I was amazed to find that someone actually found a way to make lessons in Spanish EASY. It was a real kick in the pants for me. Here’s how it works. I’m sure you remember all of those outrageous drills in high school Spanish class where we would conjugate the “er” verb, then the “ar” verb, and if that wasn’t bad enough there was the “ir” verb and the memorization nightmares it created.

Well forget about those insane exercises. Here is the first LESSON IN SPANISH using an unbelievable teaching method so DON’T SWEAT THE VERB ENDINGS because they will not matter any more. Suppose we give you a list of verbs like: Jugar (to play), Comer (to eat), Ver (to see), Mirar (to look). Now we give you several verbs that are easy for you to remember, already conjugated for yourself: Quero (I want), Voy a (I am going), Tengo Que (I must).

Now to learn the language of Spanish we put them together and we do not have to conjugate the first list of words. Memorize these for example.

Quero jugar con los ninos (I want to play with the children)
Voy a jugar con los ninos (I am going to play with the children)
Tengo que jugar con los ninos (I must play with the children)

Quero comer al restaurante (I want to eat at the restaurant)
Voy a comer al restaurante (I am going to eat at the restaurant)
Tengo que comer al restaurante (I must eat at the restaurant)

Quero ver a las montanas (I want to see the mountains)
Voy a ver a las montanas (I am going to see the mountains)
Tengo que ver a las montanas (I must see the mountains)

Quero mirar a la revista (I want to look at the magazine)
Voy a mirar a la revista (I am going to look at the magazine)
Tengo que mirar a la revista (I must look at the magazine)

I am sure you can see how it works to get you speaking the language without fear of verbs? When you study a Lesson in Spanish, would you ever dream it could be this easy? There is a short list of verbs like QUERO and a longer list of the other verbs that you do not have to conjugate. If you learn these verbs you will begin to sound bilingual in a matter of a few days. If you don’t have to worry about the verbs, your confidence grows and you will find yourself speaking in the language of Spanish faster and easier than you ever believed possible.

Now that you have had a taste, check out the program and sign up for five free lessons if you are not yet convinced (I was convinced at first sight). Then when you get the basic course, you will be surprised at how complete it is. I suggest you go through the basic course before considering the advanced course. The advanced course is something you might want to consider if you need to be able to read Spanish books and become as fluent as a native speaker. Think about it. This program just might be the kick in the pants you need….Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you….Well, maybe I did!

One last thing. Beware of programs that require a small fee for a few trial lessons. They say you get a free membership in their program. It is actually a free TRIAL membership and they will automatically charge your credit card at over $60 per month until all of the lessons are paid in full. It’s in the fine print of their terms and conditions. The program that I went with and described above is straight-forward and no fine print. They do push for sign up in the advanced course but I advise you to wait until you see how advanced you will become with the basic course.

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I am interested in motivating individuals to learn the language Spanish. I can suggest reliable information to those who want a lesson in Spanish.

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