English Grammar has been one the most talked about topic among the parents, as it is the most basic and important part of the grooming of a child. If we neglect this, it would be drastic for the child in future. It is as simple as a building without a solid base. Grammar is akin to a base for the development of a child and of course English. For a nation with English as native language, the normal conversation would be in English only, but speaking English and speaking proper English with rules are two different things.

According to a recent survey, it is found that, apart from the children, a huge number of youngsters and adults are way away from the grammar and don’t now the basic rules of tenses and articles. Now this is something really awful, as English has grown and brought up by our nation, and we only don’t know the basic rules of grammar. Forget about the high levels rules of voices, 100 types of tenses, but at least we should know the basic nouns and pronouns.

Any language has its roots in its grammar, and if we are neglecting grammar, which directly means that we are going away from our roots. One interesting fact is that, the non English speaking nations lay more emphasis on English grammar, as they want their basics to be crystal clear in case of English, this clearly shows that we are gradually taking grammar for granted, we think ourselves as a master of language, need not to study more, but that’s not true, surprisingly.

There are some good books which can help you to regain and retain the status of the English speaking nation, that too with correct rules of the grammar. You can use these books for your kids and for you also. They will surely going to help you and will make your grammar more correct, more precise.

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Author has been writing articles from last three years on various topics. With this post, he wants to share information on Total English Upper Intermediate.

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