There may be many languages to learn, and many ways in which to learn them. But not many are as exciting, or unusual, as if you learn Yoruba!

Yoruba originates from West Africa, is one of the languages spoken in Nigeria and Togo, and is the native language of roughly 30 million Yoruban people. The traditional Yoruba area covers the south-western part of Nigeria, the republics of Benin and Togo. This is also conveniently known as Yorubaland!

As well as describing the verbal dialect, Yoruba is also the name given to the written form of the language, and there are many online websites available to help you learn Yoruba. From a few simple phrases to a whole new fluent language, being able to learn Yoruba with ease, and in the comfort of your own home, is much easier than you may think.

So why would you want to learn Yoruba? Well to learn Yoruba it would allow you to join over 20 million other speakers! Yoruba is also a tonal language, a language that emphasises different tones to convey different expressions. So for all the people out there who find it hard to find the right words to express your emotions, Yoruba is the right language for you.

If you are of West African descent, and wish your child or family to learn the language of their heritage, then what better way than to learn Yoruba? To learn Yoruba is to also gain access to a great wealth of history on the language and the people who speak it.

So why else would you want to learn Yoruba? Well for one reason it’s another language and there is nothing wrong with expanding your knowledge. There is also said to be around 25-50 million people who speak the language, so you are defiantly not alone. There is also a huge selection of websites on the internet which help you learn Yoruba. After a quick search I stumbled upon a site that helps you with the Pronunciation of the Yoruba language.

With the ever growing amount of visitors going to West Africa, the perfect way to optimize your vacation or business trip, would be to learn Yoruba. If you should be relocating to West Africa for any length of time, then learn Yoruba to enable you to acclimatize easier.

So go out there and learn Yoruba! See you soon, or should I say MA RI E LAIPE!

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