A popular Chinese saying is: The well-done work depends on good tools. So is it with learning another kind of language. Recently it is quite happy to hear from my English-speaking friends that they have made great progress in their Chinese learning by using the material of
Rocket Chinese , which I recommended, by my sister Linping. My friends’ smile is telling me that they are felling
Rocket Chinese their handy tools.

It is most interesting thing to learn another kind of language, but also the most difficult work to do. Before making contact with English, I blindly believed Chinese is most difficult language to learn in the world. When I had to warm up what I had learned over ten years ago, I began to realize that English was most difficult language to learn in the world, for a Chinese. In fact, every language has its unique features if you devote yourself into it.

Rocket Chinese suggests 10 great ways to build your Chinese vocabulary, which almost covers every concept of the Chinese daily life, including Chinese tones, numbers and days of the week, countries, the city, food and drink, clothing, colors, the body, around the house and transport. From those learners’ testimonials, you can strongly feel that leaning Chinese has brought unbelievable changes into the people’s lives. Their smile possibly tells us that they have found good tools to achieve their tasks. It will be a great pleasure to know that if you can get inspiration from Rocket Chinese.

Here let us talk about how to learn Chinese efficiently by categorization, which is just the essence of Rocket Chinese.
. Over years by improving my English, I have made many English-speaking friends. They always ask me the same question how I can learn Chinese efficiently, or how I can improve my Chinese level as you do with your English. My answer is also the same and simple: Begin your study with the daily things. Take me for example. In 2000, when I decided to polish up my English, which had been let alone over ten years (I graduated from the university in 1989. After that English was seldom used in my daily life.), I didn’t know how to begin with. After many days’ thinking, I got enlightened: If I can describe everything well in the daily life, then my English would be greatly improved. Under such analysis I began to collect the words used around my life daily. It is well know Chinese cuisine is most welcomed all over the world, so it is rather a hot topic to talk about Chinese-style food with an English-speaking friend. So let me just begin with the words related to food, such as rice, noodles, water dumplings, soup, potato, tomato……Within the short time I gathered lots of relative words together. Because they are related with each other, so when I use one word, it could remind me of others. By this way, my vocabulary increased very soon. This is one great way also called by Rocket Chinese in the section of food and drink. You know, an essay consists of many sentences, and the sentences are made of words, which chain together different ways to form different sentences. The word is the basic unit in learning English. So when my vocabulary is enlarged, my reading, writing, and speaking as well as listening get improved at the same time.

I hope to tell every Chinese-learner my experiences with learning English, because the laws are the same or similar. Most of them follow my advice, and have got marvelous improvement in their Chinese study. A few days ago my old friend Tom, a lovely guy in UK, told me that he can communicate better in Chinese now. Besides following my suggestion to enlarge his vocabulary, he was also excited to take the program–Rocket Chinese, which includes lots of learning secrets to strengthen what he has learned.


About the Author

Hello,everybody. I am a Chinese, and have been learning English over ten years. Here I would like to share my ideas about how to learn Chinese efficiently with every Chinese-learning friend.

Besides congratulations on my sister’s Rocket Chinese, and also hopefully it can bring more inspiration to the friends.

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