I was traveling to one of the small town of Chennai but prominent and very popular known as Mahabalipuram in southern part of India for a conference organized by ICSF a organizations which is actively involve in to support of our fisheries and fisherman of the continent and the rest of the world. The best thing was that ICSF works in association and accordance with ILO (International Labor Organizations) to provide the basic rights to the all fisherman and fisher woman of the world.

The delegates were from different countries representing their countries fishing community’s problems and try to resolve by discussion on various problems which the fishermen community is facing on day to day basis. The conference was organized in such way that all the delegates were able to understand the discussions no matter what language they can understand or they speak. As being the language translation equipments providing company, the conference organizers had called us to provide translation equipments and its related services. The organizers had called the translators of their own from the respective countries as per the language translation requirements. The delegations were from Thailand, South Africa, Japan, Portugal, Indonesia, Tanzania and many more countries along with Indian delegations.

As most of us know that organizing an any conference takes lot of effort and hard work, even still something gets incomplete or up to the required mark. At Mahabalipuram too absence of some professional translators for the conference created lots of confusion as who is going to inter operate which language and from which booth, because all the booth are dedicated to a particular language and the signals were getting transmitted on to the receivers, fixed frequency or a channel dedicated to the booth. We have been told to provide simultaneous system for up to four languages including floor, accordingly we provided 3 booths for the same. As the delegates or the speakers were using their own native languages during the presentations and questions and answer session, the interpreters used to get puzzled as from which booth the interpretation will go for the language which is not specified and the delegates were to getting confused which language to select to get desired interpreted language. Fortunately the interpreters were very experienced and each was able to translate two or more languages. It helped at least shifting from one to another and after figuring out the way to control the situation, by evening we finally found the solution to the delegates as at which point what channel to select to find their desired translated language.

As a simultaneous interpretation service providing company we understand the situation and help to find solutions immediately if such situation occurs at any point of time, and we share the same with many people like us across the world so that simultaneous interpretation service providing community gets informed and take initiative steps to avoid such situations and we to seek such information’s by the other similar service providers.

About the Author

Article written by Mr. Ram Kesarwani, Director of Translation India – Translation agency also providing simultaneous interpretation equipment for conferences, meetings and seminars from India.

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