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Welcome to Learn Italian Fast and Free Lezione 1!

In this first fast lesson I will show you some words and sentences you can use when meeting someone, which is quite handy I’m sure you’ll agree! I haven’t included a lot of words, but for this first free lesson you should just try to commit them to memory, as well as how you pronounce them. Don’t forget the great thing about this language is that the way it’s written it is the way you say it, no exceptions! This is great when it comes to learning fast! There are a few rules when you see certain letters next to each other (e.g. ‘chi’ is pronounced ‘key’ and ‘ci’ pronounced ‘chee’) but we’ll look at those more in depth as we come across them for now. For this first lesson just REMEMBER these words and REPEAT ALOUD until you are are happy with your progress. Do this as frequently as you can so you don’t forget. This is the most important thing when learning a new language.

Important – The ‘Formal’ Tense.
This confused me so much in the beginning! In Italian, if you are speaking to a someone you don’t know or someone important (such as at work or school) or someone older you should address them in the formal tense. That is the 3rd person singular of the verb. e.g. to your friends you can say ‘Come stai?’ (‘How are you?’, translated exactly it means ‘How do you stay’). HOWEVER to your employer you should say ‘Come sta?’. (literally ‘How does She stay?). In English this tense is pretty much like using ‘How is One?’. We’ll investigate this in more detail at a later date, in the mean time just learn how you should speak to your peers, and how you should speak to strangers. If in doubt, use the formal as it’s more polite! Ok, so lets have a look at your first free phrases!

Learn Italian Fast and Free – Meeting and Greeting.

Hi! – Ciao ch-aow (like a kitten’s miaow!)

Hello (lit. goodday) – Buongiorno bwon-jorno

Hello (afternoon/evening greeting) – Buonasera bwona-sera

Nice to meet you – Piacere pea-a-chair-ray

How are you? – Come stai? Com-eh sty

(form.) – Come sta? Com-eh sta

How’s it going? – Come va? Come-eh va

Good, thanks – Bene, grazie ben-eh, grat-zee-eh

Ok – Va bene va ben-eh

Great! – Benissimo! Ben-ees-eemo

Bye bye! – Ciao ciao! Ch-aow ch-aow

It was nice to meet you – รจ stato un piacere eh sta-toe un pea-a-chair-ray

Goodbye – Arriverderci, arree-ve-derchi

(formal to just one person) – ArriverderLa arree-ve-der-la

See you later! – Ci vediamo dopo! Chi ved-ee-ammo a do-poh

OR JUST SAY a dopo!

See you soon! – Ci vediamo presto! Chi ved-ee-ammo a pres- toh

OR JUST SAY a presto!

I hope you found this first Learn Italian Fast and Free lesson useful and easy, ci vediamo presto!

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HostelDog lives in a hostel in Florence. She wants to share her experiences of living in Italy with anyone who wants to listen!

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