Yoruba is one of the largest ethno-linguistic peoples of West Africa, and as can be expected, many of them speak the language of Yoruba. Learning an African language seems to be an odd choice, however, Yoruba language is an ancient language that is widely used by almost 30 million people across the west African region, and by African immigrants across the world.

This language has a strong and proud history. It is said through oral traditions, that the first ancestor of the Yoruba people was the almighty god of the Yoruba and Yoruba itself does not necessarily point to just one specific language but a host of different dialects that come together under this name.

This would be a very good language to have under your belt if you plan on visiting the continent of Africa as you would be able to work your way around the Western regions easily, especially if you learn Standard Yoruba, which is used in most school and writing systems. A lot of unnecessary grief can be avoided if you speak the lingo of the locals, you don’t want to run into any problems!

Outside of the west African region, Yoruba is widely studied by people who marry into a Yoruban family, or children of Yoruban immigrants who wish to connect back to their cultural roots, however, Yoruba studies is also very accessible to people outside of the Yoruban tradition. There are many websites that dedicate themselves to teaching the basics of Yoruba through sound clips and videos, and sites which offer hardcopy resources such as CDs and phrase book textbooks for Yoruba language learning.

People wanting to tour west Africa, in countries such as Nigeria and Ghana, would be urged to learn Yoruba to fully immerse themselves in the rich culture of the region. Learning Yoruba is also vital for individuals who aspire to give support and assistance to those who need aid, and to those who relish the opportunity for mission based exchange. Of course, people who are simply interested in learning a subtle and exotic African language for the sheer challenge should learn Yoruba, too.

If you’re looking for a little bit of culture, why not give this language a try? Especially if you have ancestral ties to this beautiful language, it’s always good to understand the basis of the people you have from, and you can’t get more basic than how they communicated. If you don’t have any ties to the language, it’s always a good way to gain insight into the lives of a culture different from your own.

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