Chinese culture center in Malta held children interest classes in this summer. The theme of the interest classes is to learn the world. There is a different topic for each week’s courses.

In the week of Chinese topic, the teacher told some ancient Chinese stories to the children and taught them to fold paper, make some simple shadow prop to put on shadow plays. In order to build up the children’s environment protection consciousness, the teacher also taught the children to use empty bottles to make Chinese musical instrument-sand hammers. They use these sand hammers to learn singing Chinese songs. The children also started to learn Chinese.

In addition to Chinese week, there are also other topic weeks like African week and Egypt week set in the interest classes. The Chinese culture center held “Environment-I love green earth” children painting competition’s production show. The teacher used this show to introduce the importance of environment protection and how to protect environment to the children.

The children in the interest classes are guided by the teachers who are engaged in children education. The courses’ contents are flexible and diversified, including story telling, playing games, making handcraft, putting on short play, learning songs, learning dance and painting. In the relaxing and joyous air of these activities, the children can increase their knowledge and abilities, and they also start to have perceptual understanding to the world’s diversity.

The summer interest classes were hosted by Chinese culture center and a local culture company. It lasted for two months. The parents of the children said: the topics and contents of the interest classes are quite good, especially the Chinese topic can let the children get a hard-won chance to experience Chinese culture.

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