough, the children do learn Chinese. One of the main theories for this is that language researchers have found that similar areas in the brain process music and language.
Little kids love nursery rhymes and songs. Children are easily exposed to a lot of words, expressions and rhymes. Learning rhymes is important because it trains children to identify the little differences and similarities of words. Learning these differences in sounds and the corresponding characters is an essential part of reading, writing and speaking the language. By using nursery rhymes, kids will get accustomed to the different Chinese words and how they are used. Children’s music in Chinese often features words that young children start learning with in school. The Chinese words for all colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet are easier to remember when learned through music.
You may look for Chinese sing-along CDs and cassettes for kids to be further exposed to the language. You may also sing along with your child. You will be surprised that you too will learn the words soon enough. Some CDs have lyrics books and translations. Try to not look up the meanings of the words and figure the meaning out yourself. When you know a song or all the songs from the CD, then you may sing with your child in the car or as you prepare to go to sleep.
Some children’s movies also have songs in Chinese. Some internationally released cartoon movies have Chinese translations (for example, movies from Disney). If your child likes it, you may learn the songs from movie tracks together. The same for all the music you will find in favorite Chinese videos for kids or tv shows. If there are nice songs, have your child learn these.
You can then use the songs as a memory cue when you encounter an object in one of the songs. You may ask, “What is the Mandarin word for this? Remember our favorite song from (a certain video)? What is this called then?” And surely you will see a happy smile as your child remembers the Chinese equivalent.
You may also do gestures as you sing nursery rhymes with your child. Kids also love to sing with action gestures, so do so if you like. Singing with body movements helps kids remember the Chinese words. This also enhances your child’s coordination, so you get more than one benefit as you shake it with your child.
Later on, as your little child grows up, you may look for Chinese pop songs that will interest teens more. Classic Chinese songs (folk songs and more) may also be appreciated at the same time. The internet now offers a lot of songs among the different countries in different languages. You may be able to purchase Chinese songs on the internet.

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owner of the site Childbook.com which for over 12 years has been helping Children in the United States learn more about Chinese Culture and Language.we have a wide range of Chinese books, CDs, Chinese New Year DVDs,and other resources for your child to learn.

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