If you want to find a job working for an English company or wish to move to an English speaking state you will need to pass the TOEFL exam. To pass the test you need to learn English rather well, both speaking and writing. The easiest way today, and the most affordable, is to learn English online. We will cover a few things that will help you learn English online and prepare for the TOEFL exam.

The first thing of course is to evaluate your English skills. For that you can download a free TOEFL exam from various online websites and see how you score. Once you see where you need to work on your English you can start improving by downloading and using TOEFL guides. Learning English online is not as difficult as it may seem, there are plenty of free guides you can download from the web that guide you specifically through the test and help you prepare specifically for the TOEFL exam.

Using just a TOEFL exam guide will not work to your benefit 100%; your goal is to work for an English company, so you need to increase your overall knowledge of English, which is why you need to prepare for more than just the TOEFL exam. You can learn English online in various ways, you can download free audio, video and text guides or you can opt for an online English language tutor. You need to assess what works for you best and stick with it.

Now that you read a few TOEFL exam guides and had a few online classes you will begin to improve. Keep at it until your online language tutor recommends that you are ready for the test, in the meanwhile there are countless ways in which you can improve your English skills for free. You can talk to yourself; you can have a meaningful conversation in English in your mind. We all think, so why not think in other language, in this case in English. That will help you get a better understanding and make your speaking skill more natural.

The bet thing you can do is engage in conversation with people around the world. You probably have a Facebook account, who doesn’t? So go online and find a few English speaking friends and engage them in conversation, you will be able to make new friends this way and practice your English skills.

Learning English online is not hard; in fact it can be fun. So if you want to learn English online to prepare for the TOEFL exam all you need is a good will and some time, everything else is already there.

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