Every sport is played with some type of specific equipment, but when it comes to basketball the shoes are the most important part of the gear worn. Every company that advertises athletic wear hypes up their products, but basketball is one such sport where the shoes are everything. Basketball is a game that puts strain on a person’s feet, and so the shoes should be designed in such a way so as to provide the most protection. That’s why you should take extra care when choosing your basketball shoes, and the points we’ll be covering below can help you make this decision.

Some people who haven’t been playing basketball for very long, or parents who are shopping for their kids who play, don’t understand how often footwear in sports like basketball must be replaced. In general, experts such as basketball coaches and podiatrists recommend replacing basketball shoes every month if you play regularly. It’s not uncommon for pro players to change their basketball shoes on a weekly basis. These may be extreme cases, but you must understand that basket ball shoes are going to wear out after regular use, even the best ones. Most people can’t afford that option, of course, but if you wear your basketball shoes longer than you really should, you are making yourself more susceptible to foot and ankle problems.

The type of basketball shoes or sneakers that are best for you will depend on your own feet of course, but it also has to do with what kind of player you are. The game is most physically demanding for power players, so they have to be especially careful about getting shoes that support their feet and ankles. Those who depend on quickness, meanwhile, should look for more lightweight styles of shoes so they can get around the court with ease. Whereas power players should have high cut shoes to protect their ankles, speed players can opt for medium or even low cut shoes. Basketball shoes that are both light and provide good cushioning are perfect for all around players.

Basketball shoes should always have lots of traction in that they should grip the floor really well, and you should also base your buying decision on that aspect. If your basketball shoes don’t have the required traction, you could find that they’re hard to move around in and you could also slip on the slick wood floor. With all that sweat dripping onto the court floor, you’re bound to slip at some point unless you have the shoes to move around in. This is a sport that requires more balance than most, as you have to make so many different kinds of moves, and you often have to jump, change direction or stop abruptly.

All of this means that you are going to have to buy shoes that offer you plenty of traction. If you are looking for the best basketball shoes, you have to make your choice based on your own body and style of play, not someone else’s.

Just because your favorite professional player wears a certain kind of shoe, or appears in a commercial for it, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for basketball shoes and keep searching until you find some that seem like they were tailor made just for you.

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