This article is for Romanians looking to learn a bit about French, the easy way. At the age of 27 I decided to learn French, a language that I very successfully ignored during the years of high school when I was supposed to be learning it. I began by taking classes at the Fides institute. One of the first problems I faced was to learn the gender of the French nouns. The teacher told us that the majority of French nouns have the exact same gender as their equivalent in Romanian… but there are also exceptions. The first thing I asked then was if there is a list that shows all the French nouns that have a different gender than their primary equivalent in Romanian but she answered with a decisive NO. I then decided to start working on such a list, hoping that it will help me in my learning process but maybe others as well. After working for about a month and a half I finished the list and I also incorporated in it a lot of grammar rules that I picked up on the way. I decided to share my work with all the people that might find it useful and what better way for that than the Internet! I therefore invite you to visit the site I created especially for this purpose:
On the main page you will find some information about the steps I took to build the list and also what grammar rules I incorporated in the list. The second page contains the actual list which exists thanks to google spreadsheets. The third page is the news section where I will keep track of the changes that I do to the list following feedback from users.
I wish you all the best and hope that you will discover at least some of the passion that I discovered during my work.

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