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Mandarin Studies As Depicted By Science Fiction

Learning Mandarin is an epic journey. One of my favorite songs is a cheesy Swedish pop song that I am listening right now. The tune is about a guy confessing his love for a girl and the chorus roughly translates into: I am your destiny calling. Right now I am sitting in my flat in Beijing, China, and I am absolutely in awe of this place. I feel like China is undergoing an immense paradigm shift. Like a force of destiny is somehow at work which will transform the city and the country in a very short time period.

In Blade Runner, a science fiction movie made in 1982, the future is depicted. In the movie Harrison Ford speaks Mandarin with a street vendor. The scriptwriters imagined a future where China was much more involved with the world than was the case the 1980’s. Since then their prophecy has come true. Today China is probably the world’s second most powerful nation, only eclipsed by The United States. The English language is the standard mode of communication almost everywhere today but popular culture has, since the 1980’s, anticipated a shift in this matter.

One thing that captures my attention about this trend is the shift within the genre. In 1982 we are talking science fiction, and even in 2002 and 2003 the genre was still science fiction. One of the top 10 most expensive TV series from these years is called Firefly. It is a story about a far-flung future in which people live in space and there is a massive element of Mandarin and Chinese culture. The d├ęcor is commonly influenced by eastern elements such as lanterns and Chinese patters with dragons and other similar objects. The dialogue is partially in Chinese, every swearword is in Mandarin and people use Chinese terms of affection when addressing each other. There is even a reference to future history. Sung Yu, is envisioned as a warrior poet that lived in the early 2000’s and was somehow involved in a major war on the planet know as earth that was.

In 2009 something very interesting happens to how western popular culture envisions China and the future. But, let us first discuss the science fiction epic Independence Day, the archetypical American movie. There are more American flags and references to American success in that film than any other that I have ever seen and in the end it is the technological prowess of America that saves the entire world from being eaten by slimy alien invaders. Today America is a superpower. American dominance is in many ways dependent on it military might, and more specifically on its ability to wage war anywhere in the world. That ability is dependent on one thing: unrivaled air superiority. When the President and Will Smith blows the Alien ships to smithereens they do so in the comfort of F-22 Raptors.

In 2009 China’s position in the world had changed. There has been no better symbol to date of what China will become in the future than the way China successfully navigated the economic downturn. The period starting in 2008 really showed the world what China’s manufacturing capability means: economies everywhere were sick but China’s grew by a healthy 10 percent despite this. This did not escape Hollywood’s attention. In the film 2011, a disaster movie it is not The United States that saves the day. It is China, and more specifically, and also literally explained in the movie, it is China’s potential as a manufacturer. In the Chinese Himalayas 10 or so massive Arks are constructed which eventually saves a small proportion of humanity from really big waves.

If you can see this in Hollywood produced films, it is not surprise that you can see it in China. Living in China in the beginning of this century is like living in New York at the turn of the last. There are massive wheels turning and you can sense it in the air. China is here to stay, and so is the Mandarin language

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Rui Ming works for a Mandarin academy that is a great option for those that want to learn Chinese. If you are interested in more information about learning Chinese in China, please consult the website of Beijing Gateway Academy.

The Best Way To Learn Spanish Around Your Responsibilities

Learning new languages has been implicated in the retention of increased brain function into old age, increased puzzle-solving ability, and is important for communicating with people from other cultures. With the U. S. Melting pot increasing in diversity every day, many people are interested in learning a new language or three, and they often want to start with Spanish. For those with financial or time limitations, there are still great ways to online spanish courses.

Taking language lessons is probably the way that most people have heard of or considered. There are some invaluable things that can be learned in a class which other methods do not address, so if you can afford the time and money to attend one, you should consider it. However, if you are concerned that other methods will not teach you conversational skills, that is largely a problem of the past.

Relatively old methods of language acquisition that are still quite valuable include cassette tapes and CDs. These programs can be played in your car stereo while you commute or run errands, and some are even marketed as such. These are probably the most convenient methods of language learning out there – no need to sacrifice any time at all, except perhaps a radio program or two.

There are several ways in which computers have made language-learning a whole new beast. Software programs are the obvious one, as these can be downloaded from the internet or purchased on discs and used to teach oneself a language. But online classes are also increasingly popular, because they can fit around your schedule while earning you credit, and providing an instructor for questions.

Many self-teaching programs are available for free, via the internet or your local library. Many libraries have a section that contains CDs for learning languages, and even software programs on CD-ROM or DVDs that you can check out. Recorded classes, either created for viewing at home, or taped records of in-person classes, are also often available from libraries.

Availing yourself of classes taught in major universities can be done via the internet. More and more universities, especially ivy leagues and other famous ones, are recording or taping their lessons and posting them online. You can download these materials and use them as part of a self-taught program in any language that they offer, with the advantage being that you learn the typical items covered in a specific college course.

One of the few inventions that can possibly be used to completely replace traditional classes are video chats. These programs are becoming more widespread, thanks to the greater access to high-speed internet by the general population, and the increasing interest. Sites exist now that pair people together to speak in their native languages with someone wishing to learn the language, and allows learning of the conversational skills needed to attain language fluency. Contribution by everyone is required to make it work, though.

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For people without the time or money to access traditional vocabulary audio, some of these other resources can let you follow your dreams of speaking another language without having to make time you don’t have, or find money you don’t have. If you want to take classes later you always can, but there’s no reason not to start now with what you can do right away. Many people basic spanish words via alternative methods every day.

Mastering Vowels in American Accent Training – Tips for the Native Chinese Speaker

Effective communication is a critical component in today’s globalized society. Many foreign born native Chinese professionals and students have difficulty pronouncing American vowel sounds and often omit word endings as they learn American accent. The correct vowel production is based on the position of the tongue, lips, and the tension of the facial muscles:

* The tongue position is based on the location and height
* The lip position is either rounded or unrounded
* Facial muscles are tense or relaxed

In American accent training, It is important to note that the tip of the tongue rests against the back of the lower teeth in every vowel sound. You may want to try to practice this position. When native Chinese speakers pronounce these three words, ” bait”,” bat”, and “bet”, it will sound like they have said the word, “bet”, three times.
In situations like this the first thing that you notice is the vowel sound, “A”.

You will need to lengthen the “A” sound in the word, “bait”, for example to pronounce that word correctly. To pronounce the second word, “bat” correctly, you will need to first close your lips tightly and build up pressure to release quickly to say, “b”. To pronounce the vowel, you will need to lower your jaw, then keeping your tongue relaxed in your mouth.

To pronounce “bet”, you will say the “b” syllable as in the previous word. The vowel is pronounced by keeping the front portion of the tongue towards the roof, and the sides touching you’re inside upper teeth with your mouth open slightly.

Don’t worry if you don’t pronounce everything perfectly the first time as you learn American accent. Just remember to make list of frequently used words that you have difficulty pronouncing and ask someone who speaks well to record the words for you.

This way, you will have an example to refer to as you practice. You can listen to the practice word, and then repeat it several times while you imitate the intonation and word pronunciation of the speaker. It’s always best to have frequent practice several times a day rather than one long session.

For more information, please view
Discover all this and more with the new guide, “7 Weeks to a Better American Accent for Native Mandarin Speakers – Volume 1”. This guide and MP3 download language series will have you speaking American English with more confidence. Be sure to visit the website below for more details on the availability of this new guide.

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Tracey Ingram, M.S., M.A, is the Director/Founder of the Institute of Accent Modification, located in Chicago, Illinois. She is a licensed speech and hearing professional and experienced accent coach who can get you results. The overall vision of the Institute is to help individuals achieve better expression, communication and confidence through our workshops and customized programs.

You Must Learn If You Are Going To Teach Yourself Spanish Successfully

You may be considering teach yourself Spanish for a number of reasons. You may want to work or study in a Spanish speaking country, or you may just want to visit one, Whatever the reason there are many resources available which you can use to teach yourself Spanish.

If you are going to teach yourself Spanish, you need to set some basic structure to what you are going to learn. Otherwise you may gravitate towards the simpler parts of the language, but not actually be able to understand everyday situations when you are in a Spanish country.

The main topics you should consider to begin with are those, which you can put into immediate practice. Before you learn any words though, you need to learn how to pronounce Spanish sounds.

Next you should learn how to introduce yourself and how to greet people. As you may not understand what is said straight away, you should learn how to ask people to repeat them selves and how to ask people to talk slowly.

Then move on to talking about yourself. Learn how to say how old you are, what you do for a living and where you live. Expand this to talking about your family and be able to ask about other peoples family. It is very important to talk about family in Spanish countries and the family is at the center of Spanish culture.

Learn how to describe yourself, your height, weight, hair color and length for example. Be able to describe your parents, brother and sisters, children and pets.

You should move on the learn how to introduce yourself and say hello and goodbye. You should start to build up a vocabulary of basic every day words and know how to pronounce them. As well as pronunciation, you should be able to read and spell these words.

Next you should be able to identify things around you in Spanish, and ask about the meaning of words. You should be able to ask and give directions talk about your family and describe people.

If you really want to teach yourself Spanish give it a go. Before long you will have a basic vocabulary and will be able to “survive” in a Spanish country when traveling for business or pleasure.

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The Correct Way to Write the Time and Date in English

There are several ways you can write the time in English, using both digits (numbers) and letters. Depending on the type of document you are writing, it is usually best to use only numbers as this makes it clearer for the reader. However, even when using numbers there are several differences, most of which relate to whether or not you use the 24 hour clock:

1. 15.00 is the same as 3 pm or three o’clock in the afternoon.
2. 12.00 is the same as 12 pm or midday.
3. 00.00 is the same as 12 am or midnight.

Remember, the use of the 24 hour clock is far more common in mainland Europe than in the UK.

There are also several rules for correctly writing the date in English, although these rules can change depending on whether you choose to use British or American English. Firstly, we shall look at the two general rules:

1. Always capitalize the names of the days – Monday, Tuesday, Friday etc.
2. Always capitalize the name of months – January, April, August, December

In American English the format of writing the date is Month, Day, Year, as in:

April 14, 2008

Notice that a comma separates the day from the year. In British English the format is Day, Month, Year, as in:

14 April 2008.

You notice that no comma is used here. When we write the day in full (Friday, Sunday etc) then in American English it is written as follows:

Friday, October 31, 1999

Whereas in British English, we write

Friday 31 October 1999.

Once again, no comma is used. Sometimes, when writing the date we use some abbreviations to denote ordinal numbers. We use ordinal number when we talk about the date or a fraction of something. An ordinal number is, for instance, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and so on. You will have noticed that when we say a date out loud we use ordinal numbers:

The fourth of July (July, 4 or 4 July)

Abbreviations of those ordinal numbers are as follow:

First – 1st, Second – 2nd, Third – 3rd, Fourth – 4th, Fifth – 5th, and Sixth – 6th (and so on), so we would write 4th (of) July.

It is not strictly necessary to use ordinal abbreviations when we write the date, but some people prefer to write:

6th September instead of 6 September. It is usually a question of style. Often, you will need to write the date only in numbers. In this case it is very important to remember whether you are using American or British systems. For example in American English you would write:

Month, Day, Year: 10/03/2001 (3 October 2001).

In British English, the numerical date is always written as Day, Month, Year: 03/10/2001.

Regardless of whether you choose to use British or American English, the most important thing is to be clear and consistent. Dates and times are very important pieces of information, so make sure you write them correctly, whether in letters or numbers.

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K Hutchings is the owner of KJ Language Services, providing proofreading, editing and writing services to businesses and students, in particular those who use English as a second language. For more information, visit her site at:

Digest Italian

Studying Italian language in your house, playing audio tracks instruction about the particular approach toward the business office applying the particular Compact disk player inside the particular auto or perhaps perusing a suitable publication in relation to Italian are usually diverse samples of just how a single person can easily find out yet another language noacquiring conventional instruction via virtually any tutor or perhaps linguistics expert.

Really you want to be a powerful serious learner, so neglect your current years of age or perhaps position in your life; because you would like to find out one thing because of genuine attention and even awareness. You can obtain your current very own benefits around the particular closure. Furthermore, it has no too much sense as long as you have the useful but dear language studying computer software or perhaps when you merely keep reading available sources on the internetand and outdated publications via the particular bookstore. And the particular crucial factor can be that you just carry on studying whatever it will take.

Italian does hold a suitable distinct accent in comparison to the particular English tongue, the unique Italian tongue voice desired that must be followed can be furthermore diverse. Nevertheless, the very uncomplicated reality in relation to the Italian tongue can be the approach each and every expression can be enunciate as it simply employs the used syllables and even the approach just how each and every expression can be spelled. Just what otherwise could aid your current development inside studying? To utilize just what you find out and even whatever you are usually studying inside the specific course of action within the normal achievable approachparticulare the efficient response.

Never hope to communicate by best syntax. That can be out of the question. What you should pay attention to as a substitute can be simply how much lexicology you procure on the particular tongue. You can for certain, make mistakes and even a couple of tries to chat with a suitable local Italian tongue speaker flawlessly can likely be a suitable malfunction. Nevertheless, never mind! You are really a suitable learner and you need to make mistakes. It is not a big problem.

The spectacular secne can appear any time when you might have been significantly understanding about Italian tongue and even its tradition. Revealing yourself toward Italian tongue motion pictures, displays, audio and even historical past can always be a suitable fantastic aid for your current smoothness in italian language. You may find out its accent, and you may get the normal dialogue, and also you may find out just how it senses to chat using smooth Italian tongue. Nevertheless, right up until now, you must get the job tough done in any sense and say no pessimism to yourself.

I said the software learning method above, which is a way to gain a foreign language. As for this matter, I personally think Rosetta Stone is a suitable one. If you don’t mind, try it!

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We can learn all kinds of things, from economy to daily life, from the scientific learning to language aquisition. I wrote about something about software before, like Rosetta Stone Italian and Rosetta Stone Japanese, and of course some other things, like biology, chemistry, or even literature.

Rosetta Stone Italian Review – Discover How To Simplify The Way We Can Master The Language With The Aid Of Computer Softwares Nowadays

You could be wondering that it must be difficult for an individual to master yet another language if you are already are a grown-up, right? Considering the variety of stuff stored into your head and also the every day work that you must take care of routinely, you’re feeling that you’ll absolutely haven’t any time to see a language instructor that may help you study a different language besides your own. In case you desperately want to master a different language just like Italian, you might like to take into consideration checking out a computer software that will help you study Italian language effortlessly for example the Rosetta Stone Italian software.

This sort of computer software uses a technique that won’t simply enable the user to discover a variety of phrases and words yet are likewise capable to link these phrases and words along with illustrations or photos combined with its speech recognition function. The actual method being utilized by this certain software is compared to teaching the words and phrases as being taught back when you were a child. By simply incorporating the graphics and verbal identification function of this specific computer software, you can effortlessly figure out how to relate phrases appropriately and construct them likewise.

The most effective popular features of the Rosetta Stone Italian software package is that it is efficient at making it possible for the user to figure out how to pronounce the words and phrases appropriately and then after manage to be aware of when you said the word the right way or not. The basic phase of the Italian language lessons would generally pay attention to having the capacity to understand the meaning of specific words then sooner or later, the person have the opportunity to understand not merely basic words but advanced phrases too.

This assists in conveniently enabling the individual who wants to understand the language to soak up pretty much everything in their own individual pace without needing to force themselves in participating in routine lessons which may certainly not keep up with their regular timetable. Considering that it is a computer software that you’ll be using, you can certainly get back to those courses that you feel you should replenish on your own. Even though you might not be able to obtain many tools which comes with the Rosetta Stone Italian software program, you may still manage to easily understand the language considering the technique that uses pure intuition as opposed to just observing.

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To Speak Italian can be a fulfilling activity whether you are doing it for fun or business. Visit us to sign up for our Newsletter and Rosetta Stone Italian.

French, the easy way

This article is for Romanians looking to learn a bit about French, the easy way. At the age of 27 I decided to learn French, a language that I very successfully ignored during the years of high school when I was supposed to be learning it. I began by taking classes at the Fides institute. One of the first problems I faced was to learn the gender of the French nouns. The teacher told us that the majority of French nouns have the exact same gender as their equivalent in Romanian… but there are also exceptions. The first thing I asked then was if there is a list that shows all the French nouns that have a different gender than their primary equivalent in Romanian but she answered with a decisive NO. I then decided to start working on such a list, hoping that it will help me in my learning process but maybe others as well. After working for about a month and a half I finished the list and I also incorporated in it a lot of grammar rules that I picked up on the way. I decided to share my work with all the people that might find it useful and what better way for that than the Internet! I therefore invite you to visit the site I created especially for this purpose:
On the main page you will find some information about the steps I took to build the list and also what grammar rules I incorporated in the list. The second page contains the actual list which exists thanks to google spreadsheets. The third page is the news section where I will keep track of the changes that I do to the list following feedback from users.
I wish you all the best and hope that you will discover at least some of the passion that I discovered during my work.

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student of French

Want To Learn Italian At Home? Here’s How

Learning new languages has more benefits than most people realize. You could be planning a trip somewhere where Italian is the primary spoken language or just want to learn a new language for the fun of it. Whatever your reasons may be if you want to learn Italian then getting to learn Italian at home is one of the best options you have, in particular by taking online classes. Italian is a beautiful language and a popular one to learn as well.

For anyone interested in learning the Italian language, one of the easiest ways to learn is to get signed up for online courses. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are struggling and feeling embarrassed because you are lagging behind other students. Italian can be a difficult language to learn and there is no reason to feel bad just because you may be slower to learn than the other students. With online lessons you can work when and for how long you want to and this helps to keep your motivation high.

There is also the benefit that you are able to get audio and visual help when learning online. There is also the benefit that you get both an audio and visual learning experience rather than just one or the other. Most people find this a much easier method of learning. Especially if you are more hands on and learn easier when something is shown in front of you, learning online will be an ideal method of learning for you.

Then there is a whole other process of deciding on which language lessons you want to get signed up for. Never just decide on the first company you come across, because you want to find the best one for you and your needs. This is actually not the case at all and it is going to be well worth your time to consider all your options first. You will want to look into each company offering language lessons and see what they have to offer.

There are some language lessons that allow students to fast track through their studies. This way you can decide on the language learning program that is best for you. Once you are signed up you can get started learning the Italian language right away. You will feel much better if you head to Italy and have at least the basic phrases down so you can get around and not end up lost.

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Scott has been writing articles for nearly 5 years. Go have a look at his latest website at which reviews and lists the best primadonna bras and information.

Why French Language Songs are Easy to Remember?

If you’ve ever taken the typical language class, you may well have found it overly-challenging. No matter how beautiful the language, there’s always a way to make it boring and that way is usually exploited to its maximum in language classes. Learning new phrases and words in a song, however, is usually much easier. Most people can think of at least one French language phrase they know from a song, and there are several reasons that this is the case.

Most songs tell a story of one sort or another. Stories give language context and, without context, language has no meaning. For example, if someone has a desk full of work and says “I’m drowning”, it means something much different than someone saying the exact same words in the middle of a lake. Context is everything. The stories that the songs tell give the words a context and make them much easier to memorize. You’re not really memorizing the French language in this case: You’re experiencing it.

Songs also have a melody and, even when we’re very young children, we can remember melodies. They can act as queues for learning and recalling words and phrases. Combining something as difficult as learning a new language with something as natural as learning melodies tends to make everything a lot more intuitive. When the songs are simple, it makes it that much easier. It would be much easier, for example, to learn some Italian from a folk song than from one of Mozart’s operas, simply because folk songs involve a lot of repetition and simple melodies, both of which facilitate easier recall of what’s being said by the singer.

Online French offerings sometimes have these features, but few actually combine narrative elements, songs and language in effective ways. The best of the lot have stories punctuated by music and enhanced with other materials. The fact that the story gives you a scenario to associate with each different phrase makes it much easier for you to recall it when you need to. If you can’t remember quickly, you can just imagine one of the characters in the story and say what they’d say if they were in your place. If you need to learn to speak French quickly, this is one of the best ways to go about getting the basic parts of the language down.

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Dr.Dennis Dunham has over 25 years in international education experience and is a co-creator of, a website designed to help you learn French the right way. If you’ve tried every language product out there and haven’t made progress, visit to see how learning French can be easy and fun.

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