Hello there. If you are a foreign student learning English you are always looking for ways to get better at English. Of course you can do things like reading, practising conversation, watching movies and listening to music. But are you looking to improve your written and spoken English fast? Here are two good tips from an experienced English teacher. Use them and you will quickly improve your English!

1) Watch movies in English. Watch a movie that you have seen before in your language. Then watch it two or three times in English. Write down the words you don’t know. When you are familiar with the movie it is easier to make sense of the phrases and words. You will not be worried about missing the action because you will have already seen it several time before.
2) Choose five new words from a song. It is easy to understand how to use words from a song. Choose five new English words and practice making sentences with them the whole day. At the end of the day, right them down. The next day look at them again. At the end of the week you will have 35 new words. With these words make a story. Divide the 35 words in to two lists, take one group and give the other one to a friend and try to have a conversation using the words on your list.

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