Portuguese people usually find it quite difficult t learn the English language. This is not only because English is generally a difficult language to learn for non-English speakers, but also because of the vast difference in grammar, sentence structure, sound intonation and use of words between the two languages.

Portuguese speakers need not despair however, because there is a way for them to be able to learn the English language easily and fast. This is through the use of language audio lessons. Now, there are many English language audio lessons that you can find. However, the best in the market is the Pimsleur English for Portuguese Speakers Quick & Simple course. Hence the question remains, why choose Pimsleur as your tool in learning the English language? The reason is simple. The Pimsleur System is put together form the normal language learning capabilities of people. The Pimsleur method makes good use of the manner in which the human brain gets hold of new information such as language and speech. Then the maker of the Pimsleur method came up with a process which revolves around the fact that everyone has the same ability to communicate, whatever the language is.

This audio course comes with four hours of interactive and pure audio language learning. It also comes with spoken practice sessions that are spoken by real-life Portuguese English speakers in order for you to be familiar with the accent and follow how each word is being said. If you want to have a longer course, you can choose the extended version, which offers ten lessons. If you are still not satisfied with ten lessons then you have the option to purchase the lessons at the next level of learning.

The best thing about using the Pimsleur English language course for Portuguese Speakers is that once you have ordered it and submitted your payment information, you can easily download the lessons into your computer. There is no need to wait for delivery, so you can start learning right away. Not only that, you can upload the audio lessons into your portable music player so you ca take them with you wherever you go. You can listen and learn while you do your errands, drive your car, go shopping or even while you are out jogging. Best of all, you can continue learning to speak the English language even while you are sleeping. This is because studies have shown that playing the English language audio course – or any other language course for that matter – while you are asleep makes you absorb everything into your subconscious. This makes learning a new language even faster, easier and more effective.What better way to learn than do go nonstop?

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