There is no magic formula for learning a new language – it takes time, energy and patience. There are, however, some techniques that will make your course more effectively and thus help you learn French more quickly.

The two main aspects to consider are language learning and practice, and they go together. Memorizing vocabulary words will not do you any good if you can not use them, so you need to complete your studies with practice. The following tips on learning French includes many ideas for the practice – if you really want to learn, as the following as possible.

Learn French
Take a class. If you do not want to attend a language school, there are almost certainly classes at a reasonable price in French available at your local community college adult education center o.
If possible, spend some time in a French-speaking countries – it is absolutely BES to learn French.

Read French
Read French newspapers and magazines. For each article, make a list of words you do not know, look at all after finishing the article, then read it by referring to the list. Use a dictionary to make flashcards and thematic lists of words. Use the flashcards to label everything in your house, doors, walls, bookshelves, rooms, etc.
Keep lists of words in a workbook-flip through the pages every day to test you. When you are sure you know all the words on a list, remove the binder to make room for new listings.

Listen French
Listen to spoken French every day. The more you listen, the easier it is for you to acquire this lovely French accent.
Investing in audio resources. Listen to radio and watch French television – even if it will be difficult to understand, it helps you get used to the rhythm of speech in French.
Listen to French music – you can not understand all the words, but your subconscious will work outside. Look for French films. While reading English subtitles, your mind will subconsciously work sequencing French.

Speaking French
Doing individual work on pronunciation.
Using the French when and where you can. A situation is obvious SHIPPING – you write shopping lists in French, the Earl of your four or six apples canned tuna in French, look at prices and see how the French say, etc.
Try to think in French. When walking in the refrigerator, or thirsty think What I Have What I eat?

Writing in French
Use the forum to ask questions and exchange messages with other French speakers. Find a pen pal to practice with.

Fun with French
have fun – learning should not be a chore.
Add language album to keep all your notes and related information in one place.

Rosetta Stone French
software is a good language learning program if you have limited time and not want to take a class.

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