So… you bought a home study learning course and for some reason you can get yourself to actually study. This article will eliminate all mental blocks from your head in 10 minutes!

Apparently, 90% of people that are buying self-study courses do not completing them to the end, they want to study, this is important to them but somehow something is stopping them for completing the course until the end.

I will address the main subconscious blocks that maybe keeping you from studying and achieving your goals, I will use the example of “online Spanish programs”.

About a year ago, I bought Spanish learning course and only after 6 months, I had the courage to actually go and complete this course, have you notice I used the word courage? I used this word because the only thing that was preventing me from achieving my goal was FEAR. Yes, fear is the number one reason that the majority of people do not follow through.

The solution is to take a pen and paper and write these questions:

-if you want to study Spanish so bad why you do anything about it?
-from what are you afraid of?
-what do you think is going to happen to you?

After writing your answers on a piece of paper you will be more aware of what it is that you afraid of. After you understand this, you can now realize that this is general normal fears, and there is nothing bad going to happened to you if you actually sit down and study.

You can also ask yourself questions like these: what will happen if I can finish this course and will be able to speak Spanish fluently? Then you will have more reason to go and study and you will be more motivate to completing this course.

You can also write affirmative sentences and read them before going to study for example: “I am excited about learning a new language” “I am enjoying myself when I improve my language skills. You can also write story that describing your life after completing the goal like you can write: this is now the year 2011 and I am living in Spain and speaking Spanish fluently…

You need to understand that what stopping you in life is fear, and you need to take action regardless your emotion and achieve your goals.

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