Deciding to attempt to learn Chinese is a brave endeavor since this is a very complex language not even close to the same as any other. Covered in this article are a few strategies for making the process easier for most. Above all else it’s important to remain patient and try to accept the progress as it comes gradually. Only after lots of practice will you become fluent in Chinese.

When you decide to learn Chinese, the first thing you have to decide is which dialect you will study. There are at least seven varieties of Chinese, though some are much more commonly spoken than others. Most people who study Chinese choose Mandarin, because it’s by far the most popular. Besides Mandarin being the highest spoken language in China, more people speak it than any other language on the planet! The next admired dialects are Wu and Cantonese, but unless you have a specific rationale for learning any other dialect of Chinese, you should probably decide on Mandarin.

When you are learning Chinese or any other language, it is important for you to cultivate both your spoken and written abilities. When it comes to Chinese, this is particularly complex for Westerners, on account of the need to be trained in a completely new alphabet. In order to practice reading, the earlier you study Chinese characters, the better off you’ll be. You can make use of material that is as effortless as possible, which can embrace study books, children’s books and comic books. Newspapers can as well be fabulous options for exercising your reading aptitude. Don’t expect to understand everything, especially early in your study, but as you learn Chinese, it’s important to get into the reading habit.

There is a helpful tool for learning Mandarin Chinese that’s called Hanyu Pinyin, which is a system that converts Chinese words into Roman (Western) letters. While you will want to learn Chinese characters as you progress in your study, when you are starting out it’s helpful to not overwhelm yourself too much, and seeing words in familiar letters can make it easier. This method is however not one you want to rely on for pronunciation though. Transitioning from English to Chinese can be done with these methods.

Approach learning Chinese more of an adventure than a chore. You will likely enjoy the process more as you learn new words and become familiar with Chinese characters. Learning Chinese can be hard work but making progress is not impossible with the right books, movies and study materials. These methods will make it easier to learn the language, however it’s most important to be consistent to learn ever day.

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