1. It is really simple

Spanish shouldn’t be extremely difficult, the pronunciation as well as spelling is quite simple.

Because of the fact that Spanish is often a phonetic language, words usually are spelled the same as they’re pronounced.

2. Speaking one language helps you find out additional.

If you learn how to speak Spanish, you may basically open up the doors to alternative languages, French and Italian getting the most related. You can additionally drastically enhance your English skills, whether English is your native language or not. The true reason for this is for the that you might find yourself studying a great deal about grammar in general. And once you understand a single language, studying an additional just simply becomes even a lot easier.

3. You may become really knowledgeable about the Spanish customs.

Spanish culture, is a another one of the benefits of understanding Spanish. Not only are you going to discover Spanish, but you might also get a much better understanding of the variety of the arts and culture on the Spanish speaking population. Learn about the great different food and recipes. Considering the numerous Spanish speaking countries out there, there is almost too much Spanish food to mention.

4. Understand some Spanish music

What about all of those Spanish singers these days who combine Spanish into their English vocals, or only sing a lovely song in Spanish? You will be capable of comprehend them. Artists like, Gloria Estefan from Cuba, Enrique Iglesias from Spain, Shakira from Columbia.

5. Recognize Spanish Movies.

Spanish speaking actors such as Penelope Cruz from Spain, Antonio Banderas from Spain, and Salma Hayak from Mexico the list goes on. Penelope Cruz did a fantastic movie called Volver, all in Spanish, wouldn’t it be good to turn off the subtitles?

6. Support others

Practically nothing is better being able to help someone who’s having difficulties. Let’s say you are at a diner in Costa Rica and there is a tourist who is having a difficult time buying her food because the waiter speaks Spanish and she does not. Now you can go over to her with confidence and say ┬┐puedo ayudar usted? (may I guide you?)

7. Improve your memory

Studies have proven that those who study more than one language really increase their memory over time. In addition, it expands your thought processes as any language is composed of different expressions, causing you to think more often.

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After trying out and purchasing many learn Spanish software programs and at home products, I found the right one and was able to learn Spanish successfully. I created Begin Spanish Now to help others learn Spanish too. You can find simple lessons and tutorials, including numbers, benefits of learning Spanish and much much more.