There are actually several ways to make money online. Writing articles is one of the ways and if you approach writing with the right mindset, you will make money online. In this article, I want to share with you some vital ways to make money writing simple articles online. You have to know that every single day, people search the internet looking for information on different subject, this information could be provided via articles or videos.

Before you write articles and make money from it, there are vital facts you need to understand. Google as a search engine is very popular today and every internet user have one time or the other used it to search for information. When you write article, your goal is to make sure your content shows on the homepage of search engines especially the popular ones. Once you are able to get your content right there, people who need your information would be able to locate you and take action.

Register as an Affiliate
to begin making money online writing articles, you need to register as an affiliate marketer with any of the affiliate merchants. You will earn a commission when someone buys from your link. Affiliate marketing is free so you don’t have to be concerned about investing upfront. A lot of people sell affiliate products through article writing and they call it “bum marketing.” It’s the best way to begin as an affiliate if you don’t have enough money to advertise on Adwords or Solo Ads.

Research Your Keywords Well
Proper keyword research will make you money easily. Buyers who carry out searches online use keywords to locate web pages. You must find these keywords and target them. By targeting them, I mean you should write your articles on these keywords so that your content can rank well on major search engines. Lack of targeted traffic is the #1 reason why people give up on their internet marketing quest. The truth is, without a handful of targeted traffic, making money online is only a wish.

Write Keyword Rich Articles
Once you master the art of writing keyword rich articles, you can easily venture into any niche and profit big. After you’ve researched your keywords and found profitable ones, proceed to the next level. Write keyword rich articles and get it optimized. Put your primary keyword on the title, start with the keyword and ensure it appears naturally in the first and second paragraphs of your content. Before you conclude your article, insert your primary keyword again. Don’t stuff your content with keywords or you’ll miss the benefit of ranking. Strive for 3% keyword density rule and you will succeed.

Build Back links gradually
finally, you’ve got to build back links to your web pages. There are a lot of article directories you can submit to. As soon as they publish them, go the extra mile by building back links to them. This is the only way to ensure your page rank is increased and the money keeps coming. When it comes to making money online, the competition is so much but with the right link building strategy, you would trounce the competition and earn more.

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