English is such a versatile language that it isn’t surprising that it is used across many nations. Due to its usefulness in communication, many individuals The use of flashcards is one useful activity when learning how to speak English. By labeling common everyday objects with their English word counterpart, your brain can begin to automatically associate the word with the object itself. Of course labeling everything throughout the house with a flashcard may not be entirely practical as you {a href=”http://www.bostonacademyofenglish.com”>study>, so for something more convenient, simply write the word down in English on one side of the card, and then you can use a picture of the object that the word represents on the other side of the card. You can scan through old magazines and newspapers for pictures, and once you are comfortable with the pictures on the flashcards you can try getting a picture book and try identifying the objects and things that are represented without having to look up a translation. This can allow you to think directly in English instead of finding your native associations and then having to translate it in your head once you have mastered this.

Remember that your comfort zone can be your worst enemy when trying to learn a new language. If you live in a neighborhood where there are many who speak your first language, try to frequent other locations and run errands in another part of town. Place yourself in situations where you can use English in actual conversations and learn to apply what you have learned as much as possible. Interact with a group if you find that they share many common interests with you. Remember that you need to directly associate with words in English so avoid writing phonetically in your own language to recreate words in the English vocabulary. Use the Latin script as much as possible when writing down an English word and you’ll be sure to learn that much faster. On>http://www.bostonacademyofenglish.com you can find many other strategies that are outlined. If you are interested in learning in a classroom environment or even studying online you can find resources there.

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The author is a university professor teaching foreign students how to learn English the easy way. He went to the United States to study English. If you want to know how you can learn English easily then visit http://www.bostonacademyofenglish.com for more details.

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