This week we’re going to be focusing upon the British American language school. The BritAm as it’s also known is one of the oldest private language schools if not the oldest here in Thailand. It got started around about 79 or 80.


At one time the British American language school could boast many branches all over Bangkok. However over the last few years they’ve shut down most of their language schools in and around the capital.

Here’s a short list of some of their branches. Please be warned that some of theses places may no longer be in existence at this time of writing.

Lad prao, Fashion island, mall ngaam wong wan, mall bang khae. Plus a few upcountry branches notably one in Nakhon Sakhon.

Hours of work and rates of pay

If you’ve come to Thailand in order to get rich, working for the BritAm won’t exactly be the best place to start. In fact the BritAm pay the lowest wages around. Maybe with the exception of The Berlitz language school.

You can expect to work up to 36 contact hours a week for an hourly rate of around 220 baht! Oh I forgot to mention, if you wear their BritAm jacket you’ll receive an extra 10 baht per hour! If this isn’t enough to fire up your enthusiasm then how about this. If you’ve got blue eyes then you’ll receive an extra 10 baht per hour! Yes, you can’t go wrong there now can you?

Other nationalities who teach for the British American don’t fair quite as good in the wages department here. For example if you happen to be a Filipino teacher or a teacher with darker skin you’ll normally be paid around about 180 baht per hour! On top of those long contract hours it all ads up to a rather meager deal.

What qualifications will I need?

ENTHUSIASM!!! This is what the BritAm used to state in their ads! So have plenty of this and you’ll be alright!
A tefl certificate wouldn’t go amiss too!

Work permits

This is one area or was one area that the BritAm excelled in I must say, they were very good at getting

their teachers legal with a working permit. The possible reason that they were able to secure work permits for their teachers, was that they were on very good terms with the labor department who issued them.

Whether or not being on good terms with the powers that be meant a few palms got greased here and there we can only speculate.

One big plus point for most esl teachers here in Thailand is the work permit issue. Now without going too deeply into this a lot of teachers find this a sticky issue because they lack the necessary paperwork.

However a lot of teachers tended to work for the BritAm on a part time basis maybe do a few hours on Saturday and a few on Sunday.

They would then get themselves a work permit through the BritAm, even though they had other jobs and were only pt for the BritAm.

This made them legal. Well as legal as you can get. Though strictly speaking this type of permit would not cover them for their week jobs, but lets not start splitting too many hairs here! The Thai authorities haven’t become this nit picky as of yet.

Where you’ll work

Surprisingly the BritAm only tend to specialize in teaching English in their centers and doing a bit of corporate work at various companies around the city. So you’ll end up teaching in one of their many air con language centers in and around Bangkok.

Their language centers are usually located in big Malls and shopping centers so in your breaks you can have a wander around and get something to eat. Most teachers used to rush outside for a fag(cigarette to Americans) Lol no funny ideas guys!

So all in all quite a nice and pleasant working environment for the newbie esl teacher here in Thailand.

Our Rating: 5 / 10 The BritAm is a good school for newbie teachers who want to be thrust in at the deep end and don’t mind a bit of graft. However most teachers here will move on to find better teaching gigs. The BritAm is always hiring new esl teachers and if you’re interested in teaching English in Thailand then the BritAm could be the esl language school you’re looking for!


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