Before starting a Spanish course in Spain always one question occurs: which city to choose? There are so many picturesque regions on the Iberian Peninsula, that it is a really difficult choice. Below I will try to zoom in on a couple of popular destinations for students of the Spanish language with their advantages and disadvantages. For more information you can visit the web page:
The first and most obvious choice for students is a Spanish course Madrid. It is claimed to be one of the best choices as well for linguistic as entertaining reasons. Inhabitants of the Community of Madrid speak mostly with official Spanish, besides you can meet a lot of people there from other parts of the country and immigrants from Latin America, so if you are interested in getting familiar with other accents, you will have no problem with finding interlocutors. I do not have to mention that in the capital of Spain you will not be bored, no matter how long your course takes. The disadvantage is that in such a cosmopolitan city you will not have strong motivation to study, because in most of the places you are able to communicate in English and probably you will meet a lot of foreigners.
Another popular choice is a Spanish school Valencia. That is an ideal decision for those who want to spend their time in a big, but not too big city, which is international, but not too much. Besides, the undeniable advantage of Valencia is its location on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The main difficulty which can meet the visitor is the fact that many inhabitants in their everyday life speak Catalan and not Castellano. Anyway, all of them know also the official Spanish and they speak it with an accent that is easy to understand.
Many students choose also for their destination Seville. It is definitely one of the cities which are considered to be symbol of Spain. You can find there everything which is considered Spanish quintessence. I can recommend it for those who already speak some language, because the local accent is quite hard to understand.
Apart from those three most popular cities there are also smaller, but interesting towns where you can learn as good Spanish as in the metropolises. Crucial is that you consider well your needs before making a choice.

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