Few cities in the USA rival New York City as an international business hub. Besides its famous white collar Mecca on Wall Street, the city is a place where most of the country’s Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest corporations in the world make their presence. Because of its importance as the backbone of international business, you will find representation from nearly every country around the world right in New York.

Ranked #1 in the country as having the most international companies headquartered within its city limits, New York is a vibrant, bustling place for literally millions of people working from Manhattan to Long Island; to nearby Newark, NJ. Tourism, communications, commerce, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing companies, IT firms and virtually every industry imaginable is represented in the Big Apple. Its abundance of resources and transportation give New York the easy access to attract such a growing business climate.

Three major airports are within the city limits of New York, making it easy for business people to find a flight day or night to virtually any city in the world. Within downtown, many of the inhabitants don’t even need cars because of the easy availability for alternative transportation options. The subway, taxis, shuttles, buses and even bicycles or foot traffic is more common than driving.

Aside from its positioning as the headquarters for many large international businesses it is also the place where dreams are made. Many small businesses begin, thrive and grow to become big companies here. That is because of the many great resources available. Education, arts, music, culture, and activity throughout the day and night are what make New York so exciting as a place for international business.

New York’s economy is the largest in the U.S. and second in the whole world, with only slightly less business than in Tokyo. The New York Stock Exchange is the biggest in the world by market capitalization and the estimated gross business coming from NY was last known to be in the neighborhood of $1.1 trillion dollars. With all of this major action being done by big companies, New York is an attractive place for any business to truly make its presence known.

The Financial District in downtown Manhattan is the largest central business district in the world. Last count, there were over 600 major companies with headquarters here. Some of the top Fortune 500 companies in New York specialize in industries such as Real Estate, manufacturing, overseas trading, information technology, biotechnology and the health care industry, film, theater and media; not to mention the strong political force that comprises New York.

Aside from its world renowned status as an epicenter for international business, the Big Apple has many other perks that make it a place for millions of people to live and work. There’s always something to do, to see, to experience. From Central Park to Broadway, there’s no shortage of entertainment and adventure all day or night. The cultural diversity is exciting and creates a dynamic business atmosphere.

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