You may be considering teach yourself Spanish for a number of reasons. You may want to work or study in a Spanish speaking country, or you may just want to visit one, Whatever the reason there are many resources available which you can use to teach yourself Spanish.

If you are going to teach yourself Spanish, you need to set some basic structure to what you are going to learn. Otherwise you may gravitate towards the simpler parts of the language, but not actually be able to understand everyday situations when you are in a Spanish country.

The main topics you should consider to begin with are those, which you can put into immediate practice. Before you learn any words though, you need to learn how to pronounce Spanish sounds.

Next you should learn how to introduce yourself and how to greet people. As you may not understand what is said straight away, you should learn how to ask people to repeat them selves and how to ask people to talk slowly.

Then move on to talking about yourself. Learn how to say how old you are, what you do for a living and where you live. Expand this to talking about your family and be able to ask about other peoples family. It is very important to talk about family in Spanish countries and the family is at the center of Spanish culture.

Learn how to describe yourself, your height, weight, hair color and length for example. Be able to describe your parents, brother and sisters, children and pets.

You should move on the learn how to introduce yourself and say hello and goodbye. You should start to build up a vocabulary of basic every day words and know how to pronounce them. As well as pronunciation, you should be able to read and spell these words.

Next you should be able to identify things around you in Spanish, and ask about the meaning of words. You should be able to ask and give directions talk about your family and describe people.

If you really want to teach yourself Spanish give it a go. Before long you will have a basic vocabulary and will be able to “survive” in a Spanish country when traveling for business or pleasure.

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